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Best airsoft helmet reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Airsoft helmets – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Airsoft sports are harmless and involve no real danger to the player only if he is wearing adequate protective gear permanently during the game. Tactical goggles, face masks made out of steel mesh and helmets are the basic security items that one must own prior to going at a match. There are many helmets currently available on the market, so to help you make up your mind, our team has gone through many reviews, comments and opinions expressed by airsoft enthusiasts, and product specs. We have come to the conclusion that the best airsoft helmet is the HYOUT Tactical Military. Since it is made from composite material with known performances in absorbing shock, safety is no longer an issue. It has a chin belt for adjusting it to your own liking, and a metal mount for accessories such as night vision goggles featuring a quick attach and release system. It is also a versatile product, suitable for hiking, cycling or other outdoor activities. In case that this item is sold out, another good airsoft helmet is the Raptors RA2571.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Purchasing the best airsoft fast helmet is not as easy as it seems. There are many models put up for sale on the internet market, and their prices vary quite a lot. To give you a hand with picking the right item, we have written a short buying guide that you should read in order to know what to search for.





Are you an outdoor adventurer or only a passionate airsoft player? Answering this question instantly eliminates one of the two categories of airsoft helmets available for sale.

The products can be grouped according to their versatility as follows: the ones that are best suitable for airsoft but are also great for other sports and activities, and the ones designed especially for airsoft.

The more versatile a helmet is, the more expensive it tends to get, but, instead of buying two or three specialized products, you can have one that does everything.

Is it common for you to carry many items on the airsoft field? If so, find a helmet on which you can fit as many accessories as possible: most allow GoPro cameras, flashlights, night vision goggles and many other things to be added.

Even so, some can only accommodate a small number of supplementary accessories, while others have a higher capacity.



What do you expect?


All helmets protect your head against impact from pinpoint BBs or paintballs. The hard ABS plastics or, in pricier models, other more advanced materials guarantee a safe use. However, there are many differences in terms of the surface covered, comfort and stealth.

Some helmets have an integrated mask and goggle set and are designed to be worn as a one piece 100% protective item. Of course, these are the most expensive items on the market and are not always justified. Besides, they have no use outside the airsoft field. Others cover your ears as well, while most models allow for side plates to be mounted but do not cover the ears.

Comfort is something that you should take into account, especially if you do not intend to buy an airsoft-only helmet. Most items are delivered with paddings that can be added or removed to make sure that it fits best on your head. Adjustable chin straps are also provided with most models.



Other details to consider


Weight is an important factor that is tightly correlated with the realism. The helmets that replicate real models used by the military have a great look but are usually heavier and pricier.

Lightweight models do not look that great but are just as safe as the previously discussed items, and the player will be less tired after wearing them for extended periods of time. The accessories mounted on the helmet will also increase its weight.

Budget is a factor that you might want to look upon. There are models for all pockets, and they are equally safe, since, in order to be sold, the helmets have to pass extensive and brutal tests, certifying that they can resist direct BB hits.

However, the more expensive models tend to be versatile and ready for use in many daily life situations, while cheaper models are dedicated for airsoft and are not as versatile.



Top rated products



There are many products that might fit your needs. In order to help you decide what to buy, we wrote a few airsoft helmet reviews, after determining which products are the best. The helmets featured below have gathered positive reviews and have been appreciated by a great number of users.



HYOUT Tactical Military


This helmet is the first one that drew our attention when we started our research. The affordable price, good reviews and killer aesthetics have convinced us that the product is the best currently available.

The producer’s name is an acronym from Health and Yearning for the Outdoors, meaning that the item is intended for many outdoor experiences.

The Tactical Helmet has a head circumference of 56-61 centimeters and a matt surface that does not reflect light. To build this, only the highest quality materials were used: ABS plastic material known for its strength and roughness, elastic materials for the suspension ribbon and leather for the chin belt.

High-density sponge rubber was used as padding, guaranteeing comfort throughout a day’s worth of playing. A metal mount and a four position accessory rail are also mounted on the helmet, making it versatile and very useful on the field.

The item weighs about 2 pounds and has a service life estimated at five years. A warranty is also offered by the producer so that the buyer has nothing to risk when acquiring the helmet.

