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Best Lacrosse gear

Last Updated: 12.04.19


Lacrosse gear – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, getting the best lacrosse gear is a sure way to improve your game and practice new skills safely and effectively. However, with so many products flooding the market, getting the right gear can be anything but easy. The good part is that we’ve analyzed and compared products from each category so that you get to choose the ones that offer the most features for the price. Our top choice is the Brine Clutch Elite. This is a quality lacrosse head that is made of durable materials, is stiff enough for skillful checks and wide enough to help you make the most catches while also coming in two different sizes for a perfect match. In the unfortunate event that this product has run out of stock, you might also want to consider getting the Champion Sports Lacrosse Balls.


Top features to consider



If you’re looking for some good lacrosse shafts made of scandium or some cheap lacrosse heads, you probably don’t have the time to do extensive research on the huge number of models on the market. Choosing the right equipment can be very important in terms of protection as well as performance. Here are a few things you might want to consider first.



Get a good lacrosse head and shaft


One of the most important things you’ll need for lacrosse is a good shaft and head. You can get these separately or buy the entire stick. You can also get unstrung sticks or heads, or choose to attach the strings yourself and customize the size and shape of the pocket, the firmness of the strings, and other properties that may vary according to your play style and experience.

You might also want something to carry your shaft, stick, and other accessories so you could get one of the cheap lacrosse bags for extra comfort during transport and protection for your equipment.



Improve your play with quality balls and cleats


There’s no lacrosse without a ball so you really need to get one of these to start playing. If you’re only interested in training for the moment, you could buy one of the cheap lacrosse balls you can find on the internet. A lightweight ball can be great for learning cradling or shooting techniques, and you don’t need to spend a fortune on these.

However, you should know that for all major pro leagues you will need a ball that meets the official size, weight, and color requirements of the NOCSAE, so choose carefully. Another requirement is that the ball has an official seal that is visible from a reasonable distance.

You will also want some cleats to give you good traction for fast cuts and rapid movements. Choose a pair of shoes that are also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Breathability is yet another important feature you want to check since you wouldn’t like to run around with soaking-wet feet for the entire duration of the game.


Protect yourself with the right equipment


Playing lacrosse safely will also require that you get at least some protective equipment. In women’s lacrosse, you don’t need as much protection as in the men’s version so you might get away with some cheap lacrosse gear.

For men’s field leagues, you will need to invest in a sturdy helmet, some good gloves, as well as armguards or elbow guards, depending on your position and play style.



Top rated products



If you’re trying to get one of the good lacrosse sticks or a quality helmet but don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of pages of product reviews, then don’t worry, as we have done the job for you. We have compared products in each category so that we can recommend the best for your needs. Have a look at our top choices and choose according to your play style and budget.



Best lacrosse head


The lacrosse head is one of the most important elements of the stick as it influences many aspects of the game. Depending on your skill level, size, type of league you are targeting, and position in the field, you might want to go for a specific model rather than another.

Defenders typically want heads with a wider scoop. The larger the scoop and the stiffer the edge, the easier it is to pick up balls on the ground. A defender can also perform better checks with a large head, and also improve catches in mid-air.

Attackers and midfielders will want a narrower and more flexible head of varying sizes depending on play style and position.



Brine Clutch Elite


If you’re looking for one of the good lacrosse heads on the market, then the Brine Clutch Elite is just what you’re looking for. Made from durable and strong materials, this head will help you improve your game and learn all the right skills you need to become a good player. This model comes in two variants: HS-spec and X-spec.

Thanks to the CORE-TECH sidewall design, this head is a lot lighter than comparable models, enabling a defender to react faster and perform more effective stick checks. Not only that, but thanks to the deeper lines in the side walls, release ability is also improved greatly, providing great versatility on the field and amazing reaction times.

The deeper set pocket will also come in handy when trying to catch the ball, as it is wide and deep enough to catch even the fastest of shots. However, you should check your league’s maximum limits to make sure that this model qualifies.

This lacrosse head is stiffer than many similar models which makes it a great all-around tool for defenders. You get to scoop the ball quite easily while also benefiting from extra firmness during checks. This head is unstrung, a thing which can actually benefit you since you can customize it and ensure that you fit it according to your style and needs on the field.

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Best lacrosse balls


While they often go unnoticed, lacrosse balls are some of the most important parts of any player’s equipment. Besides the obvious role they play in a game, these can make excellent practicing partners, especially since you can choose different sizes and weights to practice different techniques.

