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Best boating gear


Boating gear – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Do you want the best boating gear, but you don’t have enough time on your hands to read our entire buying guide? Read this short paragraph, and you will know what to purchase. On your list of essential items, the Garmin Striker 4 should rank the highest, as many boating enthusiasts never leave home without it. The high-performance sonar will scan the water around your boat, offering you a clear view of what is under the surface, in detail. The water resistance rating is IPX7, which means that your device can be immersed in water and still function as intended. The ease of use qualifies it as the must-have item for most people who go boating. Is the Garmin Striker 4 no longer available? The next thing on the list of boating accessories that we recommend is the Coleman Coastal Xtreme, a cooler that will keep all your drinks at the perfect temperature.


Top features to consider


Boating is the perfect way to unwind and get rid of all the stress accumulated throughout the week. Nothing can be more enjoyable than a little adventure at the end of the week, when you can go boating alone, or with some friends.

However, if there is something that you must bear in mind, it is that you should be well prepared for this type of trip. Pay attention to the following recommendations that will help you and your passengers stay away from any harm, and also happy.



Proper clothing


Boating may seem like such a relaxing way to spend an entire day that people might not pay adequate attention to the items they should bring along. One particular thing you should be aware of is proper clothing. When you go boating, you will be exposed to weather elements, so you need to be appropriately attired.

For instance, wearing a surfing hat is much recommended for two critical reasons: one is that your face will be protected from the harmful action of UV rays. The skin on your face is more delicate than that on the rest of your body, so it is quite easy to develop sunburns. As you may well know, prolonged exposure to sun rays can even cause cancer, so this is not something to overlook.

Another reason why you should wear a hat is the nice shade that it will provide for your eyes so that you can look over the expanse of water, without the water reflections making you squint. A pair of sunglasses should be on your list, too, as it is the safest way to get rid of the glare caused by the way the sun reflects off the waves.

If it is really hot, you will do a good thing to bring along a pair of swimming shorts. This way, you will be able to go for a swim, directly from your boat. Also, these shorts will keep you cool, and you will have a fun time while boating.

Of course, if you are facing severe weather, or you go boating on chilly days, make sure to wear some warm clothes that cover your body well and which are also wind resistant. Rain gear is not that bad an idea, either.

What kind of footwear should you wear? If you pick surfing booties, you will make a smart decision. They make sure you don’t slip, even if the bottom of the boat gets wet, and will keep your feet warm even when in contact with water for a long time.



What equipment should you bring along?


If you shop around for the best boating equipment, you will notice that a lot of people offer their input on the matter. A GPS unit, for instance, is a good idea to have, especially if you plan a more extended trip. Also for those who would like to fish, a fish finder or sonar is excellent to have, because it will maximize your chances of catching something.

Don’t forget about safety measures. A marine radio is an excellent addition to all the gear you want to bring with you on your trip. This device will keep you posted on weather changes, and you will not find yourself stranded at sea if you’re too adventurous. A working cell phone is, of course, a must, and make sure that you bring a power bank, also, to avoid any mishaps.

There can be so many awesome moments you will want to capture while on the boat. It doesn’t hurt to have a waterproof camera with you so you can take pictures, and even record videos. Your friends will be as happy with your decision as you will.



Taking care of everybody’s health


One of the risks people who go boating for long hours have to face is dehydration. That is why you need a good quality cooler where you can keep all the drinks. Make sure that you get one with a large capacity if there will be more than two people on your boat.

Since the chances are that you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun, bring some sunscreen, as well. Even if you wear all the needed clothing to protect your skin, some areas may remain exposed, such as your hands. Gloves are a good idea, primarily if they are designed for anglers, but they might keep your hands too warm.

It is a better idea to get a bottle of sunscreen and share it with the others. Remember to cover well all the exposed areas, and to reapply as recommended by the manufacturer, as the lotion will wear off eventually.

Remember to pack a first aid kit, too. If you go fishing, there will be cuts and nicks that will have to be taken care of right away. Also, seasickness might affect some people in your party, and you must be prepared. A complete kit with everything that is needed from cotton balls to antiseptic lotion, and pain relievers, should be on your list. Crystallized ginger will help with stomach problems.



Other things that you should not forget


We covered a lot of must-have gear until now, but your list should be longer than this. Bring enough food, especially the type that you don’t have to keep in the cooler. You should save that space for the drinks, as people will become thirsty after a few hours spent boating. You could always bring two coolers with you, and you might not want to crowd your boat.

Check the rules and regulations in your state regarding personal floatation devices. In many places, one PFD per boat passenger is required, so make sure that you have enough room in your boat for everyone and their gear.

Another thing you should not forget is to bring a towel or more. If you take a swim, you will need to dry. Also, you can wipe your gear using the towels, so they should be on your list of must-haves.



Top rated products



To make your trip more enjoyable, we thought about putting together a list of products that will help you have fun and stay healthy while boating. They are listed below, and they are all indispensable for a successful trip by boat.



