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Best soccer shin guards reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Soccer shin pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you don’t have the time to read thousands of reviews and you just want to find the best soccer shin guards, this article will tell you everything you need to know. We have done research online, through reviews, sales figures etc and we have found that Vizari Malaga is the best model for adults because it is able to provide plenty of protection thanks to the hard outer shell. The shin guards are also designed with comfort in mind, so they come with a lightweight construction that allows you to perform your regular moves unimpaired. You will also appreciate the foam padding which helps ensure maximum comfort and shock absorption. However, if you are looking for a model that is designed for youth, our recommendation is the Wilson Hex Evo, as it does a great job at protecting the shin from kicks received during the game.



Comparison table




How to wear soccer shin guards?



Shin guards are required if you want to play in almost any soccer league, along with a pair of socks. Soccer shin pads are designed to provide your lower legs with protection from hard kicks and can come with or without ankle guards. If you want to stay safe and follow legal rules of play it is important that you know how to properly wear the shin guards.

Shin guards with ankle protection come in two pieces. One piece is designed to protect your shins, while the other covers your ankles. These type of shin guards are typically worn by younger players, but you can find them in adult sizes. The front piece should be evenly centered on your shin and the velcro strap wrapped around your calf and attached to the ankle guard. Once both pieces are securely strapped together and centered, pull your socks over the shin guards to help hold them in place.

Older players typically prefer soccer shin guards without protective ankle cups. With this type of shin guard you will want to put your socks and cleats on first. Place the shin guard on the center of your calf and use the included velcro strap to secure the pads in place. There can also be small plastic inserts on the pads which are designed to slip in underneath your socks or into soccer shin guard sleeves to ensure they don’t slide around when you are playing. Pull your socks up over the shin guards once you have them securely in place. If the pads still feel a little loose you can wrap them with athletic tape.

soccer shin pads


How to choose new soccer shin pads in 2019 ?



Shin guards are an important part of your uniform, and they are also required if you want to play in an organized league. While choosing a pair of shin guards might not seem complicated, it can be overwhelming when you factor in sizing and the different types. To ensure you are protected and comfortable we have included the following tips in this buying guide so you can easily find the best shin guards for soccer.



Type and style


There are two types of shin pads for soccer, slip in guards and ones that come with ankle protection. Slip in guards are designed to be worn underneath the sock and are held in place with a compression sleeve. These pads are typically only worn by experienced players, and allow for plenty of movement. Beginners and younger players will probably do best with a pair of ankle shin guards. Not only will they protect your lower legs, but these pads can also help prevent painful ankle sprains. In most cases the ankle guards can be easily removed when not needed.

Shin guards are also available in three distinct styles. The main difference between the pads is the amount of protection they are able to provide. Wand systems are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. These shin guards will fit closely against your skin, and come with back padding for added comfort. The wands help to stop and disperse the force of the impact so you won’t feel it on your shins. Shields are the most basic, and come with a hard plastic shell that will stop the force of the impact. Most come with foam padding on the back for extra protection and form fitting comfort.

You can also find OSi shin guards which are designed for comfort and protection. This style of shin guard is designed to provide you with a secure and comfortable fit, while also allowing you plenty of movement. The hard outer shell is constructed from layered fiberglass which you mold to your leg. To mold the pads simply wet them down and hold them securely against your skin. The fiberglass will harden to the exact shape of your leg so you will always have a secure and comfortable fit.



Construction and design


Shin pads for soccer can be constructed from a variety of materials, which also determines the price. It is important to remember that cheap soccer shin guards might be easier on your wallet but you will sacrifice quality and protection. Fiberglass shin guards are strong, lightweight and able to provide you with plenty of protection. Ones constructed from plastic can also prevent impact injuries though some might not be as durable. Foam padding on the back of the guards will help to keep you comfortable, and can provide a little added protection. Other materials to consider include rubber, nylon and polyurethane.

The design of the shin guards should also be considered, especially the materials used in construction. The shield or front plate must be constructed from hard plastic or fiberglass to fully absorb impact shock. The closures should also be considered, along with the backing which provides comfort and added protection. Most shin guards use foam padding and it is up to you to decide how thick you need it to be. If you are having trouble deciding on the shin guard’s design simply consider the position that you play. Goal keepers typically need very little protection for their lower legs. Forwards also need a lightweight shin guard, but it should come with ankle support. Midfielders play best with shin guards that are protective and flexible, while defenders require a pair that will also prevent ankle injuries.