You can improve your shots, cradling, and catches with a quality ball. Choose the ball type accordingly for each discipline. However, you should know that for professional leagues, the balls need to have the official size and weight. Don’t forget to check the accepted colors for each lacrosse version. Orange balls are generally used in indoor lacrosse, while white and yellow are used in men’s and respectively women’s games.



Champion Sports Lacrosse Balls


Whether you want to practice cradling or shot techniques, the Champion Sports Lacrosse Balls are just what you need to take your game to the next level. This product comes with two balls that are the official size and weight so that you can also use them in official games.

These balls are made from durable yet elastic materials to ensure proper deflection and restitution. Measuring only around 5 ounces, these balls are light enough for all sorts of exercises so that you can spend hours on end practicing your favorite shots without tiring.

These balls also have the NOCSAE seal that is visible from a distance, which makes them suitable for official games. One important aspect you need to account for is color. The ball color of this product is orange, which makes it suitable for indoor games as well as for all sorts of practices.

However, if you plan on playing in professional men’s leagues, you should get white balls. For women’s leagues, yellow is the accepted NOCSAE color. These balls are made in Taiwan using the latest rubber-manufacturing technologies so you can rest assured that they will help you train and improve your game for a long time to come.

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Best lacrosse shaft


A lacrosse shaft is a part of the lacrosse stick, and therefore extremely important in all aspects of the game. Depending on the size of the player, the skill level, and the position, these shafts can differ in length and weight.

Attackers prefer short and lightweight shafts that are easily maneuverable. These can confer more agility and speed to shots and cradling. Defenders will want longer shafts which can measure up to 60 inches together with heads.

Shafts can also be made from many different materials, from the old traditional wooden shafts to aluminum, from modern carbon fiber to the latest scandium material.



Brine Swizzle Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft SWZSC4A


The Brine Swizzle Scandium Attack Lacrosse Shaft is a premium quality product that can be used by beginners and professionals alike. Made from durable materials, this shaft is lightweight yet very strong and will last any pro player for countless hard-fought games.

This is an attack shaft which measures 30 inches. It is made of lightweight Scandium, which is a professional-grade alloy that is used all throughout the US. Because it is short and light, this shaft is preferred by attackers who value hand speed and reaction time more than anything else.

The grip surface and other areas that are usually used for different techniques are textured and provide an improved grip even when wet. The last thing you’d want is to be close to scoring and drop your stick. With the ELITE GRIP technology, you make sure that this doesn’t happen and that you have complete control of the stick.

The Brine Swizzle is also nimble and can allow you to dodge checks with ease while also enabling you to create as many shot opportunities as possible. This product comes in the Carolina color which helps it blend in with the equipment most pro players wear.

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Best beginner lacrosse stick


While professional lacrosse sticks are made of lighter and more durable materials, they can cost a lot of money, and that is undesirable for someone just starting out. Good lacrosse sticks for beginners are still made from light materials and they can hold their own even after prolonged use.

These sticks can be made from aluminum, hard plastics or even more expensive materials, depending on the model. The shafts are usually shorter and only made for attacking since long sticks are uncommon among beginners. These also need to be lighter in order to allow rookies to practice without tiring too fast and losing the motivation to practice.



STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 CS ST05 W6


The STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 is a great stick for beginners who want to practice basic techniques. Inspired by the professional-grade Ellite Stallion, this stick offers very good performance for enthusiast lacrosse players without being too unforgiving for rookies.

This stick is short enough to provide young players with enough maneuverability so that they can learn the ropes of this beautiful sport. The thin and short handles allow beginners to practice shots with ease while also improving hand speed and coordination. The shaft is also textured to provide a firm grip for better performance and prevention of accidents.

Contrary to professional models, this one features a head that is made of softer materials. This makes it more elastic and easier to scoop balls while also allowing rookies to practice checking without hurting one another.

The soft mesh stringing also ensures improved retention as well as superior handling. The stringing is also good for exercising mid-air catches as well as cradling, essential techniques that need to be mastered before the player can advance to a higher level. Overall, the STX Lacrosse Stallion is a great option for any beginner who wishes to start playing this sport.

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Best youth lacrosse stick


There are all kinds of lacrosse sticks on the market, with all sorts of shapes, sizes, and prices. However, these don’t all need to be the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to beginners and youth. There are quite a few models that are built to resemble professional-grade sticks while also being more forgiving in terms of ease of use and affordability.

