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Best baseball gloves reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Gloves for baseball – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


We would love it if you would go through our buying guide and product descriptions below but since you obviously have no time for that, this short paragraph should do just as well. We have done our own research on the best gloves for baseball on the market by consulting expert review sites for athletic gear and then compared the product ratings with actual user feedback. Our intensive research has led us to what is a top choice for consumers as of this writing, the Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series. This glove is designed to be light and comfortable for the first-time player thanks to its technical mesh shell construction that allows the free flow of air around the wearer’s hand. Younger baseball players will love how easy and soft it is to squeeze close to allow them to make a great catch. It even comes with a baseball so a budding Babe Ruth can join his friends on the field as soon as the parcel arrives. In order to make sure you can have a good enough second best option should the Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series run out of stock, we definitely recommend the Franklin Sports Air Tech 6844S1F1LZ.


Top features to consider:


A fielding glove, whether for baseball or softball, is one of the most critical pieces of equipment anyone needs to succeed in the sport. In immeasurable ways, a baseball glove enables you to make that breathtaking diving catch everyone will be talking about for decades. Now, what does a terrific baseball glove have that others don’t?



When looking into the best baseball gloves reviews, look for a product that suits your needs


A left-hand glove marked ‘regular’ is what a right-handed baseball player needs so that the right hand is free to retrieve and throw the ball. A ‘full right’ glove is what a left-handed player wears on their right hand so the left hand can be used for ball control.

Aside from the hand orientation of the glove, there’s also a need to ensure the glove is perfect for one’s playing position. First basemen typically select a unique glove for their personal use. A first baseman glove is geared for a more effortless control of received balls while protecting the catching hand from injury.

A catcher’s mitt offers the greatest protection for the most demanding position that is susceptible to injury, the catcher. More than any other field glove, this type offers the highest form of protection along with comfort through more padding and durability.

Except for first base, gloves for infield playing positions carry a smaller to medium-sized, lightweight design geared for the speedy release of the ball to the pitching hand. On the other hand, an outfield glove is built more to focus on ball retrieval instead of velocity-driven catch-and-release. It comes with a deeper pocket for the control of strong balls.

Except for first basemen and catchers, a versatile glove is what other positions would do well to get. A basic, durable, multi-purpose glove is ideal for both infield and outfield positions.


The ones that win the best gloves for baseball reviews offer durability and the perfect size


You want the baseball glove to be made of super-tough genuine leather, with the label declaring that. Be wary of such labels stating that specific sections of the glove are constructed with ‘’exclusively-treated’ leather or veneer or non-leather material. Do steer clear of plastic gloves that look like leather, which won’t let you break them in as standard leather gloves would.

The length of a glove is indicated on the unit’s pinky finger or thumb. Glove size ranges between 8 and 15 inches, while catcher’s mitts are up to 35 inches long.

Children under 7 years old should get a 29.5 to 30-inch catcher’s glove, an 11.5-inch first baseman glove, an 8 to 10.5-inch second baseman/shortstop glove, an 8 to 10.5-inch third baseman glove or pitcher glove, and a 9 to 10.5-inch outfield glove.

For players 8 to 10 years old, the following sizes are recommended: 30 to 31 inches for a catcher; 11.5 to 12 inches for first base; 10.5 to 11.25 inches for a shortstop or second base; the same for both pitcher and third base; and 10 to 12 inches for the outfield position.

Players 11 to 13 years old are best advised to get gloves with these sizes; catcher mitts -30 to 32.5 inches; first base – 11.5 to 12 inches; second base/shortstop – 10.5 to 11.25 inches; third base and pitcher – 10.5 to 11.5 inches; outfield – 10 to 12 inches.

Players over 14 years old ought to get gloves of the following sizes: 32 to 34.5 inches for a catcher; 12 to 13 inches for a first baseman; 11.25 to 11.5 inches for shortstop/second baseman; 11.5 to 12 inches for third baseman and pitcher; 12 to 13 inches for the outfield position.



A good baseball glove for sale should feature top-quality parts and components


Softball and baseball gloves can be built with a variety of webbings such as Basket web, I-web, Single Post web, Dual Post web, Trapeze web, Modified Trapeze web, Closed web, and Two-Piece Closed web.

Infield playing positions ought to wear gloves with a looser stitch for quick control to get the ball out without picking up large lumps of dirt. You want a solid webbing, whether open or closed, for durability.

Another essential aspect to consider is the pocket style, which depends on the playing position. As a rule of thumb, outfielders should get gloves with deeper pockets while infielders should wear gloves with smaller pockets.

The area behind the wrist can be open or closed, depending on the player’s preference and game position. An open-back glove is preferred by infielders because of how it offers greater flexibility. Outfielders prefer closed-back gloves thanks to their added support from the finger chamber.

The wrist should be adjustable for a snug fit provided by a D-ring, lace-up, buckle, or Velcro closure. An outfielder glove comes with a bigger pocket size compared to that of a middle infielder as it enables the outfielder to catch fly balls effortlessly. Second baseman and shortstop gloves feature a shallower pocket that enables the easy removal of the glove, which is especially critical during double plays.

The level of padding also depends on the playing position. A catcher’s glove has more padding for hand protection from a pitcher’s throws. First and third base positions also need a heavier padding. Extra wrist padding has gained popularity, especially for corner infield positions.



Top rated products



There is an entire market of baseball gloves to choose from, so we hope the buying guide provides enough information to help you with shopping. The best products are also showcased below for even more shopping guidance.



Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series


This tee ball glove provides the young player the opportunity to enjoy a good game of tee ball while learning the rudiments of more advanced baseball and softball. It is made of top-quality materials and has a pretty solid construction to enable it to withstand the rigors of the field playing without suddenly coming apart.

This is a lightweight yet durable glove that offers comfort and features a revolutionary technical-mesh design that delivers a wonderful level of free airflow, so the hand does not feel warm inside the glove. This is a great glove to get for the beginner player who needs to start with a milder form of baseball or softball without committing to a pricey piece of gear.

The glove also ships with a baseball so the novice tee ball player can start playing the minute they get the package. It offers superb hand protection, excellent durability, exceptional comfort, all in a lightweight glove design that is intended to please. It makes a fantastic starter glove in a range of wild color combinations that are quite attractive.

The glove comes in both right-handed and left-handed configurations to accommodate the hand orientations of various beginner players. The hand-formed pocket enables an easy catch and control of the ball while the dura-bond lacing provides a seamless construction to keep all the parts of the glove in one piece.



Soft and easy for any beginner to squeeze closed, the Franklin Sports Teeball Recreational Series 22810-MaParent provides the most comfortable, lightest glove to satisfy the first-time player.

This glove is engineered with the lightweight and innovative technical-mesh construction exclusively from the brand, which ensures a level of softness and free airflow for the novice player.

The included baseball enables the beginner player to start on an exceptional journey of playing right after the package has been opened and the contents are taken out.

This model comes with both right-handed and left-handed designs to accommodate lefties and righties, respectively.

The hand-formed pocket ensures easy catching while the dura-bond lacing delivers good ball control while supplementing the pocket to keep the ball secure.



Many users agree this is great for tee ball but not for adult baseball or softball and thankfully, it is marketed as such.

This good-quality glove may be too big for smaller girls, but it makes something good for the child to grow into.

Buy from for ($15)




Franklin Sports Air Tech 6844S1F1LZ


The Franklin Sports Air Tech 6844S1F1LZ offers a means for young baseball players ages 3 and older to get a taste of an actual field play. It protects the hands in durable material and with just the right amount of padding for comfort along with impact-shielding, so the delicate nerve endings, joints, and muscles of the hand do not get damaged or broken because of the impact of a strong ball.

The self-stick wrist closure provides a comfortable snug fit to keep the glove from coming off inadvertently during the rough-and-tumble of on-field play. The glove stays on securely because the user is able to adjust it to provide the right fit every time. Ideal for a left-handed thrower, the glove is worn on the right hand for easy catching without compromising on comfort.

This glove has a soft foam body that delivers the right degree of protection and comfort. The foam is designed to keep the glove thick enough without sacrificing on easy ball handling and control so the wearer can close their hand over the ball to protect it from slipping. The glove is designed for young kids ages three and older to help initiate them to the sport.

The glove also comes with a soft foam Air Tech outer shell that delivers a comfortable, lightweight feel while still providing optimal durability. It fits nicely in the right hand while keeping the other hand free for throwing.



This awesome glove from Franklin Sports is designed for the left-handed player and is available in a variety of colors to suit every preference.

The adjustable self-stick wrist closure delivers a comfy and snug fit so the glove is neither too tight or too loose on the hand.

This product has a soft foam body that doesn’t just ensure comfortable wearing but also provides the needed protection for the hand from the impact or force of a strong ball.

The glove is equipped with a soft foam Air Tech outer shell that provides a light and comfortable feel without compromising on durability.

Designed for left-handed throwers, this glove offers a comfortable fit in the right hand to free the other hand for throwing.



One customer wishes the glove came in plain leather and not in a variety of colors, but it’s all a matter of preference.

Another customer says the finger holes are quite small but this is most likely a case of not paying particular attention to the actual size of the glove.

Buy from for ($10.35)




Franklin Sports Field Master Series Fast-Pitch


This baseball glove provides enough protection for the hand that does the ball catching, keeping the force or impact to a low level so as not to cause injury or damage to the hands and joints. The Franklin Sports Field Master Series Fast-Pitch 22600 is a fantastic, high-quality product designed for the beginner who is serious about the sport.

This baseball glove is designed for the recreational player of baseball, tee ball, and softball, helping initiate the user to the sport without investing heavily on pricier name-brand products. It offers an exceptional fit and feel without compromising on durability and optimal functionality.

The exclusive contour-fit system enables the easy customization of the thumb adjustment, so your hand is always prepared for every ball thrown in your direction. The glove is made of leather and synthetic materials for a problem-free toughness and durability without compromising on comfort. The seams are well-executed to keep the glove in one piece.

This glove has a shell and palm made of synthetic leather for an incredible degree of durability and flexibility in a glove. The hand-formed pocket follows the shape of the hand to cup the ball securely and hold it tightly, so it won’t slip to the ground and lose you the team advantage.



The gloves that belong in this series have been redesigned to suit the needs of the recreational player without sacrificing on durability and versatility.

The glove itself delivers a superior fit and feel, and so there’s no need to worry that it will be too small or too big for the wearer, with adults being able to use it as well.

The glove is a flexible product that can be worn by players of varying positions and playing skills while ensuring a level of comfort and durability that is unbeatable.

The synthetic leather shell delivers that desirable level of comfort supplemented by the leather pad to absorb the impact and energy.

The glove features the contour-fit system that enables the personalization of the thumb adjustment, so you are consistently prepared for every ball that gets thrown in your direction.



One customer noted that the webbing is the only part made of leather and the rest is made of a synthetic material that still works just as good.

The synthetic material makes the glove a bit tough to break in.

Buy from for ($10.74)




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