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Best men’s softball cleats

Last Updated: 14.04.19


Men’s softball cleats – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If what you are looking for are the best men’s softball cleats, then you’ve come to the right place. Since we know that doing this research can be very time-consuming, as there are multiple options available for sale, we’ve taken the time to go through all of the information ourselves, including expert reviews and specialized forums, and in the following lines, you’ll find the answers you need. Our conclusion is that the model you should consider as the primary option is New Balance’s PL4040v4. Made of premium synthetic materials, these cleats offer a lightweight and comfortable feel, as well as an enhanced traction given the specially designed sole. Plus, the cushioned midsole protects against shocks for a better overall experience. In case this model is, by an unfortunate event, unavailable, the next best option to keep in mind is Mizuno’s MIZD9 9-Spike Advanced, as it offers similar benefits and performances.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider



Softball is a beautiful and complex sport that requires time and dedication for a player to master. For this reason, especially if the player is a beginner, getting very good gear that supports and enhances the learning process is important, and here we’re talking about more than protective equipment such as softball face masks.

That is why we’ve decided to offer you this concise guide in which you will find the main elements you should take into consideration as you browse through the alternatives offered on the market. We know that this process can sometimes be overwhelming, so we are here to lend you a hand and make everything easier.





There are three main designs when we’re talking about softball cleats styles. Metal ones provide the most traction on the field and also have the thinnest spikes. As you can imagine, these are also the cleats that can raise some safety issues. For this reason, they should only be worn by experienced players and are prohibited in certain leagues.

Molded cleats are, in fact, designed with non-removable shorter hard plastic or rubber studs. The models that include hard plastic studs are generally lighter. Given that molded cleats usually have more studs along the outsole, they are more comfortable, which makes them ideal for beginners.

Training or turf cleats are the ideal off-field practice alternative since they are more comfortable than regular cleats and also offer more traction than normal shoes do, without tearing the turf field in the process.



Low-cut or high-cut


Since you might have already noticed that there are both low-cut and high-cut models that you can choose from, we’ve decided it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what each of these alternatives has to offer.

Low-cut cleats work better for agile players, as they are more lightweight and pose little restrictions when it comes to the ankles. On the other hand, it’s true that less ankle support also means that the risk of injuries is somewhat higher. For this reason, these might be a better-suited alternative for more experienced players.

Their high-cut counterparts include more material, which makes the heavier, but the specific design ensures an improved ankle support, which can make this alternative better for beginners. In the end, it’s more a matter of personal preference.





Even though cleats are traditionally made of leather, which is a durable material that also ensures breathability, going for a model made of synthetic materials can prove to be a better idea. Besides the lightweight experience they offer, going for such an alternative also means you are better prepared for wet and muddy conditions.



Top rated products



If you’ve already gone through numerous reviews of men’s softball cleats but couldn’t decide which model is the most suitable one for your needs, the selection below will surely help you out. Here you’ll find our favorite picks from the most sought-after cleats available on the market.



New Balance PL4040v4


This molded model from New Balance is not what you could particularly describe as a pair of cheap men’s softball cleats, however, it does offer multiple benefits that make it an excellent choice, so keep on reading to see if it’s not, by any chance, exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Made of high-quality synthetic materials, these cleats ensure a lightweight feel for a comfortable wear during the game. Plus, the specially designed sole is also made of premium materials and ensures an improved traction that definitely comes in handy during those moments when the game becomes rather intense.

Since comfort is not something that a well-known brand such as New Balance would ever disregard, the manufacturer added a lightweight cushioned midsole that ensures the necessary shock absorption. This is also a matter of safety, so it’s not to be overlooked by the player either.

Built on a big leaguer-proven TPU outsole, this model is one that can be used by either experienced players, as well as by beginners. Given the many features included, it can also help improve the gameplay, and this is as important during a beginner’s learning process as finding the right softball bat.

Buy from




Mizuno MIZD9 9-Spike Advanced


When it comes to getting a pair of good men’s softball cleats, Mizuno should be one of the first brands to come into your mind, since it’s one of the popular ones among experienced players, which means that you have little to worry about in terms of quality and construction.

This model is specially designed for those who need molded cleats, and it works very well on both artificial turf fields and clay. If you are playing softball on different types of fields, a more versatile model is surely a good idea. Plus, the rubber studs ensure the necessary comfort in any game conditions.

Since we’re talking about the rubber studs, we’ll take a moment to mention that they are aligned underneath the foot which, besides the added comfort, also ensures an improved traction. This is especially useful when the game gets more intense and aggressive and the player needs to keep up with everything.

These great softball cleats stand out among others in this category through the man-made and durable construction they feature. Moreover, the low-cut design is suitable for agile players. If you can test the shoes before the purchase, it’s best to try them with the softball socks that you are going to use.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Mizuno Advanced Erupt 3



Another model that can definitely be a part of your softball gear, Mizuno’s Advanced Erupt 3 cleats is a true statement to the brand’s philosophy, which translates the player’s passion for a certain sport into high-quality products and excellent craftsmanship. For this reason, do take a closer look at what these cleats have to offer.

Made of 100% synthetic materials, the lightweight construction works very well for the player’s comfort on the field and also makes this model suitable for harder weather conditions as well. Plus, the rubber sole is specially designed to ensure an enhanced traction which surely comes in handy in the heat of the game.

Also adding to the player’s traction is the ground-grip aggressive stud design the soles feature, while additional flexibility is offered by the Proflex technology this model benefits from and which allows the forefoot to flex in various directions. This is an important safety aspect as well, and more experienced players surely understand the role flexibility plays for overall performance.

Perfect for multiple sports, this versatile model also features a full-length midsole which offers additional comfort, as well as ground grips that work for both clay and turf fields.

Buy from for ($65)




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