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Best calisthenics gloves reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Gloves for calisthenics – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Still haven’t found the perfect gloves for calisthenics despite doing plenty of research? This short paragraph should provide huge help. We have been able to amass a lot of information on the best product in this category by looking at dozens of reviews for athletic gear and comparing those with what product owners actually say. This has led us to what is considered the top-rated one as of this writing, the Bionic FG13ML-Parent. These half-finger gloves let you feel the bar as you do weight training. The strategically-positioned relief pads provide an even surface for your hand to effectively displace the pressure from the workout. The anatomical design prevents fatigue while helping raise the strength levels of your hands so you can do more during every session. The pre-rotated finger design follows the natural curved shape of your hands for an effortless and comfortable grip. The high popularity of the Bionic FG13ML-Parent can cause a shortage of supply, but you can still opt for the second best product, the Mava Sports.



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Top features to consider:


Wearing gloves for calisthenics enables you to do your routine by allowing you to hold the bar or weights in your grip while protecting your hands from calluses and blisters. The best quality gloves for calisthenics provide wrist support. How do you know you have the best pair for your needs?



Durability matters quite a bit


Good-quality calisthenics gloves are constructed of durable fabrics such as neoprene, leather, and nylon. The least durable among them is nylon, while neoprene and leather are definitely thicker. Quality calisthenics gloves should be able to withstand an extensive workout without getting torn or worn out easily. That’s why some of the most durable products often receive the best gloves for calisthenics reviews.

You want the gloves to be washable since they tend to soak up the sweat from your hands. Check whether the gloves need to be washed by hand or using the machine.

There have to be areas of non-slip material strategically placed on the palm. This guarantees traction when you grip the bar, enabling you to do repetitions while preventing the weights from slipping from your grasp.



Focus on comfort and find the right fit for your physical attributes


There is more freedom in hand movement if the calisthenics gloves are designed to be flexible. Rigid gloves may take a longer break-in time compared to flexible gloves. That said, rigid gloves will take on the shape of your grip with time, providing extra comfort.

You can find bulkier gloves geared with contoured fingers to offset the deficiency in freedom of motion. The most flexible are nylon gloves, which tend to be the least efficient at hand protection. Lighter workouts can be done using fingerless or half-finger gloves constructed of thin, breathable material.

Look for gloves with sport mesh spots if you want breathable gloves that enable optimal air circulation. If your priority is support, leather weightlifting gloves are a great choice, and also when both breathability and flexibility are of lower value.

For maximum flexibility, neoprene gloves work well, aside from their ability to wick away moisture from your hands.



Adequate support and cushioning


Your gloves should be able to absorb some of the pressure from your hands and wrists when you hold weights. This will enable you to undergo strenuous and long workouts in comfort. Those who suffer from chronic wrist pain ought to get gloves with adjustable wrist straps of different thicknesses.

The wrist straps can be tightened as you prefer so you can get maximum support. The best gloves for calisthenics for the money also have to be comfortable, not just affordable. 

Gel cushions and reinforced stitching can be found on padded gloves, and if those components are placed strategically, they can guide the bar or weights to the proper position in your hands.

You want a tight fit from your calisthenics gloves but not overly so that it cuts circulation off.



Top rated products



A number of calisthenics gloves are available on the market. We hope the above buying guide helps you become a more informed consumer. We have also highlighted the best products in this category in the following paragraphs for even more shopping assistance.



Bionic FG13ML


As the only gloves with the revolutionary patented pad technology, the Bionic FG13ML provides an amazing ability to conform to the contours of your hand, so you are assured of a consistently firm grip without getting fatigue in your forearms and hands easily. This means you can burn the necessary muscle groups and make the most of every workout session.

The gloves are given an effective antimicrobial treatment to help control ugly odors due to sweat while protecting you from germs at the gym when handling training equipment. You won’t have to worry about bacterial transmission due to the different hands that hold the equipment you also grip during training.

The gloves are equipped with innovative Lycra motion and web zones that deliver a more comfy fit as well as a great range of motion. The Lite-Prene wrist closure is a form-fitting component that delivers added wrist support. You will also love the poly-towel feature for it being helpful at handling perspiration as you exercise.

The gloves come with a unique pre-rotated finger design that easily conforms to the natural curving movement of the hand so you can achieve a comfortable and easy grip that lets you breeze through your workout routine. The gloves offer maximum breathability, so your hands are prevented from overheating.



These gloves are expertly engineered by a top orthopedic hand specialist who created them using premium-quality materials that ensure a remarkable second skin-like fit to ensure reliable performance.

