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Best dumbbell rack reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Dumbbell racks – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are interested in getting the best dumbbell rack, but you cannot spend a few minutes reading all the information put together by our research team, reading this paragraph will assist you in scoring a good deal. From the information gathered based on customer reviews, expert reports, and social media comments, we understood that the XMARK XM-3107-1 is the product that is worth the money right now. Its angled shelves make it easier for the user to take dumbbells away and place them back, without any glitches. The maximum load is ten pairs, and the weight of the dumbbells can vary between 5 and 50 pounds. The frame is made from 14-gauge steel, and it is very durable. Those who cannot find the XMARK XM-3107-1 because it is out of stock can always opt for the Body Solid GDR363, a reliable alternative that is also worth the money.



Comparison table




If you have a gym at home and you like keeping things neatly organized, a dumbbell rack is a must. Finding the best rack for dumbbell set may not be exactly easy, though, because not all the models available are the same and you may have very specific requirements, be it the number of shelves, the materials used, and extras. By following the recommendations written in this buying guide, you will be able to pick the right model for your home gym.


Top features to consider:



Solid construction


No matter how you look at this issue, if you need a proper storage space for all your dumbbells, you have to consider a rack with solid construction. All manufacturers will let you know details such as the number of dumbbells that can be accommodated, as well as maximum weight load allowed. Based on what you have in your fitness room, you can decide for one model or another.

A solid steel frame is usually indicated because it will be able to withstand the pressure. The best dumbbell rack reviews highly recommend models that are made from heavy duty steel as they are both capable and durable.





You will notice that there are quite a few models available on the market. Angled shelves are a good option because they keep things organized in a neat way that allows easy access. A horizontal design is also handy, although access may not be as easy as in the case of angled shelves. You may also want to consider that kind of rack would look better in your fitness room.



Other considerations


You may want to purchase a dumbbell set with rack from the get-go, as this may solve the issue of keeping things organized. However, if your dumbbell set does not come with a rack, you can always purchase one separately. Don’t forget to get one with anti-scratch coating, if you like keeping things nice and tidy.

It does not hurt to take a look at the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Since fitness equipment can be expensive and difficult to replace, you need to know if you can count on the rack you intend to buy.



Top rated products



Find the best dumbbells racks that are available for sale right now as they are displayed below. Based on the positive feedback they have already received from buyers, they are everything someone would need for such a piece of equipment.



XMARK XM-3107-1


The XMARK XM-3107-1 is highly appreciated by customers for multiple reasons. The particular layout makes it stand out first and foremost. Everyone appreciates having superior convenience when working with dumbbells, for the simple reason that, during your workouts, you don’t want to be bothered with dumbbells that drop on the floor or simply do not stay in place.

This model solves all these issues by coming equipped with angled shelves that make loading and retrieval a real breeze. As you progress through your routine and you have to change pair after pair of dumbbells, accessing them will be comfortable and convenient. If for this reason only, many buyers still consider this model a great buy.

However, this is not the only reason this dumbbell rack scores so high in consumers’ preferences. Capable of holding up to 10 pairs of dumbbells, it offers superior performance compared to many other models on the market. The 14-gauge steel frame is very durable, while the powder coating makes it resistant to scratches. The height of the shelf lip was improved by the manufacturer from previous models to increase safety. The rack can hold pairs of dumbbells weighing up to 50 pounds.

Buy from for ($137.73)




Body Solid GDR363


The 3-tier rack seems to be quite a hit with buyers, and there are many positive things to notice about this particular model. Because of its flat design, the Body Solid GDR363 can be placed anywhere you like, be it against a wall, or right in the center of your fitness room. Convenience and versatility are two significant advantages offered by this model.

The rack is designed to hold up to 9 pairs of hexagonal dumbbells, so this is an aspect to keep in mind while you are shopping for this type of accessory. The dumbbells can vary in weight from 5 to 50 pounds, and you must purchase them separately since they do not come along with the rack. It must be noted that this model is particularly durable.

The welded construction is solid, and it offers the best support for your collection of dumbbells. The manufacturer also seems to be pretty convinced of the superior quality of this rack since it offers a lifetime warranty to every buyer. The heavy gauge steel construction is the top reason for such excellent durability. Now you can keep the fitness room well organized and your dumbbells neatly packed for current use.

Buy from for ($118.48)




Marcy DBR-56


Now you no longer have to leave your dumbbells spread all over the floor. With the help of the Marcy DBR-56, you can keep them in one place that is easy to access. For people who like setting up their gyms at home, a solid rack for dumbbells is a must. This particular frame offers all the basics, without any frills, and it gets the job done.

The frame is made from 14-gauge steel, so there will be plenty of weight accommodated, without the rack experiencing any damage. For neoprene and cast iron dumbbells, this rack is the solution you may have been seeking for already. Nicely organized dumbbells are more likely to be used, so it can even be said that a good rack could help you improve your exercising routine.

You can now use all kinds of dumbbells, regardless of their size and style, because you have a place where you can deposit all of them. Don’t leave them on the floor, where they can quickly act as dangerous obstacles; this rack helps you keep things simple and well organized. Because of its compact size, the Marcy DBR-56 is a very good idea when you have little space at your disposal.

Buy from for ($36)




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