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Best MMA mouth guard reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Mouth guards for MMA – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re short on time, but you’re still determined to find the best mouth guard for MMA, this is the place for you. We’ve looked into consumer reports and specialized forums, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the RDX Mouthguard is what fits the description. This product is ideal because it offers you the protection you need in a variety of sports. It’s easy to mold and nicely follows the alignment of your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in a fight or feeling uncomfortable with it. Notably, you get a second chance when you didn’t get the mold right in the first place. Just boil it again and get a better mold. It’s also great because the perforations in it allow the air to pass through and make breathing much easier. In case you can’t lay your hands on the RDX Mouthguard, then there’s a chance you’d benefit from purchasing the second-best alternative as the Venum Predator One Size comes with much the same features.  


Top features to consider


In modern contact sports, mouthguards are a most of the times recommended, if not mandatory. A direct impact can cause severe damage, fracturing the teeth or even the lower jaw, and injuring the neck and jaw joints, that is why wearing a mouthguard is advisable. It absorbs the shock on a large area and reduces the damage.



Impact resistance


The first thing you need to have in mind is the kind of impact you’re preparing for. There are mouth guards offering protection from low impact or high impact. A good mouth guard for MMA should always give you protection from strong blows.

An efficient mouth guard for MMA fighting, as well as boxing or Muay Thai, is designed to be thicker so that it can fully absorb the shock. Thinner mouthguards could leave you vulnerable when you’re sparring, although they are more comfortable to wear.



Good fit and comfort


The best mouth guard for MMA reviews always emphasizes the importance of well-fitted protection. If the shape of your mouthguard isn’t right for your teeth or leaves gaps and room for play, then it could fall out during your fight, or you could suffer various injuries.

Find a mouth guard that is both tight and comfortable. If you are uneasy while wearing it, your focus could diminish. Also, if you have to constantly adjust it, you’ll be distracted and annoyed.




As we have pointed out, the thickness of the mouthguard is related to its capacity to withstand powerful hits, absorb the shock and minimize damage to the teeth, bones, and tissues.

Oversized mouthguards will stick out most of the times, so you’ll probably lose some of the style you have in mind. Thinner mouth guards are better for your looks and easier to get used to.



Commercial or boil and bite mouth guards


This type of mouthguards is what you can usually find on the market. They’re cheap and get the job done, so most people use them.

By subjecting the mouth guard to boiling treatment, the users can work with the resulting soft material. Biting and pressing make the mouthguard fit, and the fighters keep their teeth safe from the adversary’s punches.



Dental or custom mouth guard


Custom mouth guards are meant to solve the problems that come up while using the boil and bite protective devices. Beginners aren’t ready to invest into custom mouth guards, so they have less protection and sometimes lose the piece during a fight.

The best custom mouth guard for MMA allows you to breathe and speak easier, are hard to knock out of place and provide great protection for any serious training.



Top rated products



It’s not easy to choose from a large number of products on the market, so we thought it would be nice to help you decide by making a selection. The best products are showcased below, so take a few moments to make up your mind.



RDX Mouthguard


This RDX mouthpiece is easy to place at the top of sportsmen’s preferences because it’s one of the gears that provide protection for a variety of sports, from MMA to Football or Lacrosse. It’s easy to pick this equipment for any of these activities as it has all the necessary qualities.

This product ensures a good fit by providing a mold that’s easy to work with. Boiling it for just 10 to 12 seconds and then cooling it down pressed against your teeth, you can get a great fit. It won’t come off easily, and adversaries won’t knock it out with a punch.

If you fail to get your mold right in the first attempt, the mouth gear can be boiled for a second attempt on following the teeth alignment correctly.  

The device uses shell shock gel for protecting the teeth and gums and has an improved capacity to disperse the shock of direct hits. The front side of the protective gear absorbs the force of the blow and keeps the teeth intact.

This mouth guard is endowed with three small perforations that facilitate the airflow. The fighter or player can breathe and blow the air without disrupting its training.



