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Best bowling pins

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Bowling pins – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you need the best bowling pins to practice in your backyard, but, right now, you’re too busy to read everything written down in this buying guide, here is what you need to know. Based on what bowlers with experience and buyers had to say on the matter, our researchers concluded that you should invest in the Cramer Cosom White 000304, as this is the ideal set for parties or small practice sessions. The set comes with 10 pins that are designed to match in size and shape the standard pins you typically see in professional games. Added accessories included a set-up sheet, as well as a score pad on which you can write down each player’s score. The 5-pound ball is ideal for kids, but adults can have a lot of fun with it, as well. If the Cramer Cosom White 000304 is no longer available, we advise you to get the Champion Sports Weighted BPSET, as it offers almost the same features.



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Top features to consider


Getting enough practice as a bowling player is not that easy since not everyone has access to a lane for this purpose only. However, if you are a beginner and you want to avoid embarrassing yourself when you go playing with friends, a good idea would be to purchase some bowling pins for home practice. Next, we will show you what aspects you should bear in mind when you go shopping for bowling pins.



Realistic design


The most important aspect to consider for bowling pins is realistic design. You want the pins to behave just like those used on the bowling lanes. Shape and size are essential because they will give you the ideal feel that you practice with real bowling pins.

Many manufacturers keep this aspect in mind as they want to help you practice and hone your skills in the most convenient way possible. Read the specs carefully and see if the pins are designed in this manner.



Weighted for stability


You surely don’t want the pins to be knocked over by the slightest breeze. That means that you should purchase pins that have some weight added for ballast. Sand is usually used because it manages to keep the pins on the ground.

This particular feature helps with placing the pins on uneven terrain. Because they are stable enough, they will only be knocked to the ground when you hit them with the ball. Also, they will give a realistic feel when you practice with them.





The best bowling pin setup should include, besides pins, a bowling bowl, and other extras. Besides the fact that you will have everything in one place, you will be able to start playing right away. Other interesting add-ons include a sheet and score pad for keeping track of everyone’s evolution throughout the game.

For parties held in your backyard or just for practice, such accessories can prove handy. In case you want your kids to love the sport, too, a set with everything included will grab their attention.



Top rated products



If you are not yet convinced which model to pick from the many available for sale, we are here to help you. Find here the bowling pins that have, so far, garnered a lot of positive reviews from users, due to their excellent design and performance.



Cramer Cosom White 000304


Whether you want to develop an inclination towards bowling in your child, or you want to practice in the backyard so you can knock everyone off their feet the next time you go bowling for real, this set will prove handy.

Many of the bowling pins reviews available indicate this set to be a must-have for anyone who wants to teach their kids how to throw a ball.

The 10 pins included in the set have the officially admitted size and shape, so there will be no compromises to make here. This way, you will be able to practice your game just like you would on a standard lane since the pins are designed to help you in your endeavor. The pins have added weight at the bottom, so they react realistically when hit with a ball.

You will love this set during parties, where everyone will want to try their hand at kicking the pins with the ball, and you can rest assured that all your guests will be entertained. Anything you need in a bowling set you can take along with you when traveling, is present here.

Buy from for ($117.57)




Champion Sports Weighted BPSET


This set includes 10 pins for easy practice. The included rubber ball weighs 5 pounds, so it is easy to use by any player, even the youngest. The set is addressed to kids, although the way the pins are designed reflects the manufacturer’s care for recreating the conditions of a standard lane, for more realistic practice.

One of the most important aspects to remember is that the pins are weighted for extra ballast, so they do not fall without being kicked hard. That will offer an extra challenge for the kids practicing and even for you if you ever consider purchasing a bowling set to use in your backyard.

Especially beginners are more than happy with such sets for practicing without feeling embarrassed. The model also comes with a set sheet and a score pad so you can keep track of everyone’s scores. For parties held at home, there is hardly something more entertaining that will have everyone involved.

Get a bowling set with pins that react realistically so that you can count on practicing with it. Kids and adults alike can get involved in the game, and this particular set offers excellent features you can enjoy when playing with the family.

Buy from for ($83.27)




Champion Sports Multicolor FBPINSETCLR 


While standard bowling pins are white, this model comes with pins colored in various bright colors. Kids will love playing with them, as they are colorful and fun. For PE classes or for entertainment that includes some physical activity for your young ones, this set proves ideal. While the pins look playful on the outside, you should know, however, that they are designed to resemble the real deal.

They are weighted for extra stability, which means that the pins will not start falling at the first breeze of wind. Also, if the surface they are placed on is not perfectly flat, that should not be a problem, either.

You will find this set ideal for practice, as it is designed to recreate real lane conditions, as much as possible. If you are just a beginner and way too shy to display your growing skills on a real lane choosing this kind of set for practice should be a good idea. The bowling pins reviews agree that these sets can be used for easy beginners’ practice.

The foam pins react as you would expect practice pins to, and even if they are not the same as the wooden pins used for professional play, they are still an excellent substitute you should not overlook if you like this sport.

Buy from for ($46.36)



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