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Adams USA Trace Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


The Adams USA Trace boasts a superior quality ½-inch closed cell foam construction that ensures outstanding durability, impact absorption, safety as well as extra thermal insulation properties. These shin guards have each cell independent from the others, and each have their own cell structure. This results in foam that has higher plastic content than usual plus less gas/ air content as well, for a rigid and strong construction that is consistently lightweight. Moreover, the closed cell foam construction offers stellar performance when they get wet by not allowing water to gain entry into the foam’s cell structure. Thus, even when you sweat after a tough game on the field or the ice, the shin guards stay comfortably dry and ventilated while still delivering a reliable level of protection.

1.1 Adams USA Trace Field Hockey Shin Guards

Moreover, the closed cell foam is designed to extend upwards to cover more area on the lower leg. This special design makes the shin guards longer than standard, thus providing greater coverage for a larger area of your legs so even the lower part of your thighs are amply protected. The built-in elastic keeps the shin guards anchored to the legs and ankles so they stay on firmly no matter how intense the game action turns out to be. The combination of the special length of the shin guards and their built-in elastic ensures that the protective equipment won’t slip off so easily even when it gets rough during play.

The shin guards come with a wraparound design that delivers a truly snug fit and ensures that once they are securely on, the shin guards won’t have to be readjusted later.  You won’t have to stop mid-game just to adjust the fit of the shin guards. The pads are kept low on the leg thanks to the strong elastic stirrup for greater security from slippage. The soft spandex polyester face ensures the material won’t chafe against your skin to cause itchiness or irritation. The shin pads ensure protection so you won’t get injured from impacts and slashes as well as protection from discomfort. The shin guards also feature exceptional double stitching to ensure lasting durability.


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