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Best mountain bike elbow pad reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Mountain bike elbow pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


No matter if you are a bike racer addict or you simply enjoy long rides with your bike, if you’re planning to buy elbow pads but don’t know which ones, we are glad to lend you a hand. After a rigorous amount of research through the online customer reports, expert feedback and some social media ratings we’ve gathered information about the best mountain bike elbow pads available on the market. The top winner, Fox Racing Launch presents some ‘must-have’ features such as lightweight feeling, an ergonomic fit and a resistant padding in the elbow and forearm area. In case this product is out of stock, go with the Fox Racing Launch Pro, another good choice.



Comparison table





Top features to consider:


Considering the fact that buying mountain bike elbow pads can be a tough choice, we want to give a front row presentation of the main features a good product should have. This is way, you are invited to read the useful tips showcased below and see what suits your needs best.


What level of protection should you opt for?


The first thing you must keep in mind is that a high quality of elbow pads can offer fantastic protection not just in case of road rash but also to avoid hard hits on rocky trails that can cause incidents and damages to your or your bike.

According to the best mountain bike elbow pads reviews, the right gear should be chosen in consideration to your riding demands, skills and type of racing.

Therefore, if you decide to go for a high-speed downhill mountain biking, you might need a more robust protection gear that prevents biking injuries. For recreational purposes, you can go with something lighter, that offers more flexibility.

As far as the protection coverage,  the main difference regards the length of the forearm that they cover. There is a slight difference in terms of how far down the forearm they go. You should always opt for mountain bike forearm elbow pads that fully cover the entire vulnerable body areas which are prone to injuries.

Also, the thickness and the foam quality of the elbow pads found for sale on the market is not the same on each product. These are key elements for a good protection because the extra padding offers safety on the road and the compression properties are responsible for the level of shock absorption.



Don’t overlook the level of breathability


Because it is a sports activity, riding the bike will rise up the pulse and therefore, the temperature of the body. This is the reason why the best mountain bike knee and elbow pads must provide a great level of ventilation.

The skin must breathe so that the pads don’t add more stress to the body but keep the arms cooler even after a vigorous bike race. Therefore, go with elbow pads that make your arms sweat less, even under pressure conditions.



Comfort and proper fit makes a difference


Another feature you should be aware of when purchasing elbow pads for mountain riding is the level of comfort they provide and if they are a close fit for the body. This area is very sensitive and requires a great level of protection. So, try to get pads that are easy to wear and that give you a sense of freedom, no matter how many hours you spend biking.

Last but not least, a good pair of mountain bike elbow pads should stay in place and not be loose. You don’t need distractions while biking or a constant adjustment that will only add stress to your sporting experience.



Top rated products



After seeing which features are the most important in the purchase of mountain bike elbow pads now take a quick look at our product recommendation that the research concluded as high top quality.



Fox Racing Launch


The Fox Racing Launch Enduro Elbow pads are specially designed for mountain bike racing, but the product is the perfect one for speed protection and avoiding different risks that bikers have to face. These pads allow a comfortable pedaling and can be used for safe practicing the cycling hobby.

The best part about these pads is that they have a comfort fit feature that makes their wearing easy and lightweight. Each elbow pad is built to avoid the slipping because of the neoprene sleeve that is surrounded at the top by a 10 mm thick silicone gripper strip. This way, there’s no chance the pads will fall off even if the race becomes heavier and the body sweat is increased.

Also, the sleeve features an elastic portion at the back of the knee whose purpose is to prevent the heat from building up and the sweat drops from piling.

The pads have a rather wide soft pad that can face a multitude of shock and impacts. Plus, it is surrounded by an abrasion-resistant outer strong enough to keep you safe from bruises and injuries.

Not to mention the fact that these elbow pads have a fantastic ventilation system and because the material is synthetic you can wash them anytime you please, and they will dry out quickly, leaving them ready to use for the next ride.



Compared to other similar products available on the market, the Fox Racing Enduro elbow pads are a major improvement because they are quite lightweight and less heavy.

