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Best ice hockey gloves reviews

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Ice hockey gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re in great need but don’t have a clue which are the best ice hockey gloves reviews, we are here to lend you a hand. According to most expert review websites, owner feedback and even cost for money, our team came to a conclusion. The product that fits all needs for a hockey lover is without any doubts, Tour Thor V5. These gloves are padded with full density EVA foam for extra protection, keep the thumbs safe and offer a lightweight woven shell for improved ventilation and movement. In case the product is out of stock you can always opt for the best thing in line that has similar features, which is Bauer Prodigy Gloves.


Top features to consider:


Because it is rather difficult to decide on which hockey gloves to buy we have compiled all the information about the best ice hockey gloves reviews we could find and brought to you a useful buying guide that shows what features are a must.



Look for quality material


Generally, best gloves for ice hockey are made from high-quality material. It is quite important to keep this feature in mind because gloves that have high top padding keep your hands protected in every circumstance.

In order for a pair of ice hockey gloves to pass the quality test it must present these key pointers: articulated thumb, extra padding inside, flexible and protective wrist cuff, durable material in the palm and stronger back padding.

Therefore, cheaper gloves that can be found on sale possess a single density foam padding while better ones have foam and plastic insertion on top of that. Also, the palm should have a strong leather look material, and the thumb section has to be armored and unable to bend.



How often do you use ice hockey gloves?


When you decide to purchase hockey gloves, you must consider how often you will use them. This factor is mandatory because a person that wears them on a daily or weekly basis tends to wear them out. In that case, the palm area is the more exposed one.

Also, the type of game you play and how much you move your hand around are strong indicators for a purchase of ice hockey gloves. The more money you are willing to spend, the quality and the durability increase, as well.  

Another relevant aspect that you should be aware of is the ice hockey gloves sizing. Before buying a pair, you must measure your hands from the bend in your inner elbow to the top of your fingers. Plus, the gloves should provide a little space around the fingertips, and the wrist bending should line up with the wrist on the underside.



Do you need protection elements?


Now, this is quite an important thing to consider when searching for ice hockey gloves. Added padding brings more protection, but at the same time, it makes the wearing a little stiff. The mobility is rather reduced, and if you plan to play around the house with your friends, then you could opt for fewer protection pieces. However, wearing them around your hands can seriously reduce the possibility of injury and make you feel more determined to get out and play, which brings a certain advantage on the field.



Top rated products



Although we can’t make the option for you, we can still give you some product suggestions that we firmly believe are top notch quality. Therefore, based on the highest customers reviews, we have made short presentations for each of them, showcased below.



Tour Thor V5


If you plan to buy ice hockey gloves that will stand the test of resistance and time, then this product has all the main features one could possibly imagine. The design is so well crafted, and the lightweight woven shell component provides extra ventilation and easier moves.The fact that it keeps an optimum warmness inside is another major plus, especially if you use them on ice fields.

Also, the level of functionality for this set of gloves is highly determined by the full density foam padding that can be found inside them. The padding results in a certain softness for the hands, and it is a feature that most high-quality gloves have.This way, you are protected during the match, but you can also move more flexible, without restrictions.

Plus, the short cuff roll is embroidered with a sleek finish and details that look good on every hand. These gloves can be worn longer, and they won’t deteriorate fast because they include additional features such as a slash guarding sheeting and a wonder suede palm which are made from a high-quality, strong suede leather material. This is an important aspect because, as previously mentioned, gloves tend to get worn out in the palm area.



The gloves are extremely lightweight and fit perfectly around the wrists and hands.

Most customers agreed that the best part about these ice hockey gloves is that fact, compared to other similar products on the market, they offer higher protection for the thumbs.

Although a tad bulky, the gloves do a great job in case of powerful strikes, keeping the hands protected at all times.

Apparently, the gloves can face any conditions, no matter if it rains or if they are left outside in freezing conditions. They look perfect even after many usages.

Not only does this product fits perfectly but it also provides comfort and the extra foam padding inside drastically reduces the risk of injury.



Because they are a little bulkier, some buyers claimed that the wrist movement is reduced. Nevertheless, the stiffness makes them more robust, and the level of protection is much higher.

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Bauer Prodigy


The Bauer Prodigy gloves are the best choice for the youth. This product has a variety of features that made it our second suggestions for your purchase of ice hockey gloves.

The reason we recomme

nd this item is because it provides protection due to the single density foam padded on the inside and the poly insert in the thumb keeps all hand injured free. Safety is the key element when speaking of ice gloves, especially for young people.

Also, the fact that it has two piece fingers makes it quite easier to move the finger and get a good clasp when holding the hockey stick. The palm, a rather important element for hockey gloves, is equipped with a single layer nash that provides the feeling of softness and a natural hold. The durability of the gloves is ensured by a stretch mesh shell which can be easily washed. Plus, despite being used often, these gloves don’t wear out that easily.

When playing games, it is very important to preserve a dry environment inside the glove, and these Bauer gloves actually have a hydrophobic mesh liner which allows the hand to benefit from a comfortable feel.



The gloves are ideal for young players because it protects their hands and helps them develop their gaming skills easier.

Because of the two-segmented fingers, the mobility is highly increased, and the freedom of movement is permitted.

One major benefit is the single density foam that ensures the hand is in a comfortable position and protected throughout the entire activity.

Also, the product has included a  special hydrophobic mesh liner that prevents bacteria infestation during games session and allows the skin to breathe.

The fact that the palm is made from a resistant suede material makes for a good grip and keeps them intact for a longer period of time.



Specially designed for youth, the Bauer gloves are among the most popular ice hockey gloves on the market. Their overall brand quality and price are great indicators of the fact that this product tends to have mostly positive reviews.

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Bauer Nexus N7000


The Bauer Nexus N7000 gloves feature a segmented cuff and a hydrophobic liner, specially placed in order to keep moisture and bacteria away, allowing the hands to feel dry and fresh all the time.

One major benefit of owning this product is the fact that it presents a patented 2-piece Flex lock thumb that offers extra mobility and flexibility during the game. The palm area, essential for playing hockey, provides a consistent feel because of the ivory nash. This way, the gloves stand the test of time and won’t deteriorate fast. Plus, on the outside of the glove, you will find single density foams that have the purpose to withstand any form of impact.

This item is ideal for beginners as well for intermediate because it is built with a classic fit that helps players stay on top of their game.

Also, the finger part has a two piece-segment that gives plenty of dexterity if hockey sticks grip, a feature quite useful for those who want to initiate in the art of hockey.

The shell of these gloves is made of nylon which makes it easy to wash and to keep the smell away from them. They are a great option in case you need durability, strength, and flexibility.



All gloves from Bauer offer the best coverage in a classic fit. These gloves are perfect in every area of the hand: fingers, backhand and the cuff region.

The padding inside is made from a single density foam that increases the hand protection in case of pucks, slashes and other incidents in the field game.

The product provides a thumb flexibility thanks to its unique patented 2-piece flex lock, a feature that aims to give players mobility and better control in their fingers.

For a perfect grip, the gloves are equipped with an ivory nash that allows the users to grab things with extra pressure.



The Bauer Nexus N7000 hockey gloves are a very praised model that consumers think to be one of the best in its range. There were some users that felt the gloves a tad short in the fingers, but the issue didn’t mind them too much.

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