The RDX Mouthguard is easy to mold. It only takes 10-12 seconds to boil, and after biting the piece and applying pressure, the mold will follow the frame of your teeth.  

It absorbs the shock of surprise hits. The front of the mouth guard is designed in such a manner that it absorbs the force of the blow. Keeping your teeth intact is what makes a mouth guard efficient.

The RDX Mouthguard helps you breathe better. While other mouth pieces could give you a hard time when you need to keep the air flowing, this item has three perforations that help you breathe better.

It comes with a ventilated case that is suitable for adult sized products but also for those destined for young trainees.



You have to be careful when you follow the steps required for the molding. The plastic could become softer than you’d expected and cover the breathing holes in the frame.

Buy from for ($29.47)




Venum Predator One Size


The product is manufactured for high standards as it is destined to meet the demands of professional athletes. To make sure the quality buyers will get the promised quality, the manufacturer introduced the Nextfit gel for the frame construction.

Since normal breathing is essential for fighters in all scenarios, designers managed to engineer the mouthpiece in such a manner that it allows users better breathing during their training or competitions. Normal breathing facilitates better focus and diminishes fatigue.

Ensuring impact resistance is a constant concern. That is why the manufacturer decided to use high-density rubber to improve shock absorption.

Blow force dispersion is a difficult task, but the Venum Predator One Size is up to it. By using multi-layer construction, you can be sure the hit loses enough power to leave your bones and teeth undamaged. This is one of the top methods employed by manufacturers when they want their protective gear to get the job done.  

The mouth guard is an important piece of equipment, and you need to take good care of it. This model comes with a protective case so you can conveniently carry it with you and keep it clean when you don’t use it.



The manufacturer of the Venum Predator One Size made their choice of structure and material considering the protection required during training or combat. They used high-density rubber and multi-layer build to absorb and disperse shocks.

It is designed for comfort and fit. The solution devised for better adjustment is given by the Nextfit gel frame. As the gear matches the line of your teeth, it’s efficiency rises.

If you decided on this purchase, you could choose from a large range of colors. Besides being a functional piece of equipment, the mouth guard is also representative of a fighter’s temper and style.

The majority of customers that stated their opinion on the product were convinced they made a great choice when estimating the price over value.



Unfortunately, this protective gear is only fit for adults.

It has a high profile, and that can make your lips more exposed to powerful blows.  

Buy from for ($19.99)




Redline Sportswear Vented Case


When you’re looking for a mouth guard, there are more elements to consider than just the protection of your teeth. This product shows equal attention for the teeth, gums, and lips because it’s the right way to provide protection.

The products use POE since the manufacturer has found them to be the most advantageous when it comes to protection and tight fit. This material has better molding capability, and it can absorb impact forces that usually cause injuries.

To increase the shock absorption rate of the mouth guards and make them safer for the wearer, these items also have a thicker lining on the front and backside. The method pays off, as they are better rated for injury prevention than other similar brands.

Most other mouthguards use a bulkier mold as a way to increase safety, but the Redline model places emphasis on a tighter fit and better cushioning of the teeth and gums. This way, the comfort, and protection go hand in hand with optimum results.

In addition to the careful choice of materials and competitive design, the mouth guard comes with a vented case that can keep it clean and dry for the next spar.



The use of non-toxic materials is a decided advantage. This mouth gear does not include BPA and Latex in its composition, which is known for toxic or irritating effects. POE is this far known to be benign.  

It’s great because it fits adults and children as well. Some mouth guards have models that cannot be adapted for the use of young students. This is more practical as you can buy the same product for any age.

The mouth guard provides the fighters with excellent protection. Securing the gums, lips, and teeth, this item has a strong capability to absorb impact from the punts and punches.  

It provides a tight fit, and it’s comfortable to wear at the same time. Everyone is interested in having these two advantages combined in one piece of protective gear.



In case you molded it wrong in the first place, it seems difficult, virtually impossible, to reheat it and reshape it.

Buy from for ($16.99)




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