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Best martial arts shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Martial arts shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Do you want to have the best martial arts shin guards available on the market? From this paragraph you will learn what model to choose, so your money is well spent. Our research involved reading numerous reviews from buyers and experts, as well as evaluating the sales figures for the most popular models available. The conclusion we reached is that the RDX MMA is the model worthy of spending money on. The adjustable straps they come equipped with serve for easy customization, so you do not have to worry that the shin will not fit. The particular system used ensures that you will have not only your legs protected but your feet as well. The multiple padding layers contribute to the superior protection these shins offer. If the RDX MMA is out of stock, the Adidas Protector is a great replacement, as it provides almost the same protection and value for the money.



Comparison table




There are several reasons you might be interested in checking out some martial arts shin guards. The first reason consists of the fact that the studio you usually practice in has a requirement in this sense or the instructor specifically asks you to wear shin guards while involved in a session. The second motive you may need to purchase such a product is that it can have a say when it comes to safety. When starting out, sparring can be downright dangerous, particularly if you’ve had no prior experience with the martial arts you want to get into and if you’re slightly out of shape.


shin pads martial arts


Why wear shin guards while practicing martial arts?



Even when practicing, there is the risk of serious injury as some of the opponents you may encounter may be used to hitting martial arts practitioners who wear shin guards. In other words, you may inadvertently receive a stronger blow, without the person hitting you doing it on purpose. If you are worried that wearing shin guards for a long time can do nothing for you in terms of increasing your resistance to pain and muscle strain, all you have to do is condition yourself and do a lot of heavy bag work.



How to find new martial arts shin pads in 2019 ?



With so many options available in today’s marketplace, martial arts practitioners may need to go through a lot of info before finally deciding which model to pick. They should consider the type of martial arts they perform, their size, as well as whether the product they have chosen is in complete accordance with the guidelines of their instructor. We’ve decided to give you a hand, so we put together a short guide that can help you associate your requirements with the features of the unit you’re eyeing.





Most of the products we’ve gone through during our research can be split up into two basic categories. Some of them are destined for mixed martial arts whereas others are intended for Muay Thai. What makes the difference between the two? Shin guards for MMA typically have a sock-like structure. In this case, the user can cover the entire shin area with the help of a guard. By contrast, shin guards for Muay Thai traditionally come with straps that have to be fastened around the calf of the user. In practice, you may use whatever kind you’re comfortable with. However, if you intend to take part in competitions, you should purchase either the best MMA shin guards or top-notch Muay Thai shin guards, depending on the sport you usually perform.



Size and measurements


Use a measuring tape to measure your shins starting off under the knee and down to the ankle. When doing so, you should take into account the fact that your legs might differ in size, depending on a variety of factors. If you normally use your right part of the body such as your right hand and right leg, there’s a high chance that the circumference of your left leg is smaller compared to the one of your right one. As previously discussed, MMA shin guards are sock-like and therefore, they have to fit the owner as best as possible. If you have different shin measurements, stick with the largest dimension when choosing guards.

After carefully estimating the dimensions of your shin, what you need to do is check the size chart of various manufacturers. If you’ve already considered one model or another, it might be a good idea to see whether your size is available and whether the dimensions you’ve measured fit a size correctly. It goes without saying that, if you have the time and availability to go to a store and try out some models before ordering them online, it may prove to be helpful. Perhaps some of your friends are martial arts practitioners who use shin guards, so why not ask for their opinion on the matter?




Both leather and synthetic fabrics are popular among manufacturer these days but there are differences between the two and we are here to emphasize them. While leather is better because it’s comfortable and durable, it might not be as breathable as other synthetic combinations that have been developed in the recent decade or so. Since Muay Thai shin guards are usually a lot heavier compared to their MMA counterparts, perhaps you’d like to choose synthetic over leather if that’s the type of martial art you regularly practice.



Final tips


While paying attention to details such as the size and build of the shin guards is the right way to go about things, we feel compelled to say that what your instructor recommends is always best. This person has been certified to teach you the martial art and has enough experience to tell you which product is the right fit for your fighting style and physical features.




Martial shin guards types



This article will discuss each type of shin guard separately. We have decided to go through each and every one as there might be distinctions that can affect the comfort felt by the user. The best shin guards categories will be showcased below, so if you’re still feeling a bit unsure about which product you should go for, just keep on reading.