Positioned strategically on the gloves are state-of-the-art relief pads that ensure a flat surface on the hand. Thanks to this configuration, the pressure is uniformly dissipated throughout the body of the glove while giving a solid grip and increasing strength. This is without contributing to quick hand fatigue

When you clench your hand into a tightly curled fist, you will notice how your fingers naturally gravitate to the center of the hand. This is what the pre-rotated finger design of the gloves adapt to when you grip, making the motion less forced and more comfortable.

Aside from delivering a good grip, the gloves also boast uncompromised dexterity, with all the motion zones on the in-between web and knuckle sections of the hand outfitted with breathable Lycra® for flexibility.

The flexible material does not hinder the free flow of air on the hands to prevent sweating.



Like any other piece of gear that is subjected to excessive pressure during use, these gloves also undergo wear and tear.

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Mava Sports


The Mava Sports gloves are the embodiment of a genuinely functional pair of hand protection for calisthenics. The gloves have silicone padding grips that deliver complete palm protection. The gloves shield your hands from scars, abrasions, blisters, calluses and other injuries that can result from doing heavy workouts.

The gloves ensure reduced friction and also prevent the bar or weights from slipping out of your grip. The gloves have integrated wrist wrap support, which prevents wrist strain. These gloves promote the health of your wrists thanks to how they support the joints well. This will ensure that your wrists do not get twisted when you work with weights or bars.

You can focus on your workouts when you wear these gloves. They are ergonomically designed to deliver superb hand protection. They have adjustable Velcro wrist wraps that adjust easily to deliver a secure, snug fit while protecting your wrists from injury. The exclusive Mava Silicone Grip offers a natural, firm grip on the bar, so your grip strength is greatly improved.

Mobility is not compromised despite all the secure wrist support. The gloves also let you find the best points of contact and enable you to bend and flex your hands worry-free. No need to use taping or chalk just to ensure a good grip or to enjoy a good muscle workout.



This all-in-one pair of workout gloves offers a host of modern day hand protection technologies that beginners and seasoned trainers and athletes, male or female, will truly appreciate.

Constructed to be truly functional without compromising wearer comfort, the gloves come with a full-finger design along with silicone padding to deliver full palm protection from hand tears, scars, abrasions, blisters, and calluses.

Thanks to the integrated wrist wraps, these gloves support wrist health by preventing any strain on the joints and nerve endings of the wrists.

Adjustability for a personalized fit is effectively provided by the ergonomically designed Velcro wrist support so you can latch and unlatch the gloves till they fit like a second skin.

Worried about clammy, sweaty hands? Put your mind at ease because these gloves are exclusively designed to be comfortably breathable.



Customers who might have in-between sizes may find it difficult to find the right fit for their use but going for the smaller size seems to work.

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Bionic FFGWL


The Bionic FFGWL gloves feature an exclusive set of features you would never find in other products in its class. Firstly, the gloves are equipped with a patented anatomical relief pad system that features cushioning in strategic spots on the gloves, which keeps the palm surfaces of your hands even so pressure gets uniformly distributed across your whole hand.

This amazing configuration makes it easier to grip weights while increasing the strength of your hands and preventing early onset of hand fatigue. Because the gloves are designed utilizing the expertise of a professional orthopedic hand specialist, they are guaranteed to provide a tactile feel and an enhanced grip to keep the bar or weights from slipping out of your grasp

The gloves are designed to follow the anatomy of your hands, enabling you to work on the right muscle groups, so every workout session is effective toward ensuring your health.

The antimicrobial treatment supplements the full-finger technology of the gloves, so they provide efficient odor control while protecting the hands from blisters and calluses or from transmitting germs from one piece of equipment to another. The gloves are expertly designed for a woman’s hands so ladies can do their workout routines in comfort and with enhanced strength in the hands.



Like all the other products in the series, these women’s gloves support a lady’s unique needs to stay on top of her game without compromising hand protection from the pressure of vigorous and impactful workouts.

Fatigue can be kept at bay while still ensuring a good level of strength thanks to the revolutionary, exclusive, strategically positioned, anatomical pad relief system that ensures a flat surface on the hand.

Pressure from the workout gets efficiently distributed to the entire hand, so no single section is subjected to extreme friction during intense training.

Get increased durability over the areas that normally suffer the greatest wear and tear while keeping the palm free from blisters and calluses.

The exclusive pre-rotated finger design along with the Lycra motion and web zones enable you to keep your fists tightly clenched and in the proper position during the workout.



One common complaint among users is due to improper sizing, so it is best to measure more than once to ensure you are ordering just the right size.

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