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Wilson Peewee Review

1.1 Wilson Peewee Soccer Sock Guard


Why is this product worth it?


There are several reasons why this soccer sock guard from Wilson is worth your consideration. It is capable of providing kids with complete shin and ankle protection, and most importantly young soccer players won’t mind wearing these shin guards. The stylish design has a professional appearance that kids will love, and the sock guards are comfortable to wear. The hard outer shell will effectively protect little legs, and it is also precurved so it fits securely and comfortably. Parents will also appreciate being able to toss the socks in the wash for a quick and easy cleaning after practice or a soccer game. Another reason the Peewee soccer sock guard is worth your money is the attached ankle protection.

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User feedback


Wilson Peewee soccer sock guards have received high ratings on Amazon with the majority of the reviews being positive. The only negative comments dealt with size, but this is a common problem parents run into when they are trying to find a pair of shin guards to fit kids or toddlers. That being said, these shin guards do run a little larger than other brands which means they might not fit all children the same.

While sizing might be an issue the majority of customers raved about how easy the soccer sock guards are for kids to put on. The overall quality of the socks is also praised, along with its ability to be thrown into the washer when it needs to be cleaned. Some parents have also commented that they appreciate being able to remove the protective shield, especially when the sock is still too large to fit their young player. This allows the child to tape the hard shell to their legs until they grow into the socks.

1.2 Wilson Peewee Soccer Sock Guard


Our verdict


Even though sizing is a bigger problem with the Wilson Peewee soccer sock guard than other models it is still a great choice for younger players. The shin guard and ankle protector will prevent many of the common soccer related injuries, and most kids find them comfortable to wear. While we don’t recommend these shin guards for toddlers due to sizing issues, they are a great choice for older kids and youth players.


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