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Best softball batting gloves


Softball Batting Gloves – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Are you looking for the best softball batting gloves, but you don’t have the necessary time to do the research yourself? If that’s true, then it’s a good thing that you are here, since in this paragraph you might find the answer to your quest without any additional hassle. Our team has gone through numerous expert reviews, gathered customer data, and reached the conclusion that the pair of softball batting gloves that you should consider as a first option is the Franklin Sports MLB Digitek. This multi-functional glove features an athletic construction that feels comfortable during the game, as well as the Tri-Curve design that ensures the right fit for an enhanced grip. Moreover, the premium genuine leather heel patch definitely adds to the glove’s overall performance. In case this model is unfortunately unavailable for sale, you might want to keep in mind the Easton Z7 Hyperskin as the most suitable alternative.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


Softball is a beautiful sport that, as many others, comes with many additional accessories. These are, of course, meant to help the player get the best results in terms of performance. However, this also means that a more specific topic such as finding the best batting gloves for slowpitch softball is not always so clear for someone who is just getting started.

For this reason, we’ve decided to take a moment and talk about softball gloves and about the characteristics one should keep in mind before making a final decision and getting a new pair. It’s true that things might be a bit easier when looking for a good softball bag, but this guide is here to help you out by offering the essential information.





Batting gloves help ensure a better grip while keeping the player’s hands free from perspiration, this way helping him or her have a more stable game altogether, by maintaining a tight and controlled grip.

For this reason, it’s important to find the size that best suits you, and this depends on the length of your hand. Softball batting gloves are generally designed to better fit a woman’s hand, and they should be snug but comfortable.

To get the right size, measure the length of your hand starting from the base of your palm and going to the tip of your middle finger. After this, check out the size chart provided by the manufacturer. As a rule of thumb, if your hand measures 6.5”, your size would be a medium in women’s or a small in men’s.





In the case of softball batting gloves as well, the materials can be divided into leather or synthetic ones. Leather offers a natural feel and can provide an enhanced grip, compared to its synthetic counterpart. In contrast, synthetic batting gloves ensure both comfort and flexibility, and they can be easily cleaned.



Other features


Some designs feature an articulated thumb, which can enhance the mobility of the glove. Also, pre-curved fingers form a natural curve and help lessen the amount of bunched fabric that can become uncomfortable underneath your knuckles.

Moreover, there are some gloves designed specifically with safety in mind, and these can have a little extra padding in the palm which helps absorb vibration, while others might have a molded hand shield that ensures protection from a pitch to the hands.



Top rated products



We know that softball batting glove reviews can be quite overwhelming, especially as there are so many alternatives available for sale. However, if you’re still not sure which pair of gloves is the right one for your needs, check out the selection we’ve made, as it contains the most critically acclaimed models in this category.  



Franklin Sports MLB Digitek 


When it comes to good softball batting gloves, Franklin Sports is one of the brands that you can safely choose, since it’s known for the quality of the materials used, the attention paid to details and the careful craftsmanship.

The MLB Digitek model is one good example of such a product, given that it’s a flexible and multi-functional glove that features an athletic fit, look, and feel. The Tri-Curve design technology included in this product’s construction is the one that ensures a right fit for the player’s hands and, therefore, a better and more comfortable grip.

Moreover, the digitally-etched microfiber palm offers a superior grip, while the premium genuine leather heel patch with a touch of digital-camo flair means that durability is not something that you should worry about and that you can count on it for an excellent performance during the game.

If you think about getting this glove for your kid, you will watch him or her enjoy a smoother learning experience and make progress at a superior rate. Since we’re talking about sports apparel suitable for children, you might also want to check out some cool softball socks that go well with the entire outfit.

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Easton Z7 Hyperskin 


Since Easton has a history in being an official sponsor of the Little League World Series, you can only imagine that the brand knows what characteristics are necessary for a pair of gloves to be suitable and, more importantly, effective when it comes to young players and their learning journey.

The Z7 Hyperskin model is a great example of cheap softball batting gloves that help the player reach the desired goals, while also ensuring his or her comfort in the process. You can be sure that a young player succeeding in learning faster will be more confident and happy to play those games that end with the team’s victory.

In terms of construction, this pair of gloves features a goatskin leather palm for an enhanced grip, as well as an exclusive BaseCamo design on the back of the hand. This means that, besides comfort and performance, durability is ensured as well.

Moreover, the flexible Hyperskin Lycra back of hand also features fused silicone which adds structure to the glove’s construction, but also maintains its flexibility. However, this is not all, since the lockdown strap includes a 40mm neoprene band and a branded pull tab for more ease during use.

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Mizuno Women’s Finch Softball


We know that is hard to find the best batting gloves for fastpitch softball, especially since there are numerous models available on the market. However, we do consider that Mizuno’s Women’s Finch Softball is a model that you should take a closer look at, since it comes with many features that make it a very good choice.

In terms of comfort, the AirMesh back design ensures an increased flexibility and breathability, which means that the player will have fewer things to worry about during the game and will be able to focus on the experience and on winning.

Moreover, the easy-to-use adjustable strap included in the design offers a quick and secure fit, while the leather palm construction ensures both a great feel and extra durability. Another element that makes these gloves stand out is the padded Mizuno ShockPalm technology that absorbs vibration for a better feel and comfort.

Just like in every sport out there, safety is one of the most important aspects that you should think about, so you might want to pair these gloves up with a good softball face mask and with an effective softball helmet to keep the player safe at all times.

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