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Wilson Hex Evo Review


1.2 Wilson Hex Evo Soccer


Why is this product worth it?


If your child’s safety and comfort are important to you when they are out on the soccer field, then these shin guards with ankle support are worth it. They come with uniquely designed printed graphics that kids and teens will find attractive, along with a comfortable fit they won’t mind wearing. Wilson knows that soccer is a demanding sport and made sure that these shin guards could withstand heavy kicks, and they also backed the shields with EVA foam for added protection and comfort. The shell is precurved to ensure a secure fit, and with complete support for the ankles you can relax and not worry about your young player.

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User feedback


With positive reviews on Amazon it is easy to see how consumers feel about the Wilson Hex Evo shin guards. The only comment that could be construed as negative refers to the sizing in regards to adults. While these shin guards actually run true to size for younger players, they are probably too small for adults even if you choose a larger pair. This is rarely an issue though since most adults play on organized teams where everyone’s gear is typically ordered from a specific supplier.

The majority of consumer reviews and feedback concentrates on the durable and comfortable construction. One review stated that these were the “best”, while another called the Hex Evos “great little shin guards”. Consumers appreciated how easy the shin guards were for kids to put on, while young soccer players raved about the “cool” graphic designs. All in all if you need a pair of durable, comfortable and protective shin and ankle guards for a younger soccer player you can trust the reviews and purchase this pair with confidence.

1.3 Wilson Hex Evo Soccer


Our verdict


While we don’t recommend these shin pads for adult players, mainly due to issues with sizing, we do think these are a great choice for teen and younger players. The unique graphics ensure that fashion conscious teens won’t be embarrassed to wear them, and the sturdy construction provides the protection soccer players need on the field.


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