Many lacrosse sticks intended for youth are short and lightweight and can be successfully used for catching, cradling, and taking shots. Some of these also come in the mini variant and are excellent for backyard play and to provide small children with light and safe sticks to learn the skills of the trade.



STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super FX 923 MP


If you want some entry-level lacrosse sticks for your children to start learning this amazing game, then the STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super FX is the right product. This is a complete set with two sticks which are already strung and one ball that your kids can start using immediately.

These sticks are ideal for beginners to learn the game. The sticks are light enough to allow for agile movements, dodges, and other fast hand techniques, yet sturdy enough to resist impacts from checks and other forceful moves.

The heads are flexible and soft so that they will prevent any potential injuries, providing you with the peace of mind that your kids won’t risk injuries from practicing. The TX FiddleSTX sticks feature wide heads with high walls that are very good for inexperienced players to practice cradling.

They also make very good heads for catches and may be used successfully for attacking. These inexpensive sticks will provide your kids and other family members with an affordable way to have fun and play one of the oldest and most beautiful American sports.

Buy from for ($20.95)




Best lacrosse cleat


When it comes to lacrosse shoes, not all are made equal. In this sport, you need good cleats to be able to play at the highest level. The shoes need to be firm yet flexible enough so as to provide enough freedom of movement for a wide range of sudden bursts and directional changes.

The lugs also need to be specially designed so that they offer firm footing all the time while also allowing for rotational moves and cuts you see pro players make during major league games. The sole also needs to be able to absorb shocks to protect the ankles and feet from extra wear and potential injuries.



New Balance Men’s Freeze v1 FREEZV1 


If you want to improve your game and be able to make the insane cutting techniques, then you definitely need to get the New Balance Men’s Freeze v1. These are professional-grade cleats that will provide you with superior traction so that you can make sudden directional changes in a split second without losing your grip.

These shoes are designed to offer maximum traction. Thanks to the new Quixrail plates which mirror the cuts taken by professional lacrosse players during the game, you get to enjoy stability and superior control on the field every time. These cleats are very comfortable to wear and are made of a breathable mesh to ensure that sweat can evaporate and prevent your feet from staying soaked for hours on end.

The sole is made of durable rubber that is both strong and flexible enough to give you the versatility you need while maintaining high comfort. The base lugs are also designed for superior foot control and adherence even on a wet field. These cleats are also very light, weighing only 9.9 ounces so that you can move fast without any hindrance.

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Best lacrosse helmet for youth


Lacrosse helmets are meant to provide the player with complete protection against fast shots and checks. They are made from very strong materials that can withstand high impacts and absorb shocks, yet lightweight so that they do not hinder the player’s ability to move.

Helmets also feature brims and chin guards for extra protection, and they also have a full facemask in order to provide total protection for the face and head. While youth lacrosse isn’t nearly as aggressive as professional league games, helmets are still mandatory for players in order to prevent serious injuries which could result not only from body and stick checks, but also from head-to-head collisions.



Cascade CS Junior 


The Cascade CS Junior is a full-face helmet that is designed for children that are under 12 years old. This helmet is made of a single piece of hard shell with interior padding that will absorb shocks and protect the wearer from harm.The helmet also features a strong chin guard and a facemask for total and complete protection of the head and face.

Made from durable and strong materials, this helmet guarantees maximum protection for junior players wishing to improve their lacrosse techniques. Despite its high strength, this unit is lightweight and will not fatigue the player even after extended play sessions.

The Gen3 EPP liner not only meets the industry’s standards but exceeds them, ensuring that the young player gets the most protection possible while still being on the light side. This product has a pull-tab system that enables fast adjustments for an easy fit. These are also helpful for fast-growing children since they can ensure a snug fit every time.

The mask is designed for extra protection while also offering good visibility. This helmet is an excellent piece of protective equipment which combines safety features with comfort and utility for worry-free lacrosse training every time.

Buy from for ($109.99)




Best lacrosse gloves


Lacrosse gloves are essential in this sport since they protect the player’s hands from harm. These special gloves are intended to provide maximum protection for fingers, wrists, and forearms with thick padding and plastic caps. These are vital in protecting against stick checks and body checks and preventing injuries.

Lacrosse gloves are made from breathable materials to allow water vapors from perspiration to ventilate outside and help the hands dry faster during play. These gloves also feature textured meshes on the interior in order to provide a good grip on the lacrosse stick and fast and firm handling.



