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Best Adidas boxing shoes reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Adidas boxing shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Just like boxing gloves, you need to get the best Adidas boxing shoes if you want to be certain that your training takes place in safe and optimum conditions. Since a proper research requires some spare time, we’re ready to lend you a helping hand. Based on numerous customer and expert reviews, but also sales figures, we’ve determined that the Adidas HVC2 Speed in an excellent choice because they feature a full-length rubber sole that increases your coordination and provides a strong grip. Furthermore, the shoes come with a single layer mesh material that enables your feet to breathe and remain cool and dry during practice or boxing matches. If the Adidas HVC2 Speed AQ3325 is out of stock, you can always rely on the Adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV as the second best in line.  



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Because boxing is a sport that is based on fast moves and agility, it’s important to have a pair of boxing shoes that help you achieve your goals. Don’t think of using regular sports shoes because you risk injuring your feet. There are different models for sale to choose from. If you read these short buying guide showcased below you’ll most likely get the shoes you’ve always dreamed off.



Sole construction and texture


The way the sole of the shoe is built can have a major impact on your abilities to fully perform in the boxing the ring. Basically, if the sole is flexible, you’ll have a strong balance and pivot while your punches will be more easy to throw.

So make sure the boxing shoes you intend to buy are outfitted with a comfortable sole that ensures your axis isn’t off balance when you stand with the feet on the ground. Also, you shouldn’t have to force your ankles when moving slightly towards or inside of your feet.

Moreover, the soles must be tick if you need extra support for your ankles. However, it’s a matter of personal choice as some boxers like thinner soles because it gives them a better contact with the surface. This is also one good reason why basketball or any other type of sports shoes are not suitable for boxing because they are made with a raised heel that keeps you disconnected from the ground.

When in the market for the best boxing shoes from Adidas, don’t forget about the toe and feel aspects. If the sole wraps up and covers these areas, you might feel a stronger grip, and the shoes might be more durable.  





The majority of the Adidas boxing shoes reviews recommend choosing a product that ensures sufficient grip so that there’s no risk or slipping or twisting your ankles. Nevertheless, too much grip can interfere with your ability to move and punch. Therefore, look for shoes that have ideal soles, not too thick nor too thin.

Plus, the shoes should feel comfortable to wear and make your feet feel solid as a rock. It’s not a good thing if you have to constantly worry about safety when moving side to side, forward or pivoting.



Mid-top vs. high-tops


Most people don’t know which of these lengths, mid-tops, and high-tops, are better to opt for and how to distinguish between pros and cons. It all comes down to your personal style and preferences. Mid-tops increase the level of mobility but alter the support provided for the ankle. On the other side, high-tops give you ankle and lateral support but might restrict your moves.



Top rated products



In order to make your job easier, we’ve gathered some products that have the feature mentioned in our buying guide and made a list that you can check in the following paragraphs.



adidas HVC2 Speed


Boxing is a strenuous sports activity that requires a lot of practice and several hours spent in the boxing ring. Because the feet have to endure all the pressure, they need proper boxing shoes that provides full support, complete safety, and plenty of traction.

This is why you won’t regret choosing this model. Made from a single layer mesh material, these shoes enable your feet to remain cool and dry without having to compromise the level of comfort. No matter how many hours you spend boxing, your skin will breathe, and the shoes will absorb the entire sweat.

Apart from being incredibly lightweight, these boxing shoes feature a synthetic leather material and a rugged look that make this pair last for many boxing sessions. Plus, the full-length rubber sole comes in handy if you need a strong grip while throwing punches at your opponent and making moves in every direction.

Thanks to the elastic velcro ankle strap, your feet stay in perfect position without having to worry about your ankle. Even if you move fast forward or backward or make different jumps, your ankles stay in place.

The sole is built from a special rubber that enables your feet to pivot while you’re preparing your hits. This translates to a proper balance and coordination while making the strikes.

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adidas Performance Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV


Most people that look for boxing shoes want to benefit from both comfort and safety while practicing their favorite sport. So it’s essential to search for products that not only look great on your feet but also make your feet feel excellent.

This pair of shoes designed for boxing activities is made of a smooth polyester mesh that provides superior comfort for your feet throughout the entire time spent in the ring.

Due to the upper outsole specially designed with a new technology that makes it extremely lightweight, you won’t have any issues in controlling your speed and having a powerful grip.

Once you get in the ring, you’ll be able to move in any angle you desire without having to worry about the shoes not bending enough or keeping your feet too strong on the ground. Also, you can rest assured that even after hours of running or jumping these boxing shoes will look brand new.

These shoes are built in order to be a true fit to your size, and the die-cut EVA midsole comes in handy when you need balance and great traction.

Because the outsole is a tad elevated, you get that sock feeling while wearing the shoes which is extremely useful for proper coordination.

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Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4


Comfort and safety may be mandatory, but if you can get a pair of boxing shoes that offer these two features and adds a cool retro look as a bonus, you can’t say no to them. It’s wise to purchase a pair that looks stylish especially if you plan on developing your skills and fighting in boxing matches.

This model offers a fantastic level of comfort so that you’ll feel like wearing only socks instead of shoes. Because of the single layer mesh your feet stay cool and dry and sweat-free during boxing practice while the shoes absorb the sweat and prevent the fatigue from installing in your feet.  

Besides the breathable material, these boxing shoes are so light that you won’t believe you are using shoes. Moreover, the shoes come with a flexible and supportive TPU 3 stripes-design that has an integrated side panel.

While being in the boxing ring, you need to wear a pair of shoes that allow you to move freely. Therefore, these shoes are equipped with a split-suede outsole made of leather that overlays in order to provide a certain amount of grip necessary for perfect strikes and balance.

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