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Best water punching bag reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Water punching bags – Buying guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re looking for a fast way to go through all the info you need to know to choose the best water punching bag for your needs, and you don’t have any time to waste, then consider reading our complete guide on the subject. According to our research, the first product that you should be thinking about is the Aqua Training Bag Black Eye, due to its various functions. For example, it is perfect for power punching, kicking combinations and many other extreme sports due to its flexible material that feels close to hitting a human body. It works just as well for experienced and novice fighters alike and improves many of their skills, among which we could count agility, flexibility, accuracy and many more. Last but not least, it’s durable and long-lasting due to its sturdy build and stiff material. Should this item be currently unavailable, we recommend you check out the Century Original Wavemaster instead, as an excellent second choice.



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Top features to consider:


Professional and amateur athletes both benefit from training with a punching bag, and there are several types to choose from. While most experts do recommend training with a heavy punching bag, there are still some factors to consider. The type of fill will make a difference in your workouts, and the best punching bag uses water to provide adequate resistance while also reducing the risk of injury. With so many different punching bags to choose from finding the right one can be confusing, and the helpful tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best water filled punching bag for all your workouts and training exercises.





As stated in the water punching bag reviews the first aspect to consider is the type. While most fitness experts recommend choosing a heavy bag that can be hung from the wall, not everyone has the necessary space this requires. Wall mounted heavy punching bags are another options, and will still provide you with the movements you need to improve coordination and response times. There are also free standing models that are ideal for small spaces, but these heavy duty punching bags are generally only recommended for use in martial arts training.





It is important to choose a water based punching bag that is constructed from durable materials, especially if you don’t want to deal with messy punctures and leaks. Leather punching bags are comfortable to hit, but the higher price has many consumers looking for another option. Water based punching bags that are constructed from synthetic leather or sturdy vinyls are generally durable, and affordably priced. You also want to consider the material used inside. Foam liners provide a softer punching surface and help to prevent the water balloon from leaking inside. There are also punching bags that feature a durable plastic casing that protects the water filled balloon, while still giving you a comfortable hitting surface.





You also want to consider the size and weight of the water punching bag. Most experts recommend choosing a heavy bag that weighs half of your body weight to ensure stability and resistance. Water punching bags that feature a wider diameter are ideal for strength and endurance training, long and thinner models are perfect for practice kicks and hits.



Top rated products



Black Eye Aqua


This versatile bag is very handy when training to improve your performance as a martial arts athlete or MMA fighter. You can purchase either the 18-inch model or the 21-inch model, depending on the type of training you are aiming for. One great thing about this punching bag is that it weighs little when not filled. The smaller model weighs just 12 pounds, and the larger one, 15 pounds.

This helps with easy transportation, as well as storage. The importance of working with this type of punching bag is evident; you will not only learn to hit a smooth surface but also feel like your punches go through. For superior training, such aspects are essential, and they could indeed improve your performance as an athlete.

Because it only needs water as filling, you will not have to worry about it at all. Especially if you are on the road a lot, this is a hard to beat advantage. The water filling makes the bag feel as if you are punching a human body when practicing your combinations of kicks and punches. Also, the cover is made from durable material that adds to this realistic feel. The model is a good fit for both experts and novices.



This 18-inch punching bag is shipped to the customer unfilled and comes with a nozzle to fill the unit up easily using a garden hose. The stopper provides security for the contents once filled.

Suitable for both amateur and experienced fighters, this piece of gym equipment helps you get a stronger punching power and better flexibility, agility, and accuracy without punishing your joints or being hard on your hands.

It has been tested by MMA experts, novice boxers, and professional boxers alike for being a good multi-purpose piece of gear both for indoor and outdoor use and for home and commercial gym settings.

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting practice bag, this is the one to get. It exhibits no hard spots or settling because it employs a water filling that offers a similar resistance to the human body.

Available in either an 18-inch or a 21-inch version, this water punching bag is easy to store and transport because you can remove the liquid filling when not in use.



Because you are practically stationary when hitting the bag, it is not suitable for developing footwork.

Buy from for ($179.99)




Century Original Water


1.Century Original Water Punching BagThis water punching bag is designed to be durable and comfortable to hit. It is the perfect addition for any home gym, and you will love how realistic the surface feels when it is hit. Designed to help athletes improve stamina and endurance, it can also help you build muscle tone and burn calories.

