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Best BMX gloves reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


BMX gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Purchasing the right gloves for cycling outdoor activities can be a tough choice. Therefore, we came up with an idea to do the entire research for you and to deliver some product suggestions that fit the must-have requirements set by the best BMX gloves reviews. After carefully reading and summarizing the feedback received from product experts, customers reviews and available testings we came to a final conclusion that Seibertron Dirtpaw BMX Gloves meets all expectations. The reason we were so impressed with these gloves is that they are a comfortable fit, they provide breathability and are quite lightweight to wear. If by any chance the product is missing from stock, trust SiFREE Full Finger Bike Gloves, the next best thing in our list.



Comparison table




Top features to consider:


Having a full detailed buying guide that can help you understand which are the essential features to look for in BMX gloves comes more than handy. Therefore, we’ve gathered all possible information, and the result is showcased below. Keep in mind that the best product must have all these mandatory qualities in order to fully benefit from a great biking experience.


What finger length should you choose?


When riding the bike, gloves are an essential item because they provide great grip and maximum control over the movements. Besides, the weather conditions can be tricky sometimes causing your hands to slip from the handlebars, therefore, wearing gloves makes your riding experience much safer and pleasant at the same time.

Generally, you will come across two types of gloves: fingerless and full-length ones. The choice you make is entirely up to you, but you should consider your level of experience and the weather.

According to best BMX gloves reviews, in the winter season, full-finger gloves are indispensable. Also, for mountain bike activities these type of gloves provide a perfect handle grip and more protection, the extra coverage of the hand being a crucial factor for BMX experiences.



Good padding means optimum comfort


The sole purpose of gloves is to protect you from the constant friction that occurs between your hands and the handlebars. Because the rubbing can conduct to blisters from all that rubbing in order to make the outdoor experience a comfortable and relaxing one choose the best cycling gloves that have a padding inside.

This feature is essential especially given the fact that bikers at a higher risk of developing conditions such as finger numbness or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unlike your legs, the hand doesn’t move that much which means the blood flow is lower during riding activities. Therefore, they need the padding not only to keep them warm but also for a powerful control over the handles.

Choose BMX gloves for sale that have a texture on the palm for maximum grip. This is quite important because when you’re riding on terrain that has trails and hops your needs to be the extension of your handlebars. Also, the more padding, the more durable the gloves are and the level of protection against impacts is very much increased.  



How warm are your hands?


Another factor you must consider is your natural level of warmth in the hands. If you don’t feel the chill in low temperatures, you don’t need gloves with a thick layer of insulation.

In order to have a perfect degree of exertion, you need gloves that are rather thin and slightly insulated gloves with full-length fingers. Just remember that no matter the season you still need a great deal of breathability and ventilation that allows you the freedom of movement.



Top rated products



With the features mentioned above in mind, we dare to go further and present you some BMX gloves product suggestions that you might like to wear in your outdoor adventures.



Seibertron Dirtpaw


Gloves are a crucial part of your entire BMX sporting equipment. They offer you protection against low temperatures, sweaty palms and offer you a stronger grip on the bike handles.This is why a product such as Seibertron Dirtpaw BMX Gloves is by far a must-have item for any cycling fan.

Made from a great fabric combination of synthetic leather, polyamide, and neoprene, these gloves provide a great deal of warmth and comfort during the riding session. Because it is quite important to have extra padding in the palm area given the amount of exposure this body part has, this product is equipped with padded suede palm and padded knuckles, therefore, substantially increasing the level of safeness in the case of falls or injuries. Plus, the gloves are a fantastic option for entry-level bikers that need more protection.

These gloves feature a silicone lever grip wrapped around the cuffs which provide an ergonomic position for the wrists and keeps them from exposing the skin to cold temperatures.  

Compared to other similar sports gloves on the market, these don’t look or feel bulkier on the hand even though they have a great padding that keeps the hand moist free and warm.



