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Best calisthenics equipment reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Calisthenics equipment – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


We know you are probably raring to find the best calisthenics equipment on the market so reading our in-depth buying guide is out of the question. However, through this short paragraph, allow us to show you why we chose the Stamina 1690 Power Tower to be a better choice than others in its class. Ideal as a home workout device, this piece of gear is equipped with multiple exercise stations. It supports a variety of exercises including pull-ups, push-ups, triceps dips, sit-ups, and more, helping you achieve that whistle-bait figure in less time. Its tough steel frame is supplemented with non-slip end caps so everything provides solid support and safety for the user. The freestanding design makes the equipment easy to set up in your home workout space. Because of its performance and functionality, the Stamina 1690 Power Tower can quickly run out of stock at retail stores but don’t worry. There’s still another product that should be as good, the Ultimate Body Press Parallettes.


Top features to consider


Finding good calisthenics equipment for sale isn’t like it used to be today because there are more manufacturers and more models to choose from. We hope to simplify your decision-making process by giving you the essential points to look at in this kind of athletic equipment.



Material and construction


If you look closely at the top rated products in the calisthenics equipment reviews, you will notice that they earn the highest points for their durability and the quality of materials they are constructed from. The components need to be strong and the entire piece has to be sturdy on its own.

You want a rugged steel frame that can take your weight and the weight of the other people who share the gear with you. There has to be support from all sides, whether you perform situps, pullups, and a host of other exercises. A steel frame makes a good component.

If there are any straps or webbings, they should be of fine quality.





No product can claim to be the best equipment for calisthenics unless it allows you to perform a variety of calisthenics moves or exercises. Fortunately, a large majority of calisthenics equipment is now designed with multiple workstations to support a variety of exercises.

Many can be used both in the home and in gym settings. T-Bar risers enable CrossFit style exercises. Some models ship with calisthenics accessories such as gym push up rings that can be anchored for more exercise variety. You can use such components to do gym ring push-ups, upper body, lower body, core, and total body exercises.



Safety and ease of use


Nobody wants to go to hospital just for using a lousy piece of exercise gear. Any home workout device should ensure your safety during use.

A freestanding design allows problem-free setup and takedown. If there are any handles, they should provide an easy grip around them. You should be able to move from one exercise to the next with little effort at all.

The structure of the equipment should provide improved clearance as well as better movement progression. There should be no sharp or unfinished edges. Any feet on the piece should be non-skid or non-slip for safety and security.

If you intend to do CrossFit exercises, the device should also support that. You should be able to make the most of a variety of calisthenics moves without worrying that the equipment will topple over or fall anytime.

The handlebars should come with rubber grips and foam padding to provide a tight and secure yet comfortable hold. There should be sufficient clearance on foot loops or push-up rings so as not to get your limbs entangled in them.



Top rated products



We cannot dictate which equipment will suit your needs since the decision has to be yours and yours alone. However, we have showcased some of the popular products below to help simplify your search.



Stamina 1690 Power Tower


If there is any home workout device that answers the need for stability and versatility in exercise equipment, the Stamina 1690 Power Tower makes a good option. Constructed with a freestanding design, this model easily fits into your home workout space and is easy to take down as well.

Furthermore, the tough steel frame provides a solid support so you won’t have to worry about the legs buckling down when you put your entire body weight onto the equipment. Weighing in at 54 pounds, this device provides a number of workout stations for versatility.

The foam-padded push-up station enables you to sculpt your chest and shoulders, with less strain on the joints of your wrists thanks to the raised design that lets you do push-ups with a neutral wrist.

The multiple workout stations support a variety of exercises including push-ups, pull-ups, triceps dips, sit-ups, and more. Because of its freestanding design, this home workout device enables easy setup and disassembly and won’t eat up plenty of storage space either.

The foam-padded handles ensure a comfortable and easy grip and prevent the hands from getting calluses and blisters due to abrasion against them.

The variety of workout stations helps build total body strength, sculpt the abs, chest, arms, and back so basically, you get a whole lot of gym equipment in one compact 49-inch by 42-inch package.



Thanks to the innovative design of this model, you can optimize multiple workstations that enable you to obtain a total body workout using just one piece of gear.

Utilizing gravity, the multiple workstations also use your own bodyweight. This makes every workout more effective and invigorating.

You will undoubtedly build your strength and sculpt those common problem areas such as the chest, abs, arms, and back.