Best MMA shin guards


This group is somewhat different compared to the one you may be interested in if you’re a fan of kickboxing or Muay Thai. Most of the models we’ve come across do not come with the leather straps that are typical for Thai shin guards. MMA alternatives usually have a sleeve that covers the entire shin area, meaning that the user will have to pull it on his or her calf and lower leg. MMA sparring shin guards are excellent options when it comes to practice.

However, one has to keep in mind the fact that they feature a thinner padding and thus may not raise up to par if you plan to use them when doing hard sparring. As for size, both MMA and Thai traditionally have the same sizes. Even so, there may be certain differences from one manufacturing brand to the next, especially as we’ve noticed that products manufactured in America and Europe tend to be a tad larger compared to their Asian counterparts.

This is due to the fact that most Asian users are smaller in size and a good degree shorter compared to Americans and Western Europeans.





1.1 RDX Leather MMAUnlike many other products we’ve stumbled upon during our research, this one is destined for MMA use but doesn’t look like the typical shin guard you’re likely to use when performing such a sport.

As such, the Auth RDX features two convenient adjustable straps, which is why it’s so easy for the owners to customize the size of the guards depending on their leg sizes.

Featuring three layers of contoured padding and a unique system that manages to secure both the foot and the shin, the Auth RDX is undoubtedly worth considering. Many of the buyers who reviewed the unit claim they’re impressed with the value it offers.



These martial arts shin guards feature a thick, shock-absorbent, gel-based padding that delivers a superb level of protection and support. Even when your opponent delivers blows to your lower legs, you won’t feel great pain like you would without the shin guards.

This protective gear comes with a Velcro closure to hold the shin guard in place. Once properly fastened, the shin guards will not slip from their position on the legs. No need to refasten them over again during intense workouts.

The shin guards are made of resilient, genuine cowhide leather that makes them exceptionally long lasting and tough. The leather is resistant to peeling and cracking and is easy to maintain.

The shin guards provide a snug fit that allows a comfortable alignment against the shins. This means you won’t have to be bothered by the shin guards coming loose and getting out of position during an intense martial arts training.



The shin and instep sections of the shin guard were noted by one customer to have a gap between them.

Buy from for ($87.09)




Best Taekwondo shin guards


Taekwondo is a unique type of martial arts that was developed using rules from Karate and Chinese Martial Arts as well as several principles from traditional Korean Martial Arts. Most of the kicks performed in Taekwondo are head-height, which means that there very few circumstances where the shin area gets exposed entirely.

Thus, users may be less likely to get hurt in that specific body region, which is why most of the shin guards developed for this kind of sport are somewhat simpler compared to the ones you might find for MMA and Muay Thai. The core principles of Taekwondo are concentration, breath control, mass, speed, and extreme agility. The power of the blow per se might be lower compared to the blows given and received in kickboxing.

Consequently, there are many manufacturers that have tried to incorporate the techniques currently being used in Taekwondo in their products. The typical shin protector is made of PU and covers the area right below the knee down to the ankle. The foot is rarely protected by this kind of guard. The central piece is fastened to the front of the leg using Velcro or elastic straps.



Adidas Protector


A.1 adidas TaekwondoIn spite of the fact that it has been built by one of the top leaders in the industry, Adidas, this product is remarkably inexpensive.

This is a Taekwondo protector that is made from PU and that is fastened to the surface of the leg with two all-around elastic straps. Available sizes range from XS to XL, so anyone can have his or her cake and eat it, too. The product is easy to put on and comfortable to use, as underlined by the many people who took the time to review it.

In short, this is an inexpensive yet entirely capable alternative that can be bought for less than forty dollars.



Endorsed by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), these shin guards have been assessed to provide adequate protection during training and actual competitions. The endorsement from the professional organization is a testament to their dependable functionality.

The shin guards come with two all-around elastic straps that deliver a secure and snug hold from the front to the back of the leg so any wayward kicks and blows do not come in direct contact with the legs.

The shin guards are available in a range of sizes from extra-small to extra-large so everyone gets properly fitted. Just measure the dimensions of your legs to ensure accurate size matching.

The easy hook-and-loop closure provides as snug a fit as you can get so the shin guards do not move around on the legs when you execute your moves or block an opponent’s strikes.



One user who believes their calves may be larger than average found the shin guards to be quite tight around that area.

Buy from for ($24.39)




Best sparring shin guards


Regardless of the martial arts you want to become proficient in, you need to be aware of the fact that sparring is a form of training. As such, it’s very unlikely that its physical nature poses a degree of risks. Often times, sparring practitioners don’t get hurt as often as they would if they were to practice a typical kind of martial arts.

