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What is Pilates good for?


General benefits

Pilates exercises comprise of a number of 50 workouts that are used to put the muscles at work. People who practice them know that some exercises can be used to strengthen the body during a period of rehabilitation, while others can be attempted by skillful athletes for improving their balance and strength. All the Pilates workouts help to improve one’s posture and endurance.

Studies have proven, although not decisively, that Pilates improves flexibility, abdominal and pelvic stability while providing a safe muscular activity. Unlike other forms of exercises, Pilates doesn’t focus on a certain body area but puts your whole body in shape. It trains your core strength and it allows you to increase the range of your motions.

Because the techniques used in it can be found online and because they’re easy to follow, Pilates is considered to be adaptable to all fitness levels. The big advantage of these exercises is that they can be tailored for every individual need.

Can I do Pilates if I have health issues?

The answer to that is yes. Because the exercises that Pilates offers are not so difficult to execute, you can do them even if you have problems with cholesterol, high blood pressure or a heart disease.

If you suffer from diabetic retinopathy you may need to avoid certain movements. It’s a good idea to discuss with your doctor and also let your Pilates instructor know that you have a condition.

Performing certain exercises can be beneficial because they help you build muscle mass and that lets your body make better use of the glucose. You can incorporate Pilates workouts in your daily life if you have arthritis. A strength-training program like it can be very important in this case.

Certain research has shown that aerobic exercises combined with an extent of strength training can prove effective in suppressing symptoms, keeping your joints flexible and helping you to maintain balance. You can do more aerobic workouts on the pilates machines that come with a bouncing board and that you can find in the gym.

Do Pilates to prevent injuries

Because these exercises help you to strengthen your core muscles and will let you be flexible at the same time, they are excellent for making sure that you have the agility and muscle mass needed to prevent cramps, sprains or sore muscles.

The workouts are good for preventing arthritis and knee injuries because they work the quadriceps a lot (the thigh muscles). If you already experience some sort of impairment, the workouts will help prevent an exacerbation of the situation.

Pilates can be a good choice for those who suffer from low back pain issues. With the adequate exercises, the muscles that cause that pain can be toughened and the ache can be ameliorated. It is always advisable to consult a professional instructor to help you set up your schedule.


Does Pilates help me lose weight?

Pilates workouts are classed as muscle-strengthening activities and that means that they will help you lose or maintain a healthy weight. Depending on what you want to achieve, classes vary in intensity and they provide you with a relaxed or a solid, dynamic workout. You can also get pilates home equipment such as rings or a reformer and that will help with losing weight.

As you might guess, if you want to get fitter, it’s best to combine Pilates exercises with a healthy diet. Doing movements that work on your aerobics will also prove helpful. When you have some experience and you start to learn more you shall move from the beginner mat to the Pilates reformer and that will help you burn a lot of calories.

Not only will it help you get or stay in shape, but because it lets you move with ease and grace, it will make your posture look beautiful. As it doesn’t focus on certain muscle groups and it treats your body as a whole, you can see the effects everywhere.

It also has mental benefits

Pilates has grown in popularity not only because of the physical positives that it provides but also due to the fact that it helps you focus better. It causes you to be aware of your breath when you practice the exercises and it lets you feel how your body and mind work in harmony.

The full-body workout and the intensity that Pilates can provide make you feel great after you have finished a training session because of the endorphins that rush through your body.



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