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Best surfing earplugs


Surfing ear plugs – Buying Guide, Ratings, & Comparison


If you are set on finding the best surfing ear plugs you can get your hands on, but you don’t have the patience to go through all the info that we have gathered for you, this paragraph contains all you need to know. After reading what the specialists had to say on the topic, we have concluded that the Block Surf Docs’s Pro is the model that you should consider purchasing. This model was designed to be used by the USSF National Surf Team, which is a reason why many warmly recommend it. Moreover, the item is said to help dealing with the symptoms of exostosis, a disease that many surfers suffer from. Additionally, this product keeps the sand out of its users’ ears for maximized comfort. If this product is unavailable, feel free to consider the Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs Purple as you might also like it.


Top features to consider


Because we know just how intricate it is to select good surfing ear plugs, we’ve done the research and looked at countless models so you don’t have to. We have composed a list of features that every surfer should take a good look at before he/she places an order.



Why are earplugs important when surfing?


If you are new to the sport and you haven’t read surfing earplugs reviews before, you probably don’t understand why it is essential to use this type of device when surfing. Well, to put it simply, by not allowing water to get into the surfer’s ears, these special plugs can help keep you protected against infections that can damage your eardrums and they can also minimize the discomfort that you might feel.

What is more, it is vital that you understand that these models are different from the standard earplugs that you might be familiar with. In fact, these units are specially shaped so that they fit in your ear. Moreover, they create a seal that is impenetrable by the water and/or the sand.

To be better prepared when exploring the waves, it also recommended that you invest in a pair of surfing booties, as they might come in handy. Getting a quality protective surfing hat is also a great idea, to make sure you don’t get too much exposure to the scorching sun.





If you want to purchase reliable yet cheap surfing earplugs, we suggest that you first consider the type of material that was used in making a particular product. Therefore, it is key that you buy a unit that was manufactured from a pliable and watertight material that stays comfortable, even when moving. From this point of view, silicone is a reliable material that you might want to consider.

What is more, reviews of surfing earplugs suggest that you should opt for a model that comes fitted with a special membrane that can keep the water out but that still allows for sound to enter the ear. By doing so, you will be able to hear while wearing the plugs.

If you aren’t entirely sure that the product you have found up for sale is suitable for the job, go online and read what others had to say about it. This way, you will be able to understand whether or not the unit has drawbacks that you weren’t aware of.


Extra aspects that are worth thinking about


Furthermore, just like when acquiring a surfing hat, it is vital that you select a model that fits you perfectly. Currently, those interested in a product of this type usually have two choices, the earplugs that have a predetermined shape, and those that one can mold in shape, in accordance with one’s needs.

According to the specialists, if you happen to have troubles selecting a pair of good plugs, it might be a good idea to invest in the latter model, as it might better suit your needs.

Moreover, you should also spend some time checking if the product that you have chosen is reusable or not. While some models are disposable, it is worth pointing out that most devices created for surfers can be used multiple times.

Lastly, before you go surfing, don’t forget to purchase some surfing sunscreen, as it can keep your skin protected against the damaging UV rays.



Top rated products



We know that the task of purchasing good swimming earplugs is not easy, particularly if one is not accustomed to the particularities of shopping in this line of products. To help you out, we have taken it upon us to present to you a list of top-notch units that are worthy of your time and money!



Block Surf Docs’s Pro


If you are set on acquiring a product that has been vetted by prior buyers, check out the Docs’s Pro Plugs model, developed by Block Surf. According to the manufacturer, the unit has been constructed to be used by the USSF National Surf Team and, as a consequence, it is quite reliable.

Besides, because of its design and shape, this product will not obstruct your ear canal and cause you discomfort. Instead, this unit gently fits into your auricle and protects your ear against water. Furthermore, this model was made in such a way so that it can help alleviate the pain caused by exostosis, a disease also known as the surfer’s ear (that, when untreated, can cause deafness).

The model comes with a leash that connects the two plugs so that you can be sure that you won’t lose them while enjoying a day at the beach. So, give them a go!

Buy from for ($16)




Mack’s AquaBlock Earplugs Purple


Another product that you should take a good look at is the Mack’s AquaBlock earplugs. If you decide to acquire this model, you will receive two pairs of pre-molded silicone earplugs that can fit any surfer. As a result, you should not worry about selecting a suitable size.

