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Best Hammer bowling ball

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Hammer bowling balls – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are scouring the net in hopes of finding the best Hammer bowling ball money can get you, but you lack the necessary time to carry out the required research on this subject, this short paragraph should clue you in. After reading a considerable amount of online reviews, we have reached the conclusion that the Dark Legend Solid is the unit that you should invest in. The model is considered of high quality and very strong and sturdy in its construction. Moreover, the unit has a gas mask core and a carbon fiber outer core that guarantees its durability and high performance. Similarly, the 500/2000 Abralon finish is a feature that adds to the product’s reliability. If the Dark Legend Solid is out of stock, check out the Black Widow Legend as you will certainly equally appreciate it.



Comparison table




Top features to consider


Because we know that selecting the best bowling ball from Hammer is not a task that comes without its difficulties, we have decided to lend you a hand. Consequently, we have composed a list of features that you should definitely consider before placing that order.


Shop in accordance with your skill level


One of the first aspects that all reviews of Hammer bowling balls suggest is that before one decides on what model to pick, he/she should consider his/her level. Consequently, if you are a beginner, you should settle for a product that is made from polyester, as these units have less friction than other more advanced models.

Still, if you are an intermediate bowler, it is best that you pick a model constructed from urethane. The main advantage of a urethane ball is that it allows for better friction between the lane and the ball itself (and, thus, you will have a better hook).

Lastly, all advance bowlers should consider investing in a reactive resin ball. These units are particularly expensive but they are also very powerful and a good acquisition if you are set on playing at a higher level.





According to Hammer bowling balls reviews, another aspect that you should simply not ignore is the weight of the ball. In fact, if you decide to settle for a ball that is too heavy for you, you risk not being able to control it. From this point of view, an adult male should purchase/use a product that weighs between 14 to 16 pounds, an adult female a model that has between 10 to 14 pounds.

If you are not sure what model to opt for, go to your local bowling alley and try your hand at maneuvering different sizes.



Bowling ball holes


Before you start analyzing the myriad of models that you can find online for sale, it is crucial that we remind you that the size of the holes of a bowling ball is also of great importance.

Differently compared to the pre-drilled units that work for both the left-handed and the right-handed, most models that have been specially produced to be used by professionals do not come with pre-drilled holes. In fact, the player has to get them drilled in accordance with his/her preferences (if he/she is left handed or right handed).



Top rated products



If you still don’t know what products to consider, we recommend that you consider the following units. These models have received plenty of positive reviews, and they are currently regarded as some of the best products that one could invest in.



Dark Legend Solid


The unit is often described as one of the most reliable products that a professional bowler can use. The model has a Gas Mask core made from a combination of materials including a Ceramix surface and a Flex-Resin additive that guarantee its sturdiness. Moreover, the model stands out because of its Semtex reactive coverstock that supplies the product with a lot of friction.

As a plus, this ball has a carbon fiber outer core that makes it extremely practical and likely to last for a significant period of time. Likewise, the interior Gas Mask core is renowned for its exquisite design that creates a substantial ball movement. Consequently, the product stands out because of its hook potential, a reason why many bowlers prefer it.

As expected, this is a bit more expensive than other balls for bowling; still, the unit has received many positive reviews from previous buyers. According to them, this product performs better than expected, it has a lot of hook potential, and it behaves best on long lane patterns. When shipped, this ball does not have pre-drilled holes. Therefore, you have to have them drilled personally.

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Black Widow Legend


Another model that is worth your time and money is the Black Widow Legend. This unit is different from the previous Black Widow balls due to the fact that it features a hybrid cover stock. Because of this, the ball is quite aggressive. The model does not come with pre-drilled holes. So, you can personalize it and make it suitable for your needs.

Some of the extra features that add to its overall capabilities are its polished cover and its very strong Gas Mask core. The manufacturer recommends that one uses the unit on medium-heavy oil lanes. Just like the previous model that we have included, this unit has a high hook potential.

Last but not least, you should know that most of its reviewers have indicated that they have thrown their highest scores while using this ball. Because of its performance, its users 100% recommend it to other interested bowlers. The product has almost no negative reviews from its users. The few negative comments that we were able to find were not related to the product per se, but to the lack of experience of the user. A 3-year warranty covers the product.

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Hammer Gauntlet


This selection would have been incomplete without us mentioning the Hammer Gauntlet. The word that best describes this product is aggressive. In fact, this model was built using a newly designed asymmetric core that gives it all the edge you might need. Additionally, the unit has a more than rapacious backend and mid-lane reaction. Even more so, its core features a Ceramix surfacing process and a Gauntlet with Flex-resin additive.

According to the manufacturer, the product is infused with carbon, and, thus, is very sturdy and particularly durable when used for years on end. In order to show its trust in the unit, the manufacturer offers a lengthy 3-year warranty that you can use if any issue arises.

The product is USBC certified, and it can be considered perfectly safe to use while bowling. Because this ball is meant to be utilized by skilled hobbyists and professional bowlers, the unit does not come pre-drilled. Therefore, you can choose to drill it in a way that best fits your needs. Many of its previous buyers consider it a good and practical investment, mainly because it delivers all the time. Because this ball was designed for heavy oil, its hook is very strong.

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