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Want to take up lacrosse? Here is what it’ll cost you


Although not as popular as other sports, lacrosse remains a society sport often played by the nobles and the rich people across the world. It is basically a team sport where you need a specific lacrosse stick to carry, pass, catch, and shoot a lacrosse ball into a goal. Another interesting fact is that there are four different types of lacrosse games, featuring different rules, fields, and sticks. Lacrosse can also be played indoors and outdoors.

The field lacrosse, the men’s lacrosse, and the box lacrosse are all contact games where players have to wear protective uniforms, including elbow and shoulder pads, helmets, and gloves. In a way, it is similar to American football and rugby. The women’s version is less bloody and violent, but you will still have to wear protective eye gear.

Although not your regular sport to start losing weight, lacrosse is a great way to spend your free time, and gain new friends. Since it is a contact sport, you will require a certain physical strength, but this could be a great thing, especially if you know what to expect.

So, if you thought about taking up lacrosse as your new favorite sport, here is all the information required in order to purchase the right equipment and accessories, without spending a fortune.

Men or women sports gear?

Before deciding to purchase the right equipment to start your lacrosse training, you need to know exactly what to buy. As we previously mentioned, there are different versions of the game specifically designed for men and women. Thus, it only comes naturally that the amount of gear required should be different as well.

Normally, lacrosse is a contact and strength kind of sport, where you will require all protective gear for the most important parts of your body. However, the rules in the women’s lacrosse are quite different to minimize the physical contact between opponents. As a general rule, the equipment most women will wear is mainly formed from a good pair of goggles and a mouth guard to protect that pretty smile and those gorgeous eyes from unwanted injuries.

The heads also differ, as the ones made for the women’s version come with shallower pockets and a medium protection. In addition, the lacrosse shafts used are usually smaller and shorter, to properly fit the dimensions of a woman.

On the other hand, most men will require a full protective equipment, consisting of knee and shoulder pads, helmets, gloves, specific shoes or cleats, and a bigger, heavier lacrosse stick.

Thus, if you are a rookie in this field, we suggest first renting this full gear and give it a shot for a couple of training. We don’t suggest you buy the full equipment until you’re certainly sure you are going to continue with lacrosse in the long term. Renting the full gear, including the lacrosse stick, won’t cost you more than 30-40 dollars, depending on the club you choose to play at. So, after you made acquaintance with all the game’s rules and you are certainly sure you want to continue playing lacrosse, you can search for the right gear.


The crosse

By far the most important item in your lacrosse gear is the crosse or the stick you are playing with. It is made of different materials, depending on the quality and the durability of the product. The most common materials used for manufacturing crosses are wood, laminated wood, and synthetic materials. The crosse features two different pieces – the wooden stick and a shaped head or net pocket at the end.

Each of these items can be sold separately and are interchangeable, depending on your preferences and game skills. Crosses differ in size, depending on the position you are playing, so you need to choose a different one if you’re an attackman, a midfielder, or a defenseman.

As a general rule, most crosses measure between 40 and 43 inches length for midfielders and attackmen, while defensemen require a longer stick, with dimensions of 52-72 inches.

Depending on the brand you choose, as well as the quality and the durability of the product, a decent lacrosse crosse can be sold for as little as 20-25 dollars. However, if you plan on choosing interchangeable pieces, you can choose sticks for up to 40-50 dollars, while heads can cost even more. We suggest you to carefully pick your crosse and search for online reviews for the products you are willing to acquire.

Helmet and goggles

The helmet is probably the most important piece of the protective gear since lacrosse is a contact sport. A good helmet should feature a face mask and a chin pad. The item is mainly mandatory for all types of players. All helmets should meet the national and international safety standards. Helmets are made of a combination of soft and hard materials to provide comfort and safety at the same time.

Companies like Cascade and STX provide top-quality helmets and protective gear for decent prices. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose a protective helmet for little under 100 dollars, while if you plan on playing regularly, you should acquire a professional use helmet. These can cost over 300 dollars, depending on their size, design, and type of protection offered.

Goggles are mainly used in the women’s version of the game. You can choose a decent pair of lacrosse goggles for 20-30 dollars.



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