Shin guard sizing


If the shin guards are the wrong size it will be pointless to wear them. Shin guards that are too big will slip and slide around while you are playing, and if they’re too small they are often painful to wear. While the sizing charts might vary between manufacturers, in general they all follow the same basic guide. Players 5’2” and shorter should look for a pair marked “small”, while medium sizes shin guards are good for players up to 5’10” in height. Large shin guards will protect players up to 6’4”, and if you are taller you will want to choose and extra large pair. While the best way to tell if the shin guards are the right size is to try a pair on in the store, this is not always possible. If you are ordering your shin guards online the sizing chart should help you find a pair that fits you.

Once you understand the differences in the various types of shin guards and you know the size that you need finding the right pair shouldn’t seem overwhelming. The information included in this guide should allow you to find a pair of shin guards that fits your needs.




Soccer shin guard types



When you are looking for the best shin guards for soccer it is important to understand the different categories. This refers to the age of the player and the features that you need to look for. The best youth shin guards will be able to provide plenty of protection for younger players, but won’t be able to keep toddlers or adults safe when they are out on the field. Understanding the different categories will make it easier for you to confidently choose the right pair.



Best adult soccer shin guards


Since adults are connecting with the ball, and other players more often, protection is key in a pair of shin guards. Shin guards for adults should be rated by the NOCSAE as approved for wear during regulation play. Adult shin guards are designed to be protective and lightweight so players don’t have to worry about lower leg fatigue. Some also come with ankle protection, but these are typically only worn by players recovering from a previous injury.



Vizari Malaga


1.Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

Aside from providing more than enough protection, the Vizari Malaga shin pads don’t cost a fortune. Everyone knows how kids tend to grow up awfully fast, so you’ll come to realize that it’ll take just one or two seasons for you to have to replace the soccer protection of your child.

Besides, most of the owner feedback that we have analyzed in relation to this product seems to be favorable. There have been various complaints regarding the sizing chart, but this issue appears to occur in the case of most items destined for this purpose.

What’s more, parents report that their children feel comfortable while wearing the Malaga, so that’s what it all boils down to in the end. The model is available in a broad range of dimensions fit for kids and adults.



The front strap closing is easy to use and won’t raise any difficulties to kids or parents.

The foam-padded backing adds to the overall comfort ensured by this alternative, which means that the performance of the player won’t be affected and that his or her moves won’t be hindered.

From what we have gathered about this choice, it is lightweight and easy to wear.

The hard shell that the unit has been outfitted with provides the protection that both parents and kids need in order to rest assured that nothing will go wrong.



As per usual, this product seems to have some issues when it comes to sizing as there have been owners who have had to order it, return it, and then order a different size until they got the right one for their toddlers/children.

Buy from for ($9.77)




Nike Charge 


The neatest thing about this choice is that it is extremely versatile and can be utilized in a variety of situations other than those involving sports.

There have been owners who have reported that they employ the shin pads at work while they are moving heavy products.

Unfortunately, as is the case with the vast array of units in this line, this one has received a rather impressive share of complaints in regards to the sizing process.

So, if possible, do devote some time to measuring out your shins so as to select the right dimensions for your physical attributes.



The model has been outfitted with a high-density shell that can ensure that you remain protected all throughout your practice or matches.

The top strap can be fastened both easily and quickly, which means that you don’t have to waste any extra time before you can get right into the game.

The pull-on design is a neat addition and one of the most praised details about this model.

It’s one of the most affordable alternatives out there, and that should matter if you are on a budget or trying to cut down the costs of your protective equipment.



As is the case with other alternatives that we have gone through, the most common complaint received by this product deals with sizing.

If you aren’t particularly patient or aren’t resolute when it comes to ordering and using this product, it might not be the right choice for you as you might need to return it and then order a different size.

Buy from for ($9.55)




Best soccer shin guards for toddlers


Toddlers need plenty of protection, even when they are not actually kicking the ball. They also need plenty of support so they can safely run after the ball, and each other. Shin pads for 3 and 4 years need to cover the lower leg from below the knee to the ankle, and you also want them to come with a supportive ankle guard. Since toddlers are always moving getting the shin pads to stay in place can be difficult, which is why you should also look for a pair that comes with a convenient sleeve.



Wilson PeeWee


1.1 Wilson Peewee Soccer Sock Guard

Sometimes, soccer protection doesn’t have to be overly complicated, and that’s what the people at Wilson seemed to want to prove. This model is easy to use, convenient, and above all, comfortable, which makes it highly recommended for toddlers.

What’s more, parents can now rest assured that they will be able to properly clean the equipment of their kids given that you can give a brand new look to this one by simply using your washer.

