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Best Lacrosse cleats

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Lacrosse Cleats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you have little time on your hands, but you still want to find the best lacrosse cleat you can rest assured, for you have come to the perfect place. After looking at consumer reports, surveys and the lacrosse cleats reviews that have garnered great ratings from customers, we have concluded that the New Balance Men’s Freeze is the one you should consider. This model features high-quality base lugs that are designed to offer unparalleled underfoot traction so that you are alwlacroays in control of your movements. The dual-density TPU plate also provides a unique combination of flexibility, traction, and stability which can give you a real edge when competing. For the best performance, the quixtrail is constructed to mirror the same cuts that lacrosse athletes take. If by any chance the New Balance Men’s Freeze is unavailable, we recommend you bear the Under Armour Boys’ UA in mind as your second-best alternative.


Top features to consider



Buying a pair of good lacrosse cleats isn’t an easy process. With the wide variety of alternatives available you can be forgiven if you end up feeling discouraged because in order to find the best cleats for lacrosse you will need to do a bit of research.

That’s where we and our buyer’s guide come in. We have done the hard work for you, and with the help of our buyer’s guide, you should be able to identify the features you need so that you can focus on only the products that matter.



Find your right fit


When buying equipment for any sport, the main factor that you should focus on is the comfort that that piece of equipment can offer. The best option is the one that can give you the best comfort. A comfortable pair of lacrosse cleats will improve your performance, lower the chances of injuries, and allow you to perform for a longer period of time without feeling beat down.

So how exactly do you find the model that offers the best fit? Lacrosse cleats should not feel too tight nor too loose since that can end up causing serious blisters. It is recommended that there should be at least a one-half inch space between the top of your shoes and your longest toe.

Make sure that your cleats are also tight enough to provide enough support to prevent slippage. It should also be loose enough to encourage breathability and comfort.



Materials and performance


The vast majority of athletic cleats are constructed out of leather or synthetic materials. The advantage of synthetics is the fact that it can offer increased flexibility and traction which should allow you to move more efficiently across the field. They also provide better protection and support from injury as the lightweight construction offers a better stability.

While looking at numerous reviews of lacrosse cleats, we have noticed that customer love the synthetic alternative. Some of the reasons why we and other customers consider the synthetic alternative as the best option is the fact that it offers better breathability to keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable as well as superior traction in unfavorable conditions.



Top rated products



To make things even easier for you and to help you find the lacrosse cleats for sale that you require, we have compiled a list of some of the critically acclaimed models available today. These are the products that have garnered great reviews and that stand out due to their quality, comfort, and accessibility.



New Balance Men’s Freeze


Get ready to dominate the field with the help of the New Balance Men’s Freeze; this cleat is designed to help athletes and amateur players achieve their goals through a smart design that has been laboriously built for this purpose. This model is also built out of the most comfortable materials available so that your feet can breathe and stay protected from blisters.

The base lugs will provide the best underfoot traction coupled with a rotational release that is simply unmatched. The quixtrail also helps this model achieve superior traction so that you never have to worry that a muddy terrain will influence your performance or worse, cause you to slip and injure yourself in the process. The New Balance Men’s Freeze will mirror the cuts taken by lacrosse athletes.

With years spent on researching and developing the best possible footwear, New Balance has managed with this model to create the lacrosse cleat that both professional and amateur athletes need.

To make things even better, they are also designed to fit each wearer perfectly, and with a huge selection of sizes available, you can be sure that finding the right one for you won’t be a problem.

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Under Armour Boys’ UA


Are you looking for an affordable option but you are afraid that spending less might result in you getting a product that won’t perform as good as you hoped? You can stop worrying because the Under Armour Boys’ UA is exactly the model that you need. This inexpensive alternative manages to offer great quality at a price that is more than reasonable, and customers absolutely love it because of it.

The UA ClutchFit upper wraps around your foot like a second skin so that you can get the benefit of having a powerful support and an incredible feel of pure comfort. This will allow you to feel your best when wearing them which in turn will give you more confidence and energy to do your very best on the field. Putting on and taking them off is just as easy due to the extended and flexible eyebrow cut-outs

When running or when staying stationary, the die-cut EVA footbed will provide you with only the best comfort and stability. Because traction is equally important, the rubber molded cleats offer an aggressive traction no matter the surface, all in a lightweight design that helps further increase your mobility.

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ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost


The ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost is another affordable alternative that aims to offer lacrosse players the control they need as well as further improve their performance on the field. This model stands out due to its lightweight yet ultra-sturdy design that enables it to be comfortable to wear and improve the mobility of the wearer without sacrificing the durability that customers look for in their purchase.  

With a synthetic construction, the ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost is engineered to provide greater motion control and an enhanced range of motion. When practicing a competitive sport, this is exactly what you need to give you an edge over your opponents. This model will work side by side with you, increasing your performance while also protecting you from any possible injuries or blisters.

With a 10mm layer of heel gradient and a rubber sole, you will always feel comfortable when wearing the ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost. The removable insole makes it easier for you to clean these shoes while also giving you the option of replacing it.

What’s more, the rearfoot gel cushioning will provide shock absorption when it is needed the most. With such an emphasis on safety, there is no wonder that customers love this option so much.

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