The pushup and dip stations are foam-padded and have convenient grips to ensure a secure hold with the hands. You can perform push-ups, triceps dips, and pull-ups without getting blisters or calluses.

Workouts are consistently effective and invigorating because this device supports a variety of exercises. You can work your entire body into shape and greater muscle strength.



According to a customer, the device can be awkward for heavier and taller people to use. In addition, if you do swinging exercises, the equipment moves along with the motion.

Buy from for ($114.2)




Ultimate Body Press Parallettes PBAR 


With its 12-inch by 24-inch dimensions, the Ultimate Body Press Parallettes PBAR is a versatile piece of workout equipment that can do wonders for your health and well-being. Allowing you to perform a variety of body weight exercises, this device boasts an improved clearance that provides an enhanced movement progression.

You will love the easy pass-through T-Bar risers that enable you to do CrossFit High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). With its extraordinary sturdiness, this piece of exercise gear can support your weight as you do calisthenics routines. The 1.5-inch diameter U-shaped handles provide a secure and easy grip.

Thanks to the thick, non-skid rubber feet, the unit ensures stability on the floor. You won’t need to worry that the bars will topple over with the pressure when you do push-ups and bodyweight exercises.

Suitable for home gyms and commercial fitness centers, this tool lets you enjoy good progress when doing handstand push-ups, L-sits, and planches like never before.

Proven by users to be superbly sturdy and stable, the unit ensures there’s ample room to accommodate your feet and legs so you can achieve the proper form in the execution of calisthenics moves. Do better extensions for a satisfying bodyweight workout every time.



With its pass-through T-Bar risers, this tool supports CrossFit High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style exercises for optimal body sculpting.

Considering the thick, non-skid rubber feet and 1.5-inch U-shaped handles on the device, users are certain that they will have a stable support when doing L-sits, push-ups, and other exercises that require a form of support from the workout equipment.

Because of its versatile design that lets you perform a variety of calisthenics workout exercises, this device is suitable for use in home gyms as well as commercial fitness centers.

You’ll appreciate the improved clearance and enhanced movement progression this piece of equipment can deliver.

The heavy rubber feet stay strong and stable on different floor types and can also support different weights. Perform tucks, shoot-throughs, push-ups, L-sits, handstand pushups, planches, and more with confidence and safety.



One customer says they got the unit with some chipped and rusty points on it,  although it is a well-built piece of equipment.

Buy from for ($74.95)




Dip Bar Accessories and Product Bundles by Ultimate Body Press 


Since the Dip Bar Accessories and Product Bundles by Ultimate Body Press comes complete with all you need for a successful calisthenics workout, it delivers genuine value for the money. You get an innovative Dip Bar Fitness Station along with Bodyweight Resistance Trainers for impressive package savings.

Aside from that, you can also do gym ring push ups with the included accessory for that purpose. Perform 23 other exercises using the revolutionary Bodyweight Resistance Trainers for full-body workouts.

This device upgrades your existing pull-up bar with its gym ring push-up accessory. The thick, 1.5-inch steel tubing serves the workout needs of users up to 350 pounds or 6 feet 5 -inches. It adjusts to two widths to enable use by individuals with larger builds.

Assembly is effortless thanks to the color-coded components. Get the results you want in less time thanks to the asymmetric frame and angled grips that allow chest dips and triceps dips.

You’ll also love the compact design of the device that makes it suitable for offices, apartments, and small living spaces. The open frame and angled grips facilitate easy movement transitions. Get the support you need from the product’s online workout guides, blog, and YouTube channel that enable you to optimize the device.  



Because this product comes complete with a Dip Bar Fitness Station and Bodyweight Resistance Trainers, you earn instant package savings.

Aside from the Dip Bar and the 23 additional exercises using the Bodyweight Resistance Trainers, the package also comes with an innovative gym ring accessory that enables you to do gym ring push-ups.

Get the results you want in less time with the asymmetric frame and angled grips on the device, which facilitate the execution of chest dips and triceps dips.

Ideal for small spaces, apartments, cramped homes and the office, this workout equipment comes with a compact design that makes it easy to put into place. It also stores easily into a closet after use.

If you already own a pull-up bar, you will appreciate the supplied accessories that expand the functionality of the bar.



One buyer doesn’t think the device is strong enough to support heavier users who intend to do dips using it.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




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