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Best cheap wetsuits reviews


Cheap wetsuits – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you plan on taking up some new water sports you will definitely need to invest in some quality gear and accessories. The most important product you’ll have to purchase is a good wetsuit to keep you warm and covered while performing your favorite water sports. So, after going through plenty of online product reviews ourselves, we have reached the conclusion that the best cheap wetsuit seems to be the O’Neill Young 2mm Reactor Spring as it provides medium protection against cold water and wind, features a hidden key pocket to store your essentials, and it comes in various colors and color combos. If the O’Neill Young 2mm Reactor Spring is not available for immediate purchase, you can also pick the NeoSport Premium Neoprene as a viable alternative in terms of cost, design, and quality.


Top features to consider


Finding the best cheap wetsuit available for sale could prove quite the struggle, especially if you want great quality at an unbeatable price. Even so, with the right help, you’ll get what you want. So here are the main aspects you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure you picked the best affordable wetsuits for your favorite water sports.



Your favorite water sport


The first thing you need to pay attention to in a good cheap wetsuit is the type of sport you are willing to practice. Keep in mind that good wetsuits on a budget might also take more time to find but, if you have enough patience, you will surely discover the right fit for you.

For instance, spearfishing or diving might require two-piece wetsuits that will keep your head protected as well, while an awesome swimming wetsuit may or may not come with attached sleeves. Snorkeling or swimming are often less demanding, especially if you’re a beginner, so a regular sleeveless suit will do the trick just fine.



Material and thickness


Almost all wetsuits are made with a neoprene lining that improves their durability and allows you to move freely without making more effort or waste more energy. However, different types of sports and different water temperatures also require different types of wetsuits.

For instance, spearfishing and diving in cold waters will require you to wear a full wetsuit with 5-7 mm neoprene thick lining to ensure an optimum body temperature. Covering your head, ears, hands, and feet is absolutely necessary when dealing with cold waters below 50-54 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you would like to pick up surfing, bear in mind that, apart from a regular thicker wetsuit, you will also need the help of some cheap surfing fins and a new surfing camera to record all your moves.

However, the thicker the neoprene lining, the harder it will be for you to swim in the beginning. This is why you should start with thinner wetsuits in the beginning and find the right style for you in time. You may want to opt for a product with improved protection on your neck and chest, and more freedom on your legs and arms.



Sticking to a budget


Before shopping, we suggest you go through some online reviews of cheap wetsuits to see what other customers have to say. If you have enough patience you may end up with the wetsuit of your dreams without having to spend a fortune. Nevertheless, be open to new possibilities and don’t judge a wetsuit solely on the price criterion.



Top rated products



Although there are plenty of good products on the market, we cannot present them all to you. This is why we have made a list with the top cheap wetsuits rated by the customers and we present you their most notable characteristics.




O’Neill Youth Reactor Spring


This O’Neill wetsuit is perfect for youngsters who have just started training for different water sports, from spearfishing to swimming long distances, diving or snorkeling. It is available in six different color combos so you can pick the right one according to your style preferences.

It is also available in six different sizes, ranging from 4 US to 14 US so you can find the perfect fit for your body type, weight, and height.

The item is made of 2 mm thick high-quality neoprene which makes it suitable for sports activities conducted in cold and warm water. The FluidFlex technology is available for both the top sleeves and the undersleeves, meaning you will have increased flexibility for your arms so you can use them no matter your type of swimming.

The chest and back are covered by a smooth skin fluid neoprene foam to provide maximum protection against cold water and excessive wind. The neck of the bodysuit benefits from the same smooth skin fluid foam to provide improved protection and also allows you to move without restraint.

At the back, the wetsuit features a quality YKK back zip for easy donning and doffing in just a matter of seconds. Lastly, the Krypto Knee Pads ensure improved protection for your knees against environmental damages and dangers.

Buy from for ($74.95)




NeoSport Men’s Premium Neoprene 3 mm


The product is available in two colors, blue and black, as well as in seven different sizes so you can make sure you found the right fit for you. What we like about this inexpensive product is that it is designed to provide you with protection no matter the water sport you like to practice.

It was specifically engineered for all water sports, from paddle boarding to diving, spearfishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and more. The product is made of premium quality neoprene with a 3 mm thick lining that will protect you from cold waters and extreme water pressure.

The flatlock seams add comfort and durability to the design, managing to maintain an optimum body temperature without any extra effort, while still keeping your body protected from abrasions and water damages. The collar features an adjustable Velcro closure to help you find the right fit and also keep your neck and chest warm.

The lycra trimmed leg and arm openings improve your flexibility while still adding comfort. This way, you can practice different types of sports without worrying about a tight and an uncomfortable fit.

Buy from for ($53.99)




Cressi Women’s Short Front Zip


This is a great inexpensive alternative for all women who want to pick up a new wetsuit for water training. The item is available in two different color combinations – black and azure and black and pink, so you can pick the style that represents you the most.

The wetsuit comes in three different sizes and over 65% of the customers who purchased the item claimed it is true to fit, so we suggest you order your regular wetsuit size.

The product is made of superior quality 2 mm thick neoprene to provide maximum comfort and flexibility no matter the type of water sport you like to practice. The short design ensures increased protection on your chest and neck area while your arms and legs are left free so you can increase your speed while swimming without adding extra weight or pressure on your body.

The large front YKK zipper allows for easy donning and doffing without requiring any additional help while also keeping the water away from your body. Since it is only 2 mm thick, we suggest you wear this wetsuit while performing mild water activities such as swimming and snorkeling in warm waters.

Buy from for ($49.95)




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