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Best squash racket for beginners

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Squash rackets for beginners – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you aspire to buy the best squash racket for beginners available right now, let our guide show you what the top products on the markets are. We’ve created it to be easy to read and to facilitate the access to the most exciting models without having to waste any more time. Criteria-wise, we made sure that each piece respects the industry’s standards and that it caters to beginners. One product that stood out in that sense is the Wilson CS Muscle. It is a racket that has impressed both reviews and buyers, and for a small price, it offers stability, durability, and an eye-catching design. Moreover, it is constructed from materials that can withstand daily practice without bending and scratching, and its handle is very comfortable, even if you play for many hours in a row. In case it is not available anymore, an equally valuable option is the Python Racquetball Intro.


Top features to consider


Before we begin exploring your options, let’s go through some of the must-know info about these products. Before investing in a good beginner squash racket like the premium Wilson squash racket, you should know that a product should offer balance, it should have an appropriate weight and, more importantly, it should have an official shape. Beginner squash racket reviews tell us that a big sweet spot is to be preferred too.



Throat shape


There are two kinds of racket throats, history of squash teaches us – open or ‘teardrop’, and closed. Open rackets feature a larger string-bed surface, a larger sweet spot and tend to be more forgiving. They offer more power as well, which is great if your arm muscles aren’t trained yet.

Closed throat models rock a smaller string-bed and sweet spot, but as a general rule, they suit a more experienced player who’s looking for enhanced control, and that doesn’t mind a little more weight.



Balance is key


Rackets can be head-light, head-heavy and evenly balanced. However, choosing one or the other is often a question of personal preference. Head-light items offer great maneuverability for quick volleys and flick shots, but they can be harder to control as you speed up.

Head-heavy models can be easier to control, but they take some getting used to. Traditionally, many pro players favor head-heavy rackets, but we think beginners should invest in a light or balanced racket, and as they develop the right muscles, to switch to a pro model.



Weight and other concerns


The ideal squash racket for beginners will generally weigh 4 to 5 oz, although there are quite a few models under that threshold. A lighter weight model will suit a more active player as it can be handled quickly. They can also be great for juniors who want to play with a full-size racket without too much of a struggle.

Heavier units suit a more traditional player with a slower swing but who needs more precision. And, of course, there is also an element of preference. We don’t recommend investing in pieces over or above the threshold, as they might feel awkward when you’re practicing.

And we should also mention a few facts about strings. There are many types of squash strings and varying string tensions. Most rackets available right now come factory strung at 26-28 lbs, so you won’t have to bother too much with this aspect. Just note that you can replace them in case they break or loosen up.



Top rated products



Now that we know how to choose a squash racket for beginners, in a few seconds, you are going to read about our product selection, where you’ll surely find a model that speaks to you the most. We’ve only included highly-rated racquets that are made to fit a beginner’s needs. They are all crafted from sturdy materials and are ergonomic and light so that you can learn this sport in no time.



Wilson CS Muscle


This unique racket is ideal for the beginner player looking to improve his or her skills. It is specially designed to offer increased balance, and to be kind to the player’s hand, no matter if you play for a few minutes or four many hours in a row.

Moreover, the unit will allow you to put much more power behind the throws, for much better results when it comes to competitions. It was engineered by the brand for players who want to become experts in no time, thanks to the responsive and highly durable frame it features.

The attractive model is light, yet you can feel it in your hands for a much better connection, allowing it to be an extension of your arm. It is noticeably more controllable than other models, which will enable you to move freely without missing a single shot. People also seem to enjoy the fact that it is affordable and sturdy.

Each of the materials used for its constructions is top-notch and made for intensive use. If you’re seeking maximum control, this unit won’t disappoint. The grip is also ergonomic, and it will make sure the squash racket won’t slip from your hands as you’re starting to sweat excessively in the scorching sun.

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Python Racquetball Intro


Another unit that impresses through its craft quality is this one from Python Racquetball. The main standout feature is its beginner frame, which helps newbies learn how to play this sport much faster than other models. The ergonomic enhancements guarantee you can deliver powerful blows with minimal effort.

You will also be impressed with the sleek design of the piece. It has clean lines, a modern body and it rocks colors that can match any outfit. The handle has a nice texture, so your hands won’t hurt after a hard day of practice, which is a nice bonus.

The strings are made from incredibly durable materials, so they won’t rip as you’re playing. Furthermore, the impressive frame structure is reinforced, meaning that even if you drop or transport it in rough conditions, it won’t bend and break.

Most customers also praise it for the fact that it has balanced dimensions. It is not oversized, and its weight won’t need getting used to. The seller does not offer a cover in the box, but given its sturdiness, you might not need one at all. However, if you do decide to invest in one, you can find plenty of compatible models on the market.

Buy from for ($26.95)




Xamsa VBO 135 Squash


If you want a universal model that will be your loyal friend when it comes to squash, give this one a chance. The brand created a premium lightweight racket, which has a stiff frame made from carbon fiber, a material known for its durability and appealing curves.

It is also a model which combines power and agility, and that features improvements to combat vibrations. Its ergonomic handle will surprise most players, and its smooth texture won’t hurt your skin, which is ideal if you are the type of player who practices every day.

Then unit respects all the industry’s standards, and it won’t fail you when you least expect it to. Its neutral balance will appeal to those looking for a comfortable racket that won’t tire them too quickly. Strings wise, the manufacturer opted for the awarded Xamsa Senze model.

This type of string is constructed from a thousand microfilaments, which were wrapped in braided fibers for extended longevity. They also have a rough surface, a thing that will enable you to control the ball much better. Overall, it is a model that takes itself seriously, and that has all the enhancements an expert needs to further improve his or her skills.

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Prince Team Black


The Prince original squash racquet offers superior power and precise control to the one maneuvering it. The biggest selling point is the fact it is designed for beginners and intermediate players, meaning the small enhancements will allow you to be fast and accurate when it comes to playing this sport.

One thing is sure – it rocks a lightweight yet highly durable graphite frame that will stand the test of time without any scratch. The frame features large O-ports for superior aerodynamics so that you can play squash even in improper conditions, just in case that is something which matters to you.

The aerodynamics and the ergonomics make sure you get faster swing speeds and a large sweet spot, without your arm muscles hurting afterward. Considering its price point, it is impressive that you get all of these features for such a small price tag.

When it comes to design, the racket is a thing of beauty. Its body is sleek and without too many bumps, and it rocks neutral colors which won’t get distracting while you’re playing. Adding all of these outstanding features for both beginners and experts up, it isn’t hard to observe why buyers have so much trust in this model.

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Python Racquetball Deluxe


The best idea when picking up a new sport is to buy a set with all the things you need so you will save some time. And this squash set is a dream came true for many enthusiasts. The package includes the premium Dunlop Apex Supreme racket, a model that offers a lot of stability and durability.

Moreover, the seller also includes a three racket bag, so you could store your loyal companion after you’re done practicing. It is also convenient when you’re traveling because you can use it to protect it from scratches and another type of damage. The bag is made from sturdy materials, and it has strong stitches.

Some other pieces you can find in the box include the Dunlop Pro DYD Tube, which helps you store up to three balls, and the Python Xtreme View Eyeguards, which make sure you won’t get hurt as you’re practicing. The deluxe set is not missing any piece that you might need for a smooth experience.

Overall, the set is light enough that you could take it with you while traveling overseas. The manufacturer didn’t make any compromises when it comes to craft quality and materials, so you’ll get reliable accessories that will help you win against any opponent.

Buy from for ($119.95)





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