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Best soccer shin guards for toddlers reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Toddler soccer shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have time to go through thousands of reviews and you just want to know which are the best soccer shin guards for toddlers, this short paragraph will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, through reviews, sales figures etc and we have found that the Wilson Peewee is the best because it offers “all in one” protection. The shell is curved to ensure a comfortable fit, and it can be easily removed so the sock can be washed after games and practices. It also comes with an attached ankle guard which provides added protection and support for little legs. If the Wilson Peewee is unavailable, you can confidently choose Vizari Malaga as it is just as good.



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Many parents mistakenly presume that shin guards aren’t that important for toddlers. In most cases three and even four year olds are still working on their motor skills. Soccer games and practices usually involve a lot of children running around, and there is generally very little hard contact with each other or the ball. This does not mean that parents don’t need to worry about protection for their children, and a pair of shin guards can also provide unsteady legs and ankles with extra support. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to choose a pair of shin guards that will protect little legs and that your toddler will actually want to wear.

A.1 Wilson Peewee Soccer Sock Guard


Top features to consider:





There are two main types of toddler shin guards, those with ankle sleeves and ones without. Shin guards with ankle sleeves can be uncomfortable for some advanced players to wear since mobility can be limited, but this is usually not a problem for toddlers. The ankle strap that comes with the shin guards will provide the extra support and protection needed to keep toddlers safely on their feet and happily running all over the soccer field.

Shin guards that don’t come with ankle sleeves are also referred to as “slip ins”. This is because they simply slide in underneath your socks. While these aren’t typically recommended for toddlers due to the lack of ankle support and protection, slip in shin guards are more comfortable to wear. These shin guards are also less expensive and if your toddler is older or already steady on their feet this might be an option to consider.





Toddler shin guards can be constructed from a variety of materials, and all are able to provide some degree of protection. Since toddlers are not likely to engage in hard kicks, your budget and their comfort should be your major considerations. Some of the materials used for the hard outer shell include Fiberglass, plastic rubber, polyurethane, along with K-resin and plastic. Since your toddler will probably outgrow the shin guards in a season or two most parents choose inexpensive and durable shin guards constructed from plastic.

The type of material used for the backing is important since it will determine how comfortable the shin pads are to wear, and most parents and experienced athletes agree the EVA foam is the best. The soft foam is lightweight and  ensures maximum comfort without irritating sensitive skin.





It might be tempting to purchase a pair of shin guards that are a little large since you know that your toddler will grow into them soon. Not only will this be uncomfortable for your child, it is also unsafe. Their mobility and balance can be affected if the shin pads are too large, and it can be almost impossible to get them to stay in place. The shin guard should cover the shin without going over the knees or into the cleats. While the best way to determine the size of toddler soccer shin guards is to try them on before purchasing, this is not always possible. The top rated manufacturers all list sizing charts that will help you choose a pair of shin guards that will fit your young soccer player.



Top rated products



Just because there is little risk of your toddler connecting with a hard kick doesn’t mean that adequate protection is not important for them. This means that shin guards for 3 year olds and older toddlers are a necessary part of their uniform. The information contained in this guide should allow you to find the shin guards for your needs.



Wilson Peewee


1.Wilson Peewee Soccer Sock GuardThese shin guards from Wilson are designed to be comfortable and supportive, while providing plenty of protection. The sock design makes it easy for parents to get toddlers to wear the shin guards, and it also helps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The hard outer shells can be easily removed so you can toss the sock in the washer after soccer practices and games. The durable plastic shell is precurved so it will cover toddlers’ shins without any hard edges poking uncomfortably into their skin.

Since toddlers can be unsteady on their feet the Wilson Peewee also comes with attached ankle guards. Designed to be protective and supportive it will help prevent ankle sprains that can occur when toddlers are running across uneven soccer fields.



Designed to provide all-in-one shin protection, this shin guard provides a natural fit and look that can go well with your soccer apparel without compromising on dependable functionality.

The removable pre-curved shell offers a choice for players who wouldn’t want to have a shin guard on at times or when the training is light and doesn’t require such protection.

The sewn-in ankle protection provides extra security so a larger part of the lower leg is shielded against injury during particularly hard play.

The black color of the shin guard makes it less prone to stains but nevertheless, it is made to be machine-washable for problem-free maintenance and cleaning when it does get soiled.

The sock style allows younger players to easily pull the shin guard on and off so as not to impede their field performance in any way.



Although the size is not expounded on in the product description, most users say it fits young kids age 4 or so.

Buy from for ($11.35)




Vizari Malaga


2.Vizari Malaga Shin GuardAvailable in several fun and stylish colors that toddlers will love, these shin guards from Vizari are perfect for young soccer players.

The manufacturer knows that it is almost impossible to get toddlers to wear anything that isn’t comfortable, which is why they ensured that these shin guards come with plenty of foam padding. The foam backing prevents the hard outer shell from pinching or digging into sensitive skin, and it has the added advantage of being able to provide a little extra protection.

The lightweight shell is constructed from blended materials that are strong enough to stop impact force before it connects with toddlers’ shins. The ankle guard helps to prevent painful sprains and provides added support. Parents also rave about the velcro closures which won’t irritate sensitive skin.



This shin guard is designed with a lightweight polypropylene (PP) shell that provides enough protection from the unexpected hits that your lower leg might get during the rough-and-tumble of field play.

Challenge opponents during games with your daring moves without worrying that a wayward cleat or kick can immobilize you because of the excruciating pain on the shins since with this guard, that critical part of your lower leg is encased in protective, tough material.

The shin guard is padded with foam on its backing so as to prevent the edges of the solid protective shell from digging into the skin of your legs.

You will love how the PP shell and the foam-padded backing work together to provide all-around protection and comfort during the roughness of field play.

This shin guard is easy to pull on and off with its adjustable leg band and elastic webbing strap for the foot.



Some users had the unpleasant surprise of realizing that they did not receive the right size for their needs. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and make the necessary measurements prior to placing an order.

Buy from for ($9.77)




Franklin Sports ACD


3.Franklin Sports ACDToddlers can get hot and uncomfortable out of the field, but these shin guards from Franklin will help them stay cool and comfortable.

The sock is designed to hold the protective shell securely in place, and to make the shin guards easy to put on and take off. The hard shell is ventilated so toddlers’ shins stay cool during the heat of play, and it is also backed by soft protective foam.

Since toddlers are often still a little unsteady on their feet, these shin guards from Franklin also come with attached arch support.

Not only will this help prevent ankle injuries, it also provides added support. Parents will also appreciate being able to remove the shin guards so the sock can be tossed into the washer for a quick cleaning.



Providing easy removal, this shin guard carries a sock style that enables the wearer to put it on and take it off effortlessly so they can get right on the action.

The innovative shell features good breathability to keep your legs cool while the protective foam distributes shock during impact to keep the shin protected from certain pain and injury.

This shin guard is made out of a lightweight, quick-drying fabric that will not weigh your legs down. The material keeps the sweat and moisture off from the skin to prevent chafing or irritation while also being machine washable.

This shin guard features an Air Cooled Design to let the air flow freely around the covered lowered leg and prevent easy sweating.

The perforated shell is also abrasion-resistant so it will not get easily damaged with intensive use, while the arch support enhances comfort during field play.



Users must be cautious not to get a string loose from the fabric to prevent the entire shin guard from unraveling.

Buy from for ($12.15)




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