Best boating GPS


Garmin Striker 4 


If you are looking for good boating gear, you should not overlook the Garmin Striker 4. A lot of people love it and for all the right reasons. Equipped with a high-performance sonar, this device will offer you information on what you can find inside the water all around you. The images provided have almost photographic detail.

When working with such devices, anglers, and other boating enthusiasts prefer to use a simple interface. This product from Garmin is very user-friendly, and its dedicated buttons make navigation simple.

You can pick from three different display sizes, depending on what you have in mind.

It is good to know that the model has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means that you can drop it in the water by accident, without the risk of having it damaged.

For anglers, the excellent information provided on locations around them will help them catch more fish.

Buy from for ($99.98)




Best boating cooler


Coleman Coastal Xtreme 


You should never leave home for a boating trip without a cooler where you can keep all your drinks. Also, a cooler is the type of cheap boating gear that you will find convenient and easy to use. This model is quite large, as its total capacity is 120 quarts. If you don’t know what that means, let us tell you that your cooler will be able to hold up to 204 cans.

The stainless steel construction makes sure that the cooler will not corrode or rust.

The surface is treated with a unique anti-UV finish, so you can count on the Coleman Coastal Xtreme to be a sound investment that will continue to serve you for years to come.

As far as performance goes, you will have nothing to worry about.

The cooler can keep ice for five days, even when the outside temperature is up to 90F. You will love its large handle that allows you to pull the cooler around without lifting it.

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Best boating binoculars


Steiner Marine 


You will find many boating gear reviews that praise these binoculars for their excellent features. The first thing we need to say about them is that they are built for marine use, as their name indicates. The model is waterproof, so you will be able to use the binoculars in rainy weather without a problem.

The binoculars are shockproof, too, so they can take a little bit of reckless action from the user.

The 50mm objective lens is large enough to gather light and supply the user with a perfect bright picture even in low light conditions.

A nice feature you will love about these binoculars is the Sports-Autofocus system that will allow you to focus on objects from 20 yards onward.

It must be said that the optics on this model also include BAK-4 prisms, and the surfaces are fully multicoated to eliminate glare. The long eye relief is another reason to appreciate this model.

Buy from for ($279.99)




Best sailing boots


Cressi ISLA 


You cannot go boating without proper footwear. One alternative to consider is this model of sailing boots from Cressi. Made from a combination of neoprene and nylon, these boots are very durable, and they allow you to engage in many fun activities while on a boat.

You can even dive from your boat, as these boots will keep your feet warm in cold water without a problem. The neoprene used for their construction is very elastic, so the boots are comfortable.

Their thickness is 5mm, enough for keeping your feet warm and making the boots even more durable.

One thing that users love about these sailing boots is the fact that they have sturdy zippers protected by sealing flaps so that water never gets inside.

The seams will not cause any chafing, either, because they are glued and sewn for a seamless construction. The top edge is elastic and helps to keep the boots on.

Buy from for ($34.95)




Best boating shoes


Sperry Top-Sider 


These leather shoes are an excellent choice if you want to go boating and you don’t know what to wear. With a top area made entirely of leather, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable, while you can also rest assured that you invested money in a high-quality, durable model.

The rubber soles make sure that you will not slip and trip. The bottom of the boat may get too wet during your trips, and it is a good idea to wear footwear that will keep you safe.

The manufacturer takes pride in telling consumers that this model is 28% lighter than the model it used to sell before, which is a significant improvement.

The construction is hand-sewn, which says something about the high standards this manufacturer complies with. Expect durability and comfort from these boat shoes.

At the same time, you will enjoy the beautiful appearance which is a classic design.

Buy from for ($109.95)




Best boating sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Blackfin 


What better way to protect your eyes against the sun rays reflecting off the water than wearing a pair of boating sunglasses? This model from Costa Del Mar will make you look cool while offering the protection you seek. The sunglasses provide 100% protection from UVs so that your eyes are protected all the time.

They are hand built, and that shows in their beautiful and durable appearance.

The manufacturer says that the sunglasses are backed for life, which says something about the care and outstanding material quality invested in the making of this product.

They are polarized, and also come with a patented technology that blocks blue and yellow light.

This helps anglers while they fish because the glasses will show perfect clarity and excellent color contrast. It must be mentioned that the package you purchase includes a case, as well as a cleaning cloth so that you can protect your sunglasses from damage and dust.

Buy from for ($128.67)




Best boating spotlight


Brinkmann FBA_9507440 QBeam 


While shopping for boating gear for sale, you will notice that there are multiple items you could purchase. If you want to keep your spending to a minimum, you should focus on the essentials. Among them, a spotlight like this one is necessary. This product gives excellent light output so that you can find your way in the dark.

If you plan on boating for days and nights, there is nothing better than this spotlight.