As for whether people seem to think that this product is worth the money, most do. However, there have been some who have reported that the sizing issues have managed to make them order something else.



One of the coolest things about this option is its pull-on design. The soccer player won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to ensure that he or she is adequately protected.

The precurved shell that this unit is equipped with can be removed, so you can wash the sock guard thoroughly and preserve the life of the shell for as long as possible.

Another reason you should consider this choice is that it comes with sewn-in ankle protection, so it really is a winner when it comes to keeping the soccer player safe at all times.

Last, but not least, it’s worth noting that all you have to do to clean these sock guards is to throw them in the washer. This is something you wouldn’t be able to do with other models.



Sometimes, the deliveries can get mixed up. People can get a color they haven’t ordered or a size that doesn’t work for their children. While all of this situation is frustrating, at least the sizing one can be prevented by properly measuring the body of the child and then ordering the right dimensions.

Buy from for ($11.35)




Best youth soccer shin guards


Youth shin guards are designed for protection, and occasionally style. At this age youth soccer players are often influenced by professional athletes or the latest fashion trend. Many youth shin guards come with endorsements or “cool” graphics printed on the front which makes it easier for parents and coaches to convince fashion conscious players to wear the shin guards throughout game play. Youth players are also more proficient on the field which means the shin guards need to stay securely in place. Pads with rear closures are typical on youth soccer guards.



Wilson Hex Evo


1.Wilson Hex Evo Soccer Shin Guard

If you’re invested in finding the right protection for your youth soccer player, perhaps this model might be worth taking into account. It comes with a plethora of user-friendly and useful features ranging from a pre-curved shell that can ensure an ergonomic fit to a stitched full ankle support.

The synthetic leather material is said to be reasonably durable, so one thing’s for sure. These shin guards won’t break down when the kid uses them for the first time.

Something that’s rather surprising when it comes to this model is that it hasn’t received remotely as many complaints as others, particularly in regards to sizes. Apparently, the strapping system is far better suited and works with a variety of ages.

It does depend on the age and build of the child, however, as some have used it with 9-year olds while others claim it’s perfect for their 7-year old.



The synthetic leather that the insert is made from makes it possible for this shin guard to withstand the test of time.

The pre-curved shell enables the user to feel comfortable and at ease all throughout his or her match.

Besides, it’s worth noting that this model boasts a reinforced full ankle support complete with foam cups for the ankles.

The EVA foam on the inside is soft enough for it to allow hindering the moves of the user. However, that does not mean that it does not provide accurate protection.



As we were previously saying, some report that this product is a tad too large for their 7-year-olds while others claim that it does wonders for their 8-year-olds. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that any child can grow into these shin guards over time.

Buy from for ($11.99)




Best soccer shin guards for kids


As kids get a little older they need more protection, especially as their motor skills improve. This means that you need to pay attention to the materials used in construction. The shin pads need to be strong enough to protect kids’ legs from occasional contact, but still be light enough for them to comfortably move around. Kids shin guards usually come with rear or front closing straps which help to ensure the pads stay securely in place, without causing uncomfortable irritation.





These shin guards are specially designed for young players, and you will find them quite perfect for your son or your daughter. Boys and girls will love them equally since they are designed to be unisex. The most important aspect, however, is the fact that the shin guards offer superior protection, along with many other benefits.

Kids are often difficult to deal with when they are asked to wear protective gear, but these shin guards look cool enough to convince even the pickiest children. Another great selling point for this model is that the guards remain comfortable, without sacrificing protection in any way. On top of it all, they are very flexible, and your kid’s freedom of movement will not be sacrificed, either.

When you purchase protective gear for kids, you need to make sure that complete protection is provided. These shin guards are not the slip in type, and they come equipped with unique support sleeves for the ankle area. This way, some terrible sprains can be avoided while your kids play or do sports.

The sizing chart offered by the manufacturer offers plenty of details so you can focus on getting the perfect fit for your little one. A warranty of 1 year is also provided along with your purchase.



Boys and girl can use these shin guards while doing sports, as they will provide superior protection, without sacrificing comfort and freedom of movement.

Especially for kids involved in physical activities, safety is paramount; these shin guards come equipped with unique support sleeves for the ankles, so they will not come off from the legs when least expected.

The sizing chart provided by the manufacturer ensures that you will get the best fit for your son or your daughter; since a sure fit is important, this is another added plus.

The shin guards are very comfortable, and your kid will not feel like their ability to do sports is hindered in any way.



Although the manufacturer offers a comprehensive sizing chart, some buyers mention that there are small aspects that are less than ideal, such as the shin guards running a bit too small for their kids.

Buy from for ($19.75)




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