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Best girls’ softball bat

Last Updated: 14.04.19


Girls’ softball bats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly find the best girls’ softball bat but you don’t have too much time to find the necessary answers, this article is here to help. Based on the extended research our team has conducted, that included consumer reports, expert reviews, and surveys, we’ve reached the conclusion that Easton’s PINK SAPPHIRE is the model you should consider as the first option. Part of the brand’s Diamond Gem collection, this bat is made of ALX50 military-grade aluminum and offers a length-to-weight ratio of 10. Moreover, comfort is also taken into account, as the cushioned grip included in this model ensures an improved handling capability and prevents vibration during impacts. If this bat is unavailable for sale, the most suitable alternative you should keep in mind is Mizuno’s Finch Jennie softball bat, since it offers similar features and performances.



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Top features to consider


Choosing the right softball bat might not be as easy as, say, picking one of the comfortable pilates mats, and that is why this guide is here to help you out. Some say that softball is, from many points of view, a more difficult game than baseball, so if you and your loved ones are interested in playing it, then choosing the most suitable gear is an essential first step.

Of course, the gear also includes safety items such as softball helmets, but we are not going to go into so much detail on this topic here, as there are other characteristics we need to cover regarding bats. Let’s take a look at what aspects you should keep in mind as you choose your bat.





Since we’re talking about a sport which involves you (or another player) handling a bat, it’s important to make sure that the item’s size is the right one. Otherwise, it’s going to be either too heavy or too light, this way affecting the entire experience. The conclusion, in this case, would more probably be to get a new one.

If you don’t know how to determine the right length, it’s a good thing that you are reading this guide. One of the ways to measure a bat’s length and see if it’s right is by placing it at the center of your chest and extending the barrel out towards the fingertips. If you are able to touch the bat with your fingertips, then the size is right.





Determining the right weight is more a matter of preference. If the player is rather strong, then swinging away a heavier bat will most probably not be an issue.

If you do want to test it out though and see if you’ll be able to easily use the bat, an easy method is to hold it with one hand, arm extended, for 30 seconds. If you don’t drop it, you’ll most probably be able to swing that weight. Remember to check out a softball bag to carry your gear around as well.





The drop is, in fact, the difference between weight and length, and a lesser drop means the bat is heavier, which might make it too much to handle in some cases. The way to go about determining the drop that suits your gameplay is by taking the weight and length measurements and trying to find the model that fits them both.



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Going through girls’ softball bat reviews might be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are new to this sport. Since we know that choosing the right bat is one of the most important aspects of enjoying the game, we’ve put together the list below which contains our pick from the most sought-after bats available on the market.





This model is a very good example when it comes to cheap softball bats for girls, and the nice part about it is that it offers multiple features that you can normally find in rather more expensive models. The Pink Sapphire is part of the New Diamond Gem collection offered by the brand, being an excellent choice for those who are getting started in the game.

Made of ALX50 military-grade aluminum, the player can rely on this bat, as it features a highly durable construction. This means that you won’t have to invest in a new one anytime soon. Also, in terms of construction, the design features a 10 length-to-weight ratio and a 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter.

Since comfort is something that any player needs to take into consideration, especially if we’re talking about a beginner, the manufacturer took this into account and added a cushioned all-sports grip that ensures a better handling of the bat.

Besides being comfortable during the game, another important aspect is being safe at any given moment, so you should make sure that the player wears the appropriate equipment. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at some effective softball face masks.

Buy from for ($29.93)




Mizuno Finch Jennie


Mizuno has been the brand of choice for both professionals and amateurs across the globe, for quite some time. For this reason, when it comes to finding a good softball bat for girls, you should take a closer look at Mizuno’s Finch Jennie model, since it might offer exactly those features you are looking for.

With a length-to-weight ratio of 13 and a 2 ⅓-inch barrel diameter, this bat works great for both beginners and more experienced players. In terms of comfort, the bat grip is cushioned for an enhanced handling, as well as for a reduced vibration during the game. This way, the player will be able to enjoy the experience without additional physical pain.

As for its construction, the MZ 2200+ alloy used was specially chosen as this material optimizes performance and, at the same time, ensures durability. Since this bat is the result of the brand’s collaboration with the USA legend Jennie Finch, you can rest assured that the player’s needs are thoroughly taken into consideration.

If you decide to get this model for your daughter, there’s a high chance that you’ll also see her confidence boosted, as she will improve her gameplay.

Buy from for ($67)




Easton TOPAZ


Part of the new Diamond Gem collection offered by the brand, Easton’s Topaz model is another very nice addition to our selection. With a length-to-weight ratio of 10 and a 2 ¼-inch barrel diameter, this bat is suitable for both younger players and for those who are just getting started in this sport.

Besides the ALX50 military-grade aluminum construction that offers the necessary durability for many games to come, this model also features a cushioned all-sports grip that helps the player handle it with more ease and precision. Just to mention another benefit, the player will gain more confidence, as the skills and technique improve with the help of this product.

If you want to make sure that you are choosing the right bat size for either yourself or a loved one, you can check out the selection chart offered by the manufacturer, that divides the different bat lengths according to the height of the player they are suitable for. This way, the maximum power is generated throughout the game.

If the person you are going to buy this bat for is interested in color-matching, we think it’s a good idea to take a closer look at some softball mitts selections.

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