Made from tempered glass, the lens is durable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. Other features will convince you this is the model you need.

The switch is locked, so you don’t turn on the light by accident.

The battery can be quickly taken from the device for recharging, as it comes with a quick release mechanism. You can let the battery recharge while still inside the device, or you can take it out for remote recharging.

Buy from for ($62.07)




Best boating life jacket


ONYX Adult Universal 


Personal floatation devices must be present on your boat, to keep everyone well protected in the case of an emergency. If you haven’t picked the type of PFD you want to buy, here is a suggestion: get the ONYX Adult Universal, as it will cover all the necessities. The model is created with the needs of a boating enthusiast in mind.

As it is a type II life jacket, it is less bulky and easier to use than a type I model. The US Coast Guard approves this one, so you can rest assured that it will work as intended.

The jacket will provide the needed buoyancy to keep you with your head above the water until rescue teams can reach you.

Also, its particular design allows to turn an unconscious person with his or her face up, if the water is calm enough. That can mean the difference between life and death, in the event of an accident.

Buy from for ($8.99)




Best boating hat


Columbia Bora Bora Booney II 


You should never embark on a boating adventure without a hat. This model is cool looking and will provide you with the needed protection against sun rays. Made from nylon poplin, it is resistant to wear and tear, and it doesn’t stain easily, either.

Getting right to the gist of the matter, we must say that the sun protection factor for this hat is UPF 50. There are plenty of other reasons why you should pick this model. The sweat band will ensure that all moisture is appropriately wicked, to allow you to enjoy your boating experience.

The model comes with an adjustable chin strap, preventing heavy winds from tearing your hat away and throwing it into the water. The hat will keep you cool and protected against sunrays all the time.

The adjustable toggle lets you customize the hat until you find the perfect fit. If you happen to drop the hat into the water, it will dry in no time.

Buy from for ($24.48)




Best boating watch


Nautica Men’s N14536 


A nice boating watch will help you have a delightful experience out at sea. Made from stainless steel, it has a durable construction, and you can rest assured that you made a sound investment, should you decide to purchase it. Its water resistance properties are excellent, too.

The watch can resist immersed in water at 330 feet. That means that you can successfully use it for water sports, as you will be able to go snorkeling with it around your wrist.

Be aware, however, that it is not an ideal choice for scuba diving, as you might want to dive at depths that the watch cannot handle.

The resin band will sit comfortably on your wrist, and the buckle closure is convenient, too.

The dial window is made from a durable material, too, and the watch comes equipped with Japanese quartz movement for excellent performance.

Buy from for ($129)




Best boating flip-flops


FITORY Men’s Flip-Flop 


If you go boating in hot weather, you will need to keep your feet cool. These flip-flops are an excellent choice because they sport a classic look, are comfortable, and also very durable. The footbed is made from molded EVA, offering you plenty of arch support.

You will almost feel like you are wearing nothing at all because these flip-flops are lightweight. They are comfortable, at the same time, as they have something called FITORY technology that ensures you will not experience any displeasure while wearing them.

Wear these flip-flops at beach parties, on your boating adventures, or when you host a barbecue get-together in your backyard. Stylish and comfortable, they hardly have competition.

You can match them with casual wear, as you see fit, and, as mentioned earlier, you might forget you are wearing footwear. The nylon and leather construction ensures the durability of these flip-flops.

Buy from for ($24.99)




Best boating sandals


KEEN Men’s Newport H2 


Sturdy and comfortable, this model is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a pair of boating sandals that will keep the feet protected while providing excellent breathability. One thing that you will notice right away about these sandals is that they come with toe protection. At the same time, you benefit from the breathability offered by sandals.

The soles are designed for outstanding traction, so there should be no fear that you might slip while walking on wet surfaces. The EVA footbed is designed to take the shape of your foot for maximum comfort.

The upper can be washed, which means that you can take these sandals anywhere with you, whether you plan a boating adventure, or you want to go hiking.

The lace system ensures that you will be able to tie them securely. Another thing that must be mentioned is that the upper comes with something called Aegis Microbe Shield to reduce odor.

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Best boating accessory


Coleman Sportsman Waterproof 


All sorts of accidents may occur during a boating trip. For all the nicks and cuts that can happen while you fish, you will need band-aids and antiseptic. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Some people develop motion sickness, and they can suffer from digestive troubles. For all these, you need a first aid kit like this one from Coleman that contains everything you need for such situations.

Including 100 pieces, the kit comes with everything considered the basics. To have everything covered, you need to count on the most used items, and this kit has them all. For instance, you will find antiseptic wipes, bandages, and other things for treating wounds.

Safety pins, rubber gloves, adhesive tape, and a razor blade are also part of this comprehensive first aid kit. All the pieces are packaged in a waterproof case, so they will not be compromised in a wet environment.

The label on the case glows in the dark, allowing you to find it with ease.

Buy from for ($17)




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