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Best jump rope for CrossFit beginners

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Jump ropes for CrossFit beginners – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you are here only to find the best jump rope for CrossFit beginners, this short paragraph will let you know everything you need for making an educated choice. The WOD Wear is the model that is worth your money, based on the feedback received from users and experts’ opinions alike. The rope is easy to adjust, to match it to your height, as well as your preferences. It serves to know that this rope can move fast, which makes it so ideal for CrossFit training. It helps that the ball bearing head is designed to make this rope even speedier than what you may expect. Because it is lightweight and easy to wrap up to take along with you on your travels, this model is a must have for people on the go. Should it be impossible for you to find the WOD Wear, we also recommend the iDeporte, a jump rope that is almost just as good.



Products worth your attention




Top Features to Consider


Do you like CrossFit? Do you want to burn more calories and become more efficient at achieving the fitness level you desire? Then you most probably need a jump rope that will help you with your cardio preparation. With so many models available on the market, however, you may feel a little at a loss when it comes to choosing just one. This is why we decided to put together this buying guide and offer you the information you need for making the right decision.





A lot of people love CrossFit training, and they come from all walks of life. As expected, they are all different people, which means that they have different needs when it comes to a jumping rope. Differences in height are of particular importance since a tall individual will have a lot of trouble trying to use a rope that is too small for them.

Shorter users, on the other hand, will find jumping a long rope tough, since there is a risk to stumble and hurt themselves. A model that is adjustable brings a lot of benefits since you will be able to customize your jump rope as you see fit. This also makes lending possible, as multiple users can jump the same rope.



Speed is essential


The best CrossFit jump rope needs to be fast, and there is no way around it. To achieve the conditioning you desire, you need your rope to be able to spin quickly. A bearing system should be in place, and the rope must be made from a flexible material that can contribute to the quick action desired by the user.





The chances are that you will want to train in more ways than just CrossFit. People who want to prepare for MMA training, or want to hone their speed and cardio conditioning, will find a jump rope the ideal way for achieving their goals. There are models on the market that are designed to serve multiple purposes so that more people can use them as they see fit. Search for models that are advertised as being more than just CrossFit, and you will not be disappointed.



Top rated products



See below the best CrossFit jump ropes for beginners that you can find available for sale. Many buyers love these models as they offer the best advantages for training like a professional athlete, great versatility, and ease of use.



WOD Wear


CrossFit enthusiasts and especially people who are just taking up this sport have a great appreciation for the WOD Wear, a clear indication that this model is worth spending money on. You can use it for the workout of the day, for CrossFit training, or for any discipline that requires a lot of cardio exercising.

For busy people living in this day and age, it is essential to get the workout they need within a very short time. A jump rope helps you take minutes off your workout sessions, by boosting your efforts and maximizing the results you will get. This model is fast, as it comes equipped with an exclusive ball bearing system that makes it quick to spin.

Let’s not forget that you can adjust the length of the cable as you see fit. In case you want to exercise together with a friend and switch equipment, having an adjustable jump rope at your disposal will help with having everyone satisfied and pleased with their workouts. Also, this means that you do not have to struggle to find the perfect fit, as you will be able to adjust the cable afterward.



You will be able to train in a more efficient manner when you are using this jump rope for the simple reason that you will be able to achieve your fitness goals within a shorter time.

For WODs and CrossFit training, this model is ideal because it gives you just the boost of extra conditioning you need for making yourself slimmer, faster and with a better cardio conditioning.

A fast jump rope that can be used for many different workouts, this one comes with a ball bearing head that contributes to fast spinning.

Take the jump rope with you at the gym, or when you travel, so you can continue to keep in shape with simple workouts.



The cable is smooth and lightweight, but also flexible, which may not be to everyone’s liking, since there are users who like the cable to be stiffer, as some reviewers mention in their feedback.

Buy from for ($9.99)






If you are looking for a good quality jump rope for your CrossFit training, the iDeporte is one model you should take a closer look at. The materials employed for the making of this model are high quality, and they are designed to work for giving you the best solution for exercising fast so that you do not have to waste too much time with it, while still obtaining results.

The wire inside the cable is wrapped in polyurethane for extended lifespan, and the rope itself feels lightweight. This may make you think that the rope is not as durable as you may wish for, but the wire used is just designed in this manner to keep the total weight to a minimum. This helps with fast spinning, an essential part of any CrossFit training session.

You can adjust the length of the rope, using the hex wrench included with your buy. The manufacturer offers detailed instructions on how to fix the rope, so you will never feel at a loss when trying to match the jump rope with your height. For MMA training, boxing, CrossFit or only developing more cardio conditioning, this jump rope is an excellent choice.



The jump rope is made from high-quality materials that make it durable and reliable. The cable is all wire covered in polyurethane, to go through even the most demanding workouts without showing signs of wear and tear.

The cable has a length of 9.8 feet, which may be too long for some people. You can adjust the cable as you see fit, and even women and children can make use of it.

The manufacturer includes a hex wrench with your purchase, to make the adjusting process easy.

The smooth spinning is one of the biggest advantages offered by this particular model. As speed and ease of use are essential for a successful workout, this is a great plus.

The case provided with the rope will make carrying it around really easy.



Some reviewers comment on the fact that this rope feels lighter and less durable than they would expect, but, by putting it to the test, they add that they are still satisfied.

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NoLimits™ Fitness


In case you are looking for an affordable alternative for a jump rope, the NoLimits™ is what will help you get started. A lot of people today are searching for convenient ways to start exercising and jumping rope is one of the easiest solutions, since it does not require a lot of space for equipment. This model is cheap compared to others, but it makes no compromises on the features expected from a jump rope for CrossFit training.

The cable has 9 feet in length, and it can be adjusted with ease. Different people can exercise and get in shape using this jump rope since it offers easy adjustment. Another thing that makes this model so good and worthy of taking into consideration is its portability. The rope is lightweight, and the manufacturer even provides a carry bag sporting a cool American flag on its cover.

The speed of spinning is essential for CrossFit training, and this model does not disappoint in this regard, either. The ball bearing system helps with making the cable spin fast, and you will be able to exercise as quickly as you like. The handles are built for comfort, another important feature that will make sure that you will work out daily, without fail.



The cable is 9 feet long, and it can be adjusted, depending on your height, which means that getting the best fit is within reach.

The jump rope comes with a carry bag, allowing you to take it along with you when you travel, or you only want to hit the gym with your equipment.

The model has a ball bearing system that makes it fast to spin, an ideal part for any CrossFit enthusiast who wants to achieve results quickly.

A great feature of this product is represented by the comfortable handles. They are large enough for anyone who would like to jump this rope, and they provide good grip.

This jump rope works just fine for both weight loss and honing your agility traits.



Adjusting the rope will just let cable hang at the sides, which may feel a little weird. The solution offered by some buyers is to cut it to the size you want.

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