This Dirtpaw glove model from Seiberton is the ideal choice for BMX ridings because it features completely padded knuckles and a suede palm material that keeps the hands on the handlebars and provides full comfort and when cycling.

The superior flex-point of the finger provides extra flexibility, especially for beginner riders.

Also, the silicone lever grip keeps the cuffs in an ergonomic shape and prevents the risk of having the wrists exposed to low temperatures.

Plus, the inside padding doesn’t make the gloves look or feel bulkier, but they do face impacts and prevent injuries.



Although these high-performing gloves are ideal for many outdoor sports, there were some reviews that claimed the product tends to make clusters in the palms when gripping the handlebars. Nevertheless, this issue can be prevented by choosing the correct glove size according to the detailed sizing chart provided by the supplier.

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SiFREE Full Finger


The first thing that you’ll appreciate at this gloves is the fact that they are screen compatible with every type of smartphone, tablet or device that has a touchscreen feature. This is quite important because most of us use gadgets and the idea of removing the glove anytime you want to make or answer a text or phone call can be a hassle.

Plus, these gloves are suitable for multiple outdoor activities such as cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle riding or paintball sessions. No matter the situation, you will feel your hands warm and protected from all sorts of injuries.

The extra padding on the palm makes them ideal for riding the bike because it provides a more powerful grip on the handlebars.

Also, because they have an anti-slip material on the inside, the gloves are quite easy to use even in bad temperatures, without the risk of exposing your skin or your wrists.

Having a three layer composite windbreaker fabric on the inside made from wool, these gloves keep the cold away, and they are quite effective in maintaining the optimum heat for your hands.

And the fact that it has a specially designed velcro zip that provides full adjustment and closure makes this item a mandatory item in your outdoor sports wardrobe.



One major plus these gloves have is the excellent level of insulation that keeps the hands moist and sweat free, no matter the outside temperature or season.

Also, the product can be used for dialing smartphones or any kind of gadgets that have a touchscreen.

Even in condition of bad wind or low temperatures, these gloves have an interior layer of wool fabric that prevents the cold and increase the warmth during biking sessions.

The special design keeps the gloves from slipping off.



Like most products that require great fitting, this one makes no exception. As some previous buyers complained that sizes don’t match the usual ones. This problem can be solved if you pay attention to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

As for the knuckles padding, the inside can be a bit harsh on the skin, according to some reviews. Nevertheless, after wearing the gloves once or twice, the fabric will soften.

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Power Gear Motorsports Skeleton


This product is made from top notch materials that make it indispensable especially when riding the bike in extreme conditions. They offer lots of safety and protection, and because they are padded with a tougher fabric around the fingers and knuckles, they are ideal for injury prevention.

Because they feel quite sturdy when worn, these gloves are perfect for a multitude of outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, paintball or BMX cycling. No matter the situation, they stay fit on the hands due to the adjustable wrist closure that not only provides better control over the handlebars but also avoids the skin exposure in low temperatures or bad weather conditions.

Also, this item is built to last multiple uses and the fact that they are comfortable and snug fit it is just another reason why we recommend them.

The combination of colors, more precise, black, green and white makes them look good and visible even in bad light situations.

The level of flexibility and coordination that is responsible for a better grip is due to the outdoor mesh made from a resistant fabric.  Nevertheless, the inside has a soft fabric that is quite skin friendly which allows a great ventilation and breathability.



These gloves provide a great level of protection due to the tough finger and knuckles protection that also provide an extra control of the grip.

The product is specially designed with an exterior mesh fabric that increases the level of flexibility and coordination of the hands’ movement.

Plus, the palm area is padded with a hard shell material that makes the grip more strong and provides better control over the handlebars.

Because they are made from a strong fabric and with extra padding, these gloves are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.



Among the variety of positive reviews, there were some customers that pointed out the fact that the sizes don’t fit the standards, therefore, a proper measurement of the hand is required before making the purchase. Also, the product supplier provides a useful sizing chart that is quite detailed which makes it easier to avoid this issue.

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