Suitable for many other outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, the product is suitable for any outdoor adventurer, not only for airsoft or paintball. Available in many colors, besides all the features described so far, the helmet looks great and professional, even though it has a decent price.



If you need extreme camouflage, this should be on your “to buy” list. It is ideal for outdoor activities, for hunting and for many types of events where you need to blend with the environment. This versatility, in particular, makes it a standout.

You should also know that is well-made, from strong materials capable of protecting you even if you fall. The high-density sponge rubber used as padding will keep you safe no matter how many intensive tasks you have for it.

Its aesthetic is also something that makes buyers proud they invested in this brand. Overall, it has an abundance of features even when compared with more expensive models.



As a downside for the ones who want to be able to run and to be as free as possible, without any unnecessary weight, the fact that it has around two pounds could be unpleasant.

But since it has soft padding and it is made of plastic and not metal, it won’t feel uncomfortable in the long run.

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Raptors RA2571


The Tactical RTV Helmet is an even more affordable option that you should take into consideration. This helmet offers maximum security at an extremely low price while retaining a cool aspect and features that improve comfort. Designed to fulfill even the most exigent expectations, it is appreciated by many airsoft players that are in professional teams.

Featuring a lightweight but hard shell design, the RTV Helmet is designed to cover a human head as much as possible. Guaranteeing security is what it does best, thanks to the quality polymer materials that were used.

Weighing in at about 1 pound, it is extremely light so that the player will grow less fatigued when wearing it. It comes with adjustable pads on the inside, which can be set up according to your preference. Velcro panels are mounted on both sides for patches, nameplates or IR reflective tabs.

Tactical rails are included, and accessories such as flashlights or GoPro cameras can be easily mounted on it. The only available color is black, but most users have not considered this to be a problem. It does not reflect light, so you are harder to spot when hiding on a sunny day.



One pro off the bat is its affordability. For a small price, it offers protection against trauma, which is vital when it comes to helmets. Every inch is solidly built from quality polymer materials that can withstand repeated blows.

And all of these features do not compromise on comfort, as this piece feels good around your head, without rough edges that could hurt you.

Since it has a light body, it can successfully be used for softball, where you need a lot of mobility. A bonus is also the fact that it can cover the entire head of a person, especially since softball can get pretty intense.



One aspect that should concern you if you need something for hunting too, especially if you go for prey that is easily scared, is its black color. It might not be ideal for accurate camouflage situations, but the fact that it’s black can be an advantage, primarily if you hunt at night or if you play softball.

Buy from for ($30.13)




V-Tac 59623 Valken


The Valken Tactical Helmet is a very popular design, used in many situations and famous for its great performances in airsoft games. It relies on a real-life version that has been in use for some time in combat situations around the world. Without being too heavy, it maximizes protection and offers comfort and a feeling of security.

When looking at the airsoft version of the helmet, one will be struck by its realism, and by the fact that it is so much lighter than its real-life version. It is made from a very strong type of polymer plastic that protects the airsoft player from extremely close range BB hits.

The product is designed to support mounted accessories, a feature that many players are searching for. Point of view cameras, lights, markers or other items can easily be added to this helmet, according to everyone’s preferences. It is compatible with most aftermarket accessories too.

Available in Black, OD or Dark Earth color patterns, the helmet is suitable for various environments and camouflage uniforms. It is delivered with internal padding for size adjustment that can be added or removed to fit the user and a chin strap. Velcro panels are mounted on both sides for nameplates or other tabs.



This model draws a lot of inspiration from those used for combat, which are created by the military. So, if you want to be equipped for rather violent games, where close range hits are the norm, the polymer plastic it is made of will ensure you win the games without a scratch.

It enhances protection without being heavy and chunky or uncomfortable to wear for many hours in a row. And it looks great while doing so.

If you have many accessories for this type of helmet or the related activities, you should be happy to hear it can support mounted accessories.



Some reviewers pointed out that the piece has many straps, and if you add accessories, it can get quite distracting. But if you are the type of user who takes advantages of those pieces, then it shouldn’t irritate you. Also, more straps mean a more secure helmet, which is never a bad thing.

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