Brine King Superlight 2 LGLKSL2S BK 12-P 


If you want to get maximum protection for your hands for the most intense face-offs, then the Brine King Superlight 2 are just what you need. These gloves are durable, comfortable to wear, and they ensure that your hands and fingers stay protected even in the heat of the battle so that you don’t suffer from injuries or get overwhelmed by pain and lose your ability to focus.

These gloves are made with thick and resistant padding on fingers, on the back as well as on the wrists. You also get to enjoy the new Floating Cuff feature which protects your wrists at all times, even when scooping up balls or facing stick checks.

With the TruVents technology, the gloves will maintain a good ventilation during action-packed matches. These gloves also have wicking materials which are meant to soak up moisture and release it towards the exterior so that your palms don’t stay wet for the entire duration of the game.

The Textured Nash offers a good feel for the stick so that you get to use all your tricks and techniques with no hindrance. You also benefit from an improved grip to prevent losing your stick when you need it the most.

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Best lacrosse forearm guards


Because lacrosse is a contact sport which allows for hard stick checks and body checks, wearing forearm guards is not only a necessity but also mandatory in men’s leagues. These guards are meant to protect the forearms as well as the elbow from impacts, preventing injuries and ensuring a smooth and safe game.

These are great for attackers and midfielders since they offer good protection without hindering movement. These usually feature elbow caps, padding, and anti-slip nubs to prevent them from slipping. Defenders may also wear these, although they usually prefer the lighter and more flexible elbow pads.



STX Lacrosse Cell 3 PD AGC3 03 RL/WE-P


If you want to get maximum protection for your forearm and elbow yet stay mobile and flexible, the STX Lacrosse Cell 3 arm guards are ideal. These provide reliable protection for your arms without hindering your ability to perform forceful shots or skillful dodges.

Made by the legendary lacrosse manufacturer, the STX Lacrosse Cell 3 feature the exclusive Geo-Flex technology which gives reliable impact resistance while also providing superior flexibility and lightweight. This makes them perfect for attackers who don’t want to sacrifice mobility for extra protection.

The plastic elbow cap presents a low-profile contour which ensures that your elbows are protected while also staying highly flexible. Its distinctive shape also allows it to deflect stick checks and slashes so that you stay safe at all times. Made from breathable materials, this arm guard will move water vapors from your skin’s surface to the exterior and make sure that you don’t stay soaking wet throughout the match.

With the innovative strap system, you can easily adjust these with minimum effort and provide a snug fit on your arms. With the interior silicone nubs arranged in a 360-degree pattern, these armguards will prevent slipping even during intense face-offs.

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Best lacrosse mouthguards


Mouthguards are vital pieces of equipment that are required not just in lacrosse, but also in a large number of other contact sports. Because this sport involves a lot of fast and forceful moves such as shots, checks, and slashes, it is very important that players wear mouthguards for maximum protection.

Mouthguards are meant to protect the teeth, lips, and gums from impacts. These can vary in type, from simple mouthguards to boil-and-bite models to custom-made variants. Simple mouthguards are cheap, but they offer the least amount of protection, while custom units are the most expensive but offer the most safety features.



Redline Sportswear Mouthguard


The Redline Sportswear is a shock-resistant mouthguard that is ideal for lacrosse and other contact sports. This product is designed to offer maximum protection for your teeth, gums, and lips so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your mouth while playing.

This unit is the boil-and-bite type, which makes it a good choice for most people since it molds to each person’s teeth. You only need to boil it for a few minutes, leave it to cool for a bit, and then bite it repeatedly to ensure a tight fit.

The Redline Sportswear Mouthguard can protect your mouth even against brutal body checks. If you’re playing men’s lacrosse, your face will be protected from the facemask, but your teeth could still get knocked out by the impacts, or you could risk biting your tongue. The good news is that this mouthguard features an innovative gel liner technology which helps absorb shocks from any impact.

This product is made using approved materials so that you don’t have to worry about hazardous plastics and chemicals. You also get a vented case to keep the mouthguard safe and clean so that you can use it anytime you need it.

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Best lacrosse elbow pads


Contrary to forearm guards which are normally worn by attackers who really need the extra protection, elbow pads are smaller and much lighter. These are the preferred apparel pieces for defensive players since they don’t need as much protection as attackers, but they do need more flexibility to perform more checks and scoops.

Elbow pads cover the smallest areas compared to other arm guards but they can still provide decent protection. They are normally made from breathable meshes with hard plastic caps that go over the elbows. Pads are generally soft and very comfortable and can be put on and taken off quite easily.  



STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Elbow Pad PD EPC3 04 BK/BK-P


The STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Elbow Pad is an ideal addition to any defensive player in pro leagues. This product combines an ingenious design with durable and light materials to offer protection without skimping on mobility, ensuring high-level performance and safety for enthusiasts and veterans alike.

Featuring the exclusive Geo-Flex technology, these elbow pads are extremely flexible, offering players good protection and maximum mobility. These are preferred by defensemen that need little protection but all the mobility they can muster so that they can block attacks, perform slashing checks and make saving catches.

These elbow pads do not have any straps, are easy to slide on and off and they are made from soft yet resistant materials. These compression sleeves are some of the lightest in this category, offering superior comfort while also fitting snugly around the elbows. The interior silicone nubs also prevent slips even during fast-paced action.

With the Lacrosse Cell 3 elbow pads, you can play for extended periods of time without having to readjust them and miss important actions. You also get to enjoy improved breathability that will keep your arms cool and dry even during heated training sessions.

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Frequently asked questions about lacrosse


How is Lacrosse played?

Perhaps one of the oldest sports on the American continent, lacrosse is played in two teams. Players use lacrosse sticks to carry balls with a technique called cradling, pass to team players and try to score by beating the other team’s defense and shooting the ball into the goal. There are 4 different lacrosse versions, with men’s and women’s field versions, a mixed gender intercrosse, and an indoor box lacrosse.


When was Lacrosse invented?

It is believed that lacrosse was invented around 1100 AD or perhaps even earlier by Native Americans. A version of the sport was played by the Iroquois people and it could have involved several hundred players spread across a huge field. The sport was first described by a French Jesuit missionary called Jean de Brébeuf. He called the name ‘la crosse’, which simply means ‘the stick’ in the French language. The game has evolved greatly over the past few centuries.


When is Lacrosse season?

The lacrosse season can vary depending on the league. In men’s field league, the season usually starts in spring and finishes in late summer. In 2016, men’s field lacrosse league games were played between 9 teams from April until August. These events usually gather the largest numbers of spectators and are held in several major cities across the US. There are other lacrosse leagues as well, with different dates for local and national levels.

Is Lacrosse a contact sport?

All versions of lacrosse involve some sort of contact. However, since rules vary greatly from one league to another, contact may range from minimal to significant. In men’s field lacrosse leagues, body checks are allowed, and so are stick checks. Body and stick checks are meant to disrupt movement or cause the opponent players to drop the ball. In women’s field lacrosse, body checks are forbidden. However, stick checks are still allowed in women’s leagues.


Is Lacrosse dangerous?

Because body checks and stick checks are allowed, men’s field lacrosse can sometimes be dangerous. This is the reason why men wear protective equipment from helmets to gloves, arm guards, and elbow guards. The women’s version of lacrosse involves less contact between the players, but injuries can still occur, and players still use light equipment as well as helmets for some protection. Regardless of the version, accidents can and do occur, especially head-to-head collisions, and that’s why helmets are mandatory in this sport.



What are the best Lacrosse brands?



Founded in 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland, STX has become one of the most popular and easily recognizable lacrosse brands in the world. This company is known for some of the best sticks, protective gear, and accessories. It frequently innovates its line of equipment with new and improved gear such as STX Super power or the memory mesh. The company’s name is actually the stylized contraction of the word ‘sticks’.


Warrior Lacrosse was founded as Warrior Sports in 1992 by the former professional lacrosse player David Morrow. Named after the founder’s team, the company became the first to manufacture lacrosse shafts from titanium. This innovation would go on to change the game, especially due to its high strength and lightweight. Today, the company is recognized as one of the most important in the industry, with premium-grade equipment which offers superior performance and quality.


While better known in more popular sports such as football and soccer, Nike Lacrosse has managed to establish a strong presence in this sport’s market. The company is bringing new models each year, with its sticks series becoming more popular among professional players due to their improved performance that also maintains style. Nike also makes high-end cleats, as well as some of the most appreciated pieces of protective equipment.


Founded in New York city in 2005 by Jay Jalbert and John Gagliardi, two professional lacrosse players, Maverik has become to signify the ultimate commitment in this sport. The company quickly gathered a team of other professional players and designers, making it a true “by pro players for pro players” follower. Maverik designs and produces lacrosse shafts and heads, as well as protective equipment, including some of the most appreciated gloves, pads, and helmets.


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