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Best bowling shoes reviews


Bowling shoes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are looking for the best bowling shoes and you are too busy to compare and research different models available, this short paragraph will come in handy. Our research did all the homework necessary by reading customer reviews, expert opinions, and evaluating sales figures, and their unanimous conclusion is that the KR Strikeforce deserves all the praise from its buyers, as well as your attention. These shoes are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and a perfect fit, due to the Komfort-fit profile used by the manufacturer. The rubber outsoles will not leave unsightly skid marks on the bowling alley, as they are non-marking. The KR Strikeforce will even help you deliver the perfect release. In case the KR Strikeforce is no longer manufactured and sold, the second option you should take into consideration is the Brunswick Vapor, another product worthy of your money and trouble.



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Top features to consider


If you love bowling, you might have already thought about the necessity to purchase a pair of specialized bowling shoes. These are different than your usual sporty footwear, and they need specific characteristics to help you perform better at your game. The following recommendations will help you decide on the best bowling shoes with great ease.



Differences between performance models and athletic models


There are two main types of bowling shoes to choose from. Knowing their unique uses and features will help you decide on a pair that is ideal for what you want. Athletic models come equipped with sliding soles, which serve for beginners who want to get the hang of the game.

Performance models, on the other hand, are not the best recommendation for beginners. They are made with professionals in mind, and that means that their structure is different. The main difference from athletic bowling shoes is that a sliding sole is available on only one shoe. Left-handed professional players will have the right shoe with a sliding sole, and right-handed players the other way around.



The importance of a good fit


Regardless of the sports, you intend to practice, a good fit is paramount for your footwear. However, in the case of bowling shoes, that is even more crucial. Your game can be severely influenced by a pair of shoes that do not fit well.

Your game can be quickly thrown off balance by too tight or too loose shoes. So, it is safe to say that the best shoes for bowling are those that fit like a glove.



Extras to bear in mind for your comfort


A few things are essential when evaluating the comfort experienced while wearing bowling shoes. The pair you purchase should have padded linings so that you can wear them for hours without feeling any unpleasant sensation. Also, cushioned insoles will give you that extra coziness you are looking for.

There is another benefit to cushioned insoles. They can give you more support, and also provide more stability, as the foot will not slide inside the shoe, causing troubles. This is a comfort feature that actually can improve your game.



Top rated products



We read hundreds of bowling shoes reviews written by buyers and experts alike and identified those models that are worth your money. They are all listed below, and they will make your purchasing decision so much faster and easier.



KR Strikeforce


These shoes are ideal for a bowler who values comfort above anything else. This category of players knows very well the importance of a perfect fit, and that is precisely what the KR Strikeforce provides. The manufacturer invested a lot of research in delivering such an excellent fit.

The Komfort-fit design of the shoes ensures that you will not have to try another pair. The shoes fit snugly, without being too tight, and that can help you with your game, also. Whenever you feel the most comfortable, that is when you can perform at the utmost of your abilities.

Both the tongue and the collar are padded, offering the extra comfort you need. The upper is man-made, and it is created to be soft, yet durable. The entire construction of these shoes is aimed to provide you with superior comfort.

Your performance can only benefit from this attention to comfort, offered by the company making the shoes. Because they are made from synthetic materials, they are durable and easy to maintain in good shape. In case you are still unconvinced, the classic design of the shoes may just tip the balance in their favor. They are good bowling shows that will not disappoint you.

Buy from for ($38.91)




Brunswick Vapor 


If you want a pair of athletic bowling shoes, and you need to make sure that both performance and comfort requirements are met, you should look no further than the Brunswick Vapor. You may be conquered by these shoes from the very first glance, but you do not have to count on looks alone. We will tell you right away why these bowling shoes are worthy of your consideration and your hard earned dollar.

The synthetic uppers provide good comfort, and you will be pleased with how well the shoes fit. Comfort is essential for any bowler, and the company making these shoes knows this well. The collar and the tongue come equipped with special foam padding. You will feel like you are almost wearing no shoes at all, that is how comfortable these shoes are.

The EVA outsole is ultra-lightweight, and you will be thankful for wearing shoes that do not feel like a ton in your feet. The slide soles are present on both shoes, so beginners and people who go bowling once in a while will feel safe using them.

The superior slide power is what makes these shoes stand out. The microfiber used will grant you the much-needed help for performing well when releasing the ball.

Buy from for ($44.83)




Brunswick TZone


Among the many bowling shoes for sale, you will also find the Brunswick TZone, a model that deserves a place on any shortlists containing such products. One of the most important advantages of these shoes is that you don’t have to work a lot to break them in. There will be no discomfort period until they start to feel well in your feet.

The synthetic uppers are durable, and they make these shoes easy to maintain. You can count on Brunswick to be capable of providing you with the necessary comfort anyone wishes in their bowling shoes. The collars and tongues are padded with foam so that you can expect a perfect fit without any trouble.

These shoes are meant for young players, and they are the optimal choice for a beginner. They are lightweight, and that helps with improving performance.

The excellent comfort and durability of these shoes qualify them for the most popular bowling shoes on the market. While there are quite many models available, you may find it difficult to choose the right one. The outsole on these shoes is made from lightweight EVA material, and that means that they will help you become better at your game.

Buy from for ($33.95)



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