In actuality, every type of martial arts can be correlated with a type of sparring. Both Muay Thai and MMA sparring are somewhat laid back and focus on the priority of avoiding injuries. MMA sparring is generally considered to be relatively unsafe considering that there have been fighters who have managed to sustain injuries while training. Sparring is recommended once a week or every other week if your physical shape does not require you to perform it more often. Off-season, there’s nothing and nobody stopping you from taking it easy and get conditioning by wrestling or hitting a punching bag.

Practicing the typical movements of the martial arts of your preference can be done in the studio under the supervision of an instructor who can decide when you need to undertake sparring. Sparring shin guards are very protective because the whole point of the technique is to avoid injuries. These products usually cover both the leg and the foot area.



Meister Edge


1.Meister EDGE LeatherMeister MMA is one of the most well-known brands in the industry of building top-quality shin guards, which is one of the reasons this unit stands by the company’s quality standards.

The model is ergonomically designed and gel-enhanced so that it offers the proper fit the user requires at all times. The three foot straps featured by the item make it possible for the guards to keep perfectly still regardless of the amplitude of the movements performed by the owner.

This option has been constructed using cowhide leather and high-density impact foam. Amazon buyers say that these are the lightest and top recommended sparring shin guards they’ve used.



These shin guards are made using 100 percent cowhide leather, which ensures adequate toughness to resist cracking and peeling while being easy to maintain.

The ergonomically-designed shin guards feature a gel padding that delivers a level of softness without being too plush. The padding keeps the shin guards comfortable on the legs while conforming to the shape of your limbs for a personalized fit.

The shin guards are slightly curved inside to enable them to follow the outline of the instep for an all-around coverage of the legs.

The three foot straps keep the shin guards securely in place. The shin guards will not move when you do because of the straps, which do not hamper your free movement either.

The straps under the ball of the foot have rubber dots that deliver the extra traction needed to keep your footing on the training mat secure at all times. These shin guards offer the ideal fusion of fit and function.



According to one customer, these shin guards are not exactly designed for use in heavy sparring and are more suitable for light training.

Buy from for ($44.99)




Best kickboxing shin guards


Kickboxing is a hybrid martial art that encompasses multiple techniques, from punching and kicking to knee and elbow strikes and special defense positions. While there are different individual rulesets depending on the area where you live and the competition you will participate in, the most common ones are full contact rules (also known as American kickboxing), semi-contact, and international standards.

The latter goes by the name of freestyle, as it is the only kind of kickboxing that allows low kicks. Ever since it was created, back in the 1960s, this sport has gathered a huge number of practitioners and fans all over the world, including the United States. In most cases, the shin guards used in this type of martial arts resemble the ones that one may employ while performing MMA. As such, the user is protected both in the lower leg area and in the foot area. Some models may be made of PU, whereas others might have been constructed of leather.

It all depends on what you feel comfortable with using. Be sure to keep in mind that kickboxing can be quite aggressive depending on the ruleset, so the shin guards you will choose will need to be efficient and cover all the leg and foot regions where you might get hurt.



RDX Protective Gear Kickboxing


1.RDX MMA Shin FoamThis RDX model is yet another affordable alternative you might want to take into account if you want to take up a sport such as kickboxing. It costs less than thirty dollars depending on the online retailer you will end up choosing for your purchase.

The price has a say in the matter, as the product is made with synthetic materials instead of natural leather.

Even so, thanks to the strapping system and the excellent Dri-Fit moisture-management feature of the RDX, we say that it is one of the best kickboxing options that are now available.



This shin guard is engineered with the exclusive Dri-Fit moisture-management technology that utilizes synthetic material to wick sweat away from the skin to prevent any irritation or chafing due to bacteria that comes from perspiration.

The RDX Cross-over Velcro strapping system provides an effective means of locking the shin pad down for a secure and tight attachment on the lower leg.

For optimal durability, the shin guard features an extra-light Carbon Fiber padding for lasting use as well as added protection and comfort.

The shin guards also feature a low-profile style that holds them firmly in place so they neither ride up or down even when the action on the field becomes intense.

Even after being washed multiple times, the shin guard retains their shape and form so they still look as good as new.



One user who seems to be quite particular about the brand claims the logo of the shin guards received was not the same as the one in the picture.

Buy from for ($30.14)




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