You have the advantage of the durable construction that is designed to last through your toughest training sessions, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to fill. The cap to the “hydrocore” simply unscrews and tightly seals to prevent water from leaking. The heavy punching bag also features a protective inner foam layer, along with a durable vinyl cover.

Not only is the heavy punching bag easy to fill, it is also easy to hang from the ceiling. The included steel chains provide plenty of support during your hardest hits and kicks, and easily attach to the 2″ ring. You also have the advantage of the included support straps, along with the comfortable hitting surface that is designed to take the hardest hits without injuring your hands.



Providing a rapid rebound coupled with an optimal resistance, this water punching bag delivers a unique workout every time. It is comfortable to hit and works your legs enough to practice your dodging and punching skills and finding a good opportunity to strike.

The base can be filled with either sand or water, whichever is more convenient to the user. This way, you won’t have to be stuck with a specific material that you would not want to use.

To facilitate an easy storage, the round base enables you to just roll the unit away when not in use. No need to worry about clutter or hanging options.

Because it has seven height adjustments, the punching bag accommodates various sizes of users. Adjustability can be carried out in 3-inch increments from 47 to 68 inches.

When filled, the bag weighs approximately 250 pounds, which is just hefty enough for a good round of punching.



The bag tends to make some noise when it gets hit so it may not be a good option for upper floor dwellers.

Buy from for ($139.99)




MaxxMMA Combat Package


3.MaxxMMA Water Air Punching BagThere is very little not to like about this durable and versatile water punching bag. It features a sturdy construction that is designed to last, along with an affordable price. You also have the advantage of the patented design that is intended to safely improve strength and endurance. Improve your overall health when you use this punching bag in your daily workouts, and athletes will also love noticing an improvement in their reflexes and coordination.

This punching bag is constructed from durable materials, and it also features a longer design that is perfect for practicing kicks. Standing 5 feet tall it is ideal for adults and teens, and you will also love the included extras. The included jump rope makes it easy to add another exercise to your workouts, and you will appreciate the protective boxing gloves that are also washable. The punching bag also includes a cover for easy protection when you are not using it.

Enjoy being able to adjust the weight of the punching bag to meet all of your workout needs, and you will also love the realistic feeling you get from the air and water bladders. This gives you the resistance you need to improve during your workouts, while still giving you a comfortable hitting surface. Suitable for anyone ages 5 and older, this water punching bag will last through all of your training exercises and workouts.



Boasting some very likable features, this hanging punching bag provides a good cardio workout and training with its exclusive design and revolutionary MaxxMMA SOFTSTRIKE™ Tech for optimal functionality.

Five feet long, this punching bag can be adjusted to be from 70 to 140 pounds to suit the user’s preference and punching strength for personalized workouts.

It features a unique water/air bladder that, when filled, allows you to get the feeling of punching a real human body and not simply a sand-filled bag. This allows you to develop your punching technique to make your punches stronger and help you become more resilient to the impact of every strike.

Improve your coordination and reflexes using this durable punching bag that can also be used to practice your kicks and develop footwork.



If the bag is filled with water, you may need assistance to set it up properly. This is especially so when it is stuffed to the maximum level.

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Unavailable products



TITLE LiquiShockTM Foam & Water


2.TITLE LiquiShockTM Foam & Water Punching BagBoxers, strength trainers, and amateur athletes can all benefit from regular workouts with this water punching bag. It features a durable construction and comfortable striking surface that gives you the realistic feeling of hitting an actual opponent. The freely moving heavy bag can also help build muscle tone, along with improving reflexes and response times. Perfect for boxers in training or for anyone else that simply wants to get in shape, you will also love how easy it is to hang.

The sturdy steel chain attaches to the bag in 4 spots for plenty of stability and support, and the hook is designed to screw easily into the ceiling. You also have the advantage of the durable construction that is designed to take years of hard kicks and punches. The synthetic cover is resistant to punctures and tears, and you will also appreciate the protective foam liner.

Not only does the inner foam help to prevent injuries to your hands and feet when you connect with the bag, it also protects the water balloon from rips and tears. This water punching bag is also affordably priced, and can be safely used for training and to improve general fitness by teens and adults.






While we can’t choose the right punching bag for you, we hope that one of these models was what you were looking for. Affordably price, durable, and easy to hang, these water punching bags will keep you and your family fit and active.



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