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Best sailing gloves reviews


Sailing gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


In case you are in the market for the best sailing gloves, and you have little or no time on your hands to do the necessary research, then keep reading further, as in this article you’ll find all the relevant information. Based on our team’s extensive analysis, which included going through expert reviews, specialized forums, and customers surveys, we concluded that the product you should consider is Hyperflex’s 3/4 Finger gloves. This model contains a synthetic padding leather that provides cushioning and protects your hands during different activities. Moreover, the gloves ensure complete control, as their construction doesn’t sacrifice the user’s natural touch and it ensures a consistent grip. An adjustable Velcro strap works great for getting them to fit perfectly, thus providing an overall comfortable experience. In case Hyperflex’s 3/4 Finger gloves are, unfortunately, unavailable, you should focus your attention on Harken Sport’s Men’s Spectrum model, as it features many similar benefits.


Top features to consider


Similarly to choosing other accessories in the sailing category such as a good boating life jacket or a pair of cool sailing boots, there are things you should take into account before purchasing your next pair of gloves. If you are not sure where to start, below you’ll find some of the key aspects you should keep in mind.



Fingerless or not


For sailing gloves as well, the range of available options is quite large, and the first questions you should ask yourself are how you are going to use them and in what conditions. Based on that, you can decide whether you want a fingerless or a full-fingered model.

Of course, fingerless gloves tend to be the more popular choice among users, as they provide a better overall dexterity. Moreover, thanks to their design, finding a good fit is much easier.  However, don’t forget that with a full-fingered model you will have a far better overall protection.



Fabrics & materials


Given that sailing gloves have to have a lightweight construction and be as comfortable as possible, choosing a pair made of an appropriate material is important. Some of the most popular materials used include synthetic leather (also known as Amara), heavy-duty Proton, polyester or sticky coating.

If the materials are the right ones, they will also ensure a good ventilation in order to avoid getting sweaty or overheated hands during use. One thing to keep in mind is that Neoprene gloves work very well for the early season and sailing in cold weather, as they keep the hands warm even when they’re wet.





OK, this one depends on how often you go out on the water, but it is nevertheless important even if you rarely do so, as you should always have a pair of gloves you can rely on during your sailing days.

Durability is given by both the quality of the materials used and by the gloves’ construction, so you should keep in mind that choosing a model which features excellent craftsmanship is essential. Also, once you get used to a pair of gloves and it breaks in, you probably don’t want to change it right away.  



Top rated products



The list of alternatives available for sale is a long one in most product categories. The same goes for sailing gloves, as each model features different and cool benefits. If you are not sure what option suits your needs, take a look at the selection we made below that includes some of the most popular options on the market.



Hyperflex 3/4 Finger 


Hyperflex’s 3/4 Finger gloves work very well for a wide range of outdoor activities, including kiteboarding, kayaking, and sailing, as they prevent painful blisters and protect your hands. The model’s construction includes a synthetic padding leather that provides cushioning as you row, allowing you to have fun for a longer period of time.

Good sailing gloves should ensure complete control, and Hyperflex’s model does exactly that. It delivers the needed protection without minimizing the user’s natural touch. The covered palms have a secure and consistent grip, while the exposed fingers allow the user to make natural moves and pick up equipment.

When it comes to comfort during use, the featured Velcro wrist strap is adjustable meaning you will find the perfect fit in seconds. Moreover, the vented leather material enables the airflow, thus reducing the risk of getting your hands overheated or sweaty, leading to an excellent overall experience.

The materials used for making these gloves are high-quality. Combined with an excellent craftsmanship, they result in a durable and reliable product. Among these you will find synthetic leather and Lycra, as they have long-lasting properties and ensure product strength for any type of conditions, allowing you to enjoy different outdoor adventures without any trouble.

Buy from for ($17.95)




Harken Sport Men’s Spectrum 


If you find yourself going through sailing gloves reviews and are not sure what to choose, then take a look at Harken Sport’s model which, with its low-profile wrist that doesn’t push watch buttons, might be a perfect choice.

The pair of gloves is made of 50% Black Magic material, 30% nylon, and 20% rubber, a combination that ensures great durability. The Black Magic palm material is specially designed for heavy-use and, together with the finger wraps, provides high levels of abrasion, resistance, and protection for excellent results.

Moreover, this combination of materials and fingerless design increases dexterity, as enough gripping power is provided to the palms, while you can use the fingers to pick up equipment and tools. The mesh vents also provide a cool custom fit that is useful for handling anything while avoiding a slip-risk.  

You can rest assured that your hands are not going to get sweaty or overheated, as enough ventilation is provided by the materials and construction. For a better experience, this model is also very easy to put on and take off, meaning you can always be prepared for whatever challenge you encounter in your sailing adventure.

Buy from for ($31.74)




NeoSport Wetsuits Premium 


NeoSport Wetsuits’ Premium model might be the perfect alternative if what you are looking for is a pair of practical yet cheap sailing gloves. The 3/4 finger design and materials used allow your skin and hands to breathe, as enough ventilation is ensured.

Moreover, the neoprene construction is balanced in such a way as to offer both warmth and protection, without sacrificing natural mobility. With these gloves you can enjoy a secure grip that comes in handy for any watersport activity, whether it is sailing or kayaking.

This model also provides excellent performance thanks to its vented, padded synthetic leather palm design that releases heat and reduces the risk of a hand-slip from paddles, oars, or towlines. The wrist fasteners also ensure that the gloves stay securely in place during use, for a better performance and extra safety.

NeoSport’s gloves were designed to protect and insulate the hands. The extremely comfortable fit ensures a reduced hand fatigue, while the material dries quickly and the lightweight construction is excellent for use during hot weather.

The best part is that this model performs very well even when it gets wet, so you can safely give these gloves a try and be prepared for any outdoor condition.

Buy from for ($16.95)




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