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Best cheap boxing shoes


Affordable boxing shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Reviews


If you’re in a hurry, but you want to learn all the essential things about the best cheap boxing shoes, then you should do nothing else but read this short paragraph. After reading numerous customer reviews, evaluating prices, and adding sales figures, we realized that the Ringside Diablo is the model you should consider if you want the perfect balance between pricing and performance. These boxing shoes have a low-top ankle profile that allows you to move with ease and focus on practicing new techniques. The breathable mesh ensures that your feet will receive proper ventilation so that you don’t have to worry about sweat and discomfort. The model is available in men’s and women’s sizes, as well. If the Ringside Diablo is no longer available, you should consider next the Rival Boxing Boots-Low Tops, a model with almost the same performance.


Top features to consider


Some things are more important than others when you consider buying good cheap boxing shoes. That is why the following buying guide is focused on providing you the best information for making an excellent decision. If you pay attention to these details, you will not be off the mark when you get to buying a pair of boxing shoes for yourself.



What’s shoe height got to do with anything?


If you read the descriptions offered by the manufacturers, you may notice that they talk at some point about the shoe height. Learning about this aspect will make it easier for you to decide for a pair of boxing shoes that are according to your preferences.

Low top shoes are very similar in height with running shoes. For general boxing training, they are considered ideal because they are lightweight and comfortable. Experts say, however, that these are not exactly suitable for sparring, so that may be something to keep in mind.

Mid-top shoes are, as you expect, higher than low tops, and they are very versatile. They can be used for any boxing, and they are very popular, for that reason. You can also find them available decently priced.

High tops are the highest, and they are believed to offer the best support and stability for your ankles. However, you should be aware that these are the more expensive kind, and that is why they are not as popular as the other two categories mentioned above.





Cheap boxing shoes will not be made of leather or other expensive alternatives. Since manufacturers must keep costs to a minimum, they go for synthetic materials, but that should not worry you. Even cheap models can be very durable and robust.



Excellent breathability


One aspect you should not overlook is proper ventilation for your feet when you’re buying boxing shoes. You will be able to concentrate on your training, while your feet remain comfortable at all times. The upper mesh has to be made from breathable materials that allow airflow to wick moisture and keep the feet dry, as well.



Top rated products



If you’re interested in finding boxing shoes for sale that offer all the performance and decent pricing you seek, you should take a look at the following selection. Scoring high in consumers’ preferences, these models are guaranteed to offer excellent comfort, grip, and overall good performance.



Ringside Diablo


Most of the cheap boxing shoes reviews will indicate this model as being a top-notch option if you want to get a more than a decent pair at an affordable price. The first thing that may draw your attention might be the stylish contemporary design, but it will not be the only one that will convince you that these shoes are worth spending money on.

The leather vinyl finish makes the boxing shoes look more expensive than they are, and makes them durable, at the same time. The low-top design ensures proper freedom of movement, while your ankles receive the necessary support for avoiding painful accidents. Your moves will be more fluid, and you will feel more at ease while training.

The mesh pattern is made of nylon and ensures proper ventilation so that your feet don’t get sweaty while practicing your moves. The rubber soles are designed to provide extra grip, so you will not risk injuring yourself.

The model is available in several colors for men, and in pink for women, and there are also different sizes to choose from. Make sure you get the perfect fit and the proper size to avoid any mishaps during your training.

Buy from for ($55.99)




Rival Boxing Boots-Low Tops


Your feet will remain cool and comfortable all throughout your training if you pick these boxing shoes. The way the mesh is designed, as well as the cowhide suede upper portion of the shoe, contributes to keeping the shoes breathable. Also, on the inside, the mesh sock liner helps let the air circulate freely from all sides.

The outsole is thin and very flexible. The extra grip provided is handy, as it helps to keep the right posture while hitting your heavy bag and performing other types of training. While the shoes are lightweight, you don’t have to doubt their durability. They represent a good investment and they will improve your training performance, too.

Your ankles will receive proper support, which is essential for boxers in training since many accidents involve twisted ankles and the like. Make sure that your feet are well protected at all times, so you can focus more on training hard.

From the way the outsole is designed, to the breathable upper mesh, these boxing shoes are made for comfort, performance, and durability. You can count on the Rival Boxing Boots-Low Tops to help you achieve your training goals.

Buy from for ($79.99)




TITLE Speed-Flex Encore


The TITLE Speed-Flex Encore is an option to consider if you’re searching for a pair of boxing shoes that do not cost a lot of money, but don’t sacrifice performance for affordable pricing. These good looking shoes offer more than decent sturdiness and increased performance. The upper part is made from synthetic leather, which is durable.

The tight weave nylon fill contributes to better durability, too, and that is an important aspect. Unlike other cheap models, these will not let you down when the going gets tough. They are designed for quick footwork, and you can focus on increasing your speed, as well.

The higher height provides extra ankle support, so, if that is something you care about, it should convince you these are the shoes for you. The soles are made from polyurethane, and their design is aimed particularly at boxing trainees and their specific needs. The embroidery adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of these shoes.

Finding a good fit is essential for comfort and performance. Make sure that you pick the right size since these shoes are a bit more rigid than those made from mesh. They won’t require as much breaking in as shoes made of leather, but they will still need some accommodation time.

Buy from for ($44.99)





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