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Best boat cleaner reviews


Boat Cleaners – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If time is not something you have on your hands, but you are looking for the best boat cleaner, it’s a good thing you are reading this article. Based on our extensive research which included going through expert reviews, consumer reports and forums, our team has reached the conclusion that Star Brite’s Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is the product you want to keep in mind, as it is a versatile solution that works very well for cleaning textured fiberglass and painted decks. The special chelating agents included in the formula effectively remove dirt without needing to scrub heavily. Moreover, the PTEF polymer within the solution creates a barrier that protects against future stains, while the cleaner itself can be successfully used for non-textured surfaces, as well. If by any chance Star Brite’s Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is not available for sale, the next best option you should keep in mind is Spray Nine’s 26932 Marine Cleaner, as it provides similar benefits.


Top features to consider


Looking for the best cleaner for boats might be a bit more difficult than it seems, as you need to make sure that the product you choose is tailored to your needs. Below you’ll find a short guide on the top relevant features you should keep in mind before making the purchase, in order to obtain the best results.





Before venturing into the pool of options available on the market, you should first make sure you know what types of surfaces you need to clean. If there is a certain area you want to cover, with a particular stain, then you want to look into specialized products that can help.

On the other hand, if you want to do a general cleanup for the entire boat, going for a versatile product that can be used for all types of surfaces is a good idea. You can couple it with an effective boat soap for best results. Some of the products also work very well for cleaning boating gear, as well.

The type of stain is also a factor you should consider. For a regular stain, a versatile cleaner can be effective. However, if you are dealing with marine deposits and tough stains, going for a specialized product with a powerful formula will most probably be necessary.



How each type of surface should be maintained


When it comes to surfaces, there are some general guidelines on how to properly maintain each type. For example, fiberglass and gelcoat need to be regularly cleaned, waxed, and polished. This process will keep your boat looking good and also prevent the oxidation process that makes fiberglass look dull and chalky.

Marine canvas can quickly deteriorate without proper treatment, so you should regularly use polishes and protectants. The upholstery and vinyl found on boats should be cleaned several times a season, but make sure the cleaner is a dedicated one, as using the wrong type can destroy the materials.



Make cleaning a habit


This goes without saying, keeping your boat clean is an essential element of enjoying great days out on the water for a long period of time. While this is important, ensuring the maintenance of your boat should not become the main thing you do, as some owners do by spending more time scrubbing the boat than actually fishing.

The key to keeping it clean is to create an effective cleaning regime and make that a habit after every trip. Moreover, using the right products also helps a lot, as it can save up a lot of your time, which means that you can spend more of it on longer trips.



Top rated products



As you probably already know, there’s a wide range of boat cleaners available on the market, and you might find yourself wondering which one you should choose. If that’s the case, then our selection might come in handy, as it includes top cleaners selected based on consumer reviews and extensive research.



Star Brite Non-Skid 


Keeping everything clean on your boat requires going through some information on products available for sale and seeing which one suits your needs. Star Brite’s Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is a very good alternative if you are looking for a versatile and effective but also cheap boat cleaner.

This product works very well for cleaning textured fiberglass and painted decks, as the special chelating agents help with removing dirt and spills without the need to heavily scrub. Moreover, its formula includes PTEF polymers which create a barrier that protects against future stains, making cleaning a breeze.

Given its versatility, the product can also be used for cleaning non-textured surfaces, such as vinyl, plastic, rubber or metal ones. The one thing to know about this product is that it doesn’t remove wax or polish. As no harsh chemicals are included, anyone can safely use it for a thorough cleaning process.

Furthermore, the necessary steps are easy, as you simply apply the product, either by hand or by using a buffer, and let it dry to a haze. Once this is done, simply wipe the surface clean. For extra care, you can also protect the cleaned surface with a coat of marine polish which prevents future staining.

Buy from for ($15.56)




Spray Nine 26932 


Spray Nine’s Marine Spray might be exactly what you need if you are looking for a good boat cleaner that can also kill germs in the process. The multi-purpose formula works above and below deck, keeping your entire boat clean and safe from bacteria.

If yellowing surfaces represent a problem and you are not sure how to get rid of it, give this product a try, as besides killing germs and removing stains, it’s also formulated to whiten yellowing elements and eliminate any bacterial odor without any trouble and with little effort.

If it’s used regularly, the Marine Spray helps you control mold and mildew that forms on vinyl, carpets or hard surfaces, making this one less thing you need to worry about. The product has excellent results on other surfaces and objects as well, such as hulls, galleys, boat covers, jet skis, life jackets or bait buckets.

For an overall great boat maintenance, Spray Nine’s product provides excellent results. You might even find yourself wondering why you’ve never used it before, as the versatile formula helps remove a wide range of tough stains including grease, gas and oil, black streak, algae and mildew, suntan lotion, bait soils, cooking stains or smoke deposits.

Buy from for ($13.93)




Star Brite EZ-ON EZ-OFF 


If you are going through boat cleaner reviews and you are not sure what to choose, then give Star Brite’s EZ-ON EZ-OFF Cleaner a try, as it’s the right solution for an easy way to clean dirty bottoms and hulls.

The product’s formula contains a special buffered acid that is safer to use than traditional acids, while also being effective in removing extremely tough stains and loosening marine deposits. If you are dealing with a dirty boat bottom and want to find a quick and effective cleaner, then this is definitely one you can consider.

When it comes to removing tough stains, what you need to do is take the boat out of the water and allow the marine deposits and stains to dry completely. Pour the solution into an open container, apply it with a brush, and keep the affected areas wet and foaming.

Foaming indicates that the product is working to remove the deposits. Keep reapplying it to maintain the process. After a few minutes, most surfaces should be clean and ready, so then you can rinse everything with water and that’s it. In case large amounts of marine deposits are present, several applications might be necessary.

Buy from for ($22.29)




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