The product offers protection for the elbows as well as for the forearms because they are padded with a soft material on the inside and a resistant outer panel that provides a great amount of coverage and durability.

These mountain bike elbow pads aren’t restrictive, they allow flexible movements and at the same time are extremely safe against possible bumps and bruises that might occur on the road.

One major plus this product has is the comfort feature that delivers an ergonomic fit for all users and the fact that they are slip-on removes the risk of being loose on the arms.



Although the product is well built and the comfort level is impeccable some buyer’s reviews claim that the size of the pads doesn’t fit. Nevertheless, this issue can be solved by measuring the arms before ordering the item.

Buy from for ($49.95)




Fox Racing Launch Pro


These elbow guards from Fox provide every bit of comfort because of the pre-curved ergonomic fit that allows excellent performance while riding the mountain bike. This is also due to the perforated neoprene interior padding that allows the skin to breath and to ventilate no matter the outside temperature or the degree of effort and body sweat.   

Because they come fully enclosed and have a double Velcro strap at each end the possibility of falling off while cycling the roads is banished.

Plus, the pads provide an ergonomic feeling thanks to the plush cups that are meant to absorb shocks and to provide full impact resistance. This thing is possible because of the Kevlar top which is covered for added protection against bruises and scratches.

Specially designed for a variety of sports, these pads keep you safe no matter the situation. You can use them for riding the mountain bike, for BMX cycling, for snowboard practice and even for skiing. The possibilities are endless with this top notch product that offers protection against falls and crashes. Because of the wrap-around hook and loop closure, they are a sure fit and they can be easily taken off with the help of the silicone strap.



Comfortable to wear, the product can be purchased in three sizes: small, medium and large, according to the size table measurements and instructions.

Because these elbow pads feature an articulated hard shell fortification, the level of safety and protection against bumps and shocks is maximum.

No matter the season, they can be worn without suffering from heat or lack of proper ventilation. The perforated neoprene offers extra comfort and increased breathability.

The pads are easy to be put on and to be taken off due to the wrap-around hook and loop closure and the interior silicone strap that ensures them from slipping off.



While the majority of consumers were quite pleased with the price and the quality of these elbow pads, some pointed out that they can be a little tight to wear. It all depends on the size of your body, therefore, measure accurately prior to making a purchase.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




POC Joint VPD 2.0


These durable elbow pads from POC are a fantastic choice for any sports freak that wants to add safety and protection to its adventure hobbies.

With useful perforations for airflow and body cooling, this product also includes a Velcro strap designed to ensure elbow pads stay fit, without the risk of moving or sliding down.

The shell material is made of a stretchy aramid fiber that ensures a comfort fit feeling and durability even if you wore them on a daily basis.  

They are easy to put them on thanks to the one strap system that is gently put across the forearm so that they don’t feel heavy or too tight. Plus, there’s a rubbery texture gel inside the pads that is a snug fit on the arm. Because of this, the pads mold effectively on the arms and don’t feel heavy or cumbersome.

In case of extra sweating or for activities done at high temperature, these elbow pads are equipped with a layer of Polygiene, an odor free membrane that keeps bad smells away and allows the user to feel fresh the entire time.

In order to benefit from a proper size, it is advised to check out the sizing table and instructions found on the producer’s website.



Made from a Lycra-like snug fit material with an added Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough – VDP, these pads mold themselves on the body making them so easy and comfortable to wear for a variety of sports activities.

The inner sleeve of this product is designed to produce an upward motion that works against and gravity and eventual bumps but also secures the position, removing the risk of slipping off.

Also, these elbow pads don’t slide out of place because they have a crash retention strap (CRS), an important feature that, added to the low friction hard shell cap, helps to reduce the body contact in case of falling to the ground.



Even though the pads offer a great amount of protection against injuries and are made from high-quality material, some buyers felt a bit of a bunching on the upper strap, but the issue was fixed with a little loosening around the holding area.

Buy from for ($99.95)


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