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Best pilates DVDs for beginners

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Pilates DVDs for beginners – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re looking for a cheap method to stay in shape from the comfort of your home, the best Pilates DVD for beginners might be what you’re looking for. And this guide will tell you all about the most educative and beginner-friendly options the market has to offer. We’ve created it based on what top experts had to say about them, we’ve analyzed the market’s trends, and we’ve also considered past buyers’ experiences and opinions about these products. One model that seems to be universally loved is the Element: Targeted Toning. The directions offered by the cheerful instructor are easy to follow, and the exercises increase in difficulty as you gain more experience. Plus, the settings of the DVD will relax you and invite you to practice on a daily basis. If you want an alternative that is bound to show results just as fast as the first one, you can’t go wrong with the 10 Minute Solution.


Top features to consider


It’s a tough job to find what people call the best Pilates DVDs for beginner because each person’s needs and tastes vary so wildly. What works best for one individual, might be wholly inappropriate or annoying for you or your gym buddies. However, some products are definitely superior, even though there’s the slight chance they might not be entirely your style. Now, let’s learn about the things you should look for in the best beginner Pilates DVDs before purchasing one.



What to expect


For starters, we should mention that you should not expect miracles. Most of these instructional videos will help you grasp the basics of Pilates and transform your body to a certain degree, but they can’t do that overnight. A good pilates DVD can help you get some amazing benefits, including better strength and enhanced flexibility.

Reviewers say the best Pilates workout DVD will help you reduce stress levels. The same people say that expecting less will give you a much better outcome, which might sound controversial, but it actually makes sense.

The great thing about these lovely inventions is that you can replay them or skip the boring or the useless parts, a benefit that you don’t really get at the gym since the instructor doesn’t have time for everybody there. And if you’re worried about the budget you need to take up Pilates, with the help of a DVD, you will save you a ton of money by not paying for studio sessions.



Know your level


Before buying one, you should know that the market is divided into two basic categories – one includes DVDs for experienced people and the other is dedicated to beginners. The names explain everything, and all that’s left to do is for you to choose one according to your current level. One cool option for the intermediate people is the Krav Maga DVD.

If you’re a beginner, we suggest you opt for a DVD for beginners since one for experienced people can be harmful if you don’t know the basics and it will give you nothing but neverending frustrations. Don’t be cocky thinking you can figure things out as you go, as Pilates is not as simple as it sounds.

As a side note, you can also find a type of pilates yoga DVD on the market, which combines the two types of workouts into one single product.



The instructor is important


All past buyers said the instructors make or break the product for the one using it. Keep in mind that not all of them are as good as some claim to be, and that is why it might be a good idea to go for a popular one or one that has famous clients.

The same can be said about the settings and decor. Pilates DVD reviews suggest that a product for sale that is shot in nature or somewhere near water helps the user get into the Zen mindset much faster and makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.



Top rated products



There’s no better way to learn Pilates cheaply than through a well-made DVD. Also, to make sure you won’t make a mistake, we’ve selected the market’s most impressive options, all of which are highly educative and enjoyable to watch on a daily basis.



Element: Targeted Toning


The DVD is filmed in a lush garden overlooking the Pacific, and it contains three powerful 20-minute programs, all which were designed by experts to reach even the hardest-to-access muscles. This way, you can make sure you’ll achieve the slim, balanced body you’ve always wanted and deserve.

The Long Lean Waistline program, the first of the three you’ll encounter, teaches you how to stretch and tone your core muscles simultaneously. This will then create flat abs and a sculpted waistline. The second one, The Lower Body Lift and Sculpt workout, is a dynamic leg series ideal for giving a defined shape to the lower half areas of the body like the thigh and calf.

The last one is called the Total Body program. Needless to say, it strengthens and defines all of the major muscle in just a little under 20 minutes. As a welcomed bonus, the DVD includes a ten-minute core strengthener, filled with signature moves to tighten and completely transform your midsection.

Each of the specially-designed programs that you can find on the DVD utilizes the dynamic of working in opposition, a method that helped propel Pilates to the top of America’s favorite workout regimes.

Buy from for ($9.78)




10 Minute Solution


This DVD is ideal for those who are always on the run and never seem to have time for sports. Each of the 10-minute segments of the program targets a specific body area, so you can work on the part of your body that you’re most displeased with from the start.

These include the core, lower and upper body and there’s even a segment dedicated to working out the entire body at the same time. Additionally, there’s a section which teaches you how to stretch and relax your muscles before and after the workout.

The DVD is specially created for beginners, and it’s a great intro to Pilates. Lara Hudson, your instructor, is calm and gentle. Reviewers say her directions are easy to follow and very detailed, meaning you won’t get lost or confused throughout the exercises. She teaches a very traditional Pilates method.

And, she doesn’t mix in Yoga, dance, or other complicated techniques like other so-called Pilates DVDs do. The format is straightforward, and you can play the segments in whichever order you seem fit. Since it is a DVD, you can replay the programmes as many times as needed, which is a luxury you don’t get with a personal trainer.

Buy from for ($7.79)




Element: Pilates Weight Loss


This is the cheapest way you can start getting into Pilates. This DVD can help you transform your body from the comfort of your home, in a way no fancy gym equipment can match. It was filmed in a breathtaking location near the ocean, which will make you feel relaxed as you’re exercising.

The dynamic beginner’s workout is meant to maximize calories burned while teaching you simply and effortlessly the basics of Pilates. The gentle and low-impact exercises featured here will strengthen and even tone your whole body, meaning you’ll have a slimmer, leaner bodyline in no time.

The one who will take you on this journey is Brooke Siler, who is a second generation Yoga and Pilates teacher. She is also the celebrated author of a New York Times best-selling series of books and has trained many celebrities like Madonna and Kirsten Dunst.

She shows the students the tiny subtleties that make Pilates such a unique workout, and she teaches you all about proper breathing, mindfulness, and how to focus even when you’re tired. And the total transformation of your body won’t take long. At the end of each training session, you will feel fresh, and will you start to see a difference in body fat mass.

Buy from for ($7.89)




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