Moreover, this product can completely seal out water and keep your ears protected when fighting the waves. For easier transportation and storage, the product comes supplied with a practical shatterproof carrying case.

The model has received good reviews from former buyers. The product is appreciated for keeping the water out of one’s ears and for being an overall comfortable acquisition. However, you should know that this item does not allow the user to hear while using it. Because of this, if you don’t feel comfortable not hearing while swimming/surfing, you should consider investing in another product.

Buy from for ($15.06)




Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone


Advertised as America’s original number one moldable silicone earplugs, this unit is also worth your time. The device has a very rubbery consistency that permits the user to mold them into a fitting shape. Because of this, the product will surely meet your needs.

As a plus, differently from other units, this model can actively reduce noise (it has an NRR  of 22). Apart from wearing them while surfing, you can use these plugs while sleeping, bathing, working and even flying. The unit is made from a non-irritating type of silicone so that its users are not predisposed to developing rashes from it.

Before one wears the model for the first time, it is best that he/she makes sure that he/she has clean and dry ear openings. Additionally, it is advisable that one does not insert the model into one’s ear canal. Each pair of plugs can be used up to 5 times.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Putty Buddies Floating


If you are searching for a model that can be used by both kids and adults, the Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs is the unit for you. This product contains ten pairs of soft silicone plugs that have been created with the help of a physician so that no drop of water enters one’s ear when surfing/swimming or bathing.

Because of their lightweight design, these earplugs are said to float on water if you happen to drop them. A significant advantage of the model is the fact that they can also be utilized by those who suffer from myringotomy tubes, otitis, as well as by those who have perforated eardrums.

Moreover, because of their texture, these units are kept in one place, and, thus, they are not likely to fall while you use them. Additionally, they have a one-size-fits-all design that makes them suitable for both children and adults.

Buy from for ($19.95)




Putty Buddies Floating 3-Pair


If you are a fan of silicone earplugs, this model produced and sold by Putty Buddies might also stir your interest. This model stands out because it comes in a one-size-fits-all design that makes it an excellent investment for both adults and kids.

Even more so, the model is especially a nice purchase if it is going to be used by children because of the bright colors that make it appealing to youngsters. Besides, this device is highly efficient when it comes to keeping water out of one’s ear canals.

The manufacturer of the product does not recommend that one uses these plugs while sleeping or when also utilizing swim caps.

Previous purchasers of the unit have said that this model is great for swimming because it does not reduce noise. Therefore, you will be able to hear what is going on around you and you’ll be able to act fast in case of any incident.

Buy from for ($7.49)




Surfears Creatures Unisex


If you are determined to purchase a model that has primarily been created for surfers, we recommend that you check out the Surfears Creatures Unisex. The model features an improved earbud design that makes it fit for most users. Additionally, the product has a coating mesh that is hydrophobic and, thus, it will keep the water out.

As we have mentioned before, this device has been built by a team of professionals for swimmers and surfers. Therefore, the unit can help deal with medical issues that are common with water athletes such as abnormal bone growth inside the ear canal and ear inflammation.

The model is recommended because it allows the user to hear while wearing them. Also, the unit comes in three different sizes, so that all those interested can find the model that accommodates them best. Before you use the product, we suggest that you read the instruction manual provided by the seller.

Buy from for ($59.95)




JBL Hydro Seals Aqua


Another fun-looking item that you might also like is the JBL Hydro Seals Aqua. Just like other similar models that we have covered in this article, this product can help fight a series of problems that some water enthusiasts are prone to suffer from, such as vertigo, inner and outer ear infection and thermal reaction.

Even more so, the unit enables the sound waves to pass through the buds. Furthermore, the ear pressure that you have to deal with when surfing will no longer be an issue, as the model is waterproof.

Last but not least, this device can also be bought by those who are passionate about diving. The model is regarded as a very comfortable product. Fellow surfers have noted that these plugs work great when out catching a wave, primarily because they allow for equalization. However, because they do not come linked together by a string, they can be lost rather easily.

Buy from for ($14.4)




EQ Seals Balance Pro


This product is constructed by EQ Seals, and it was specifically created for those who want a waterproof seal that does not interfere with one’s hearing. The device features a breathable membrane and an inside silicone plug. Because of this dual construction, the item is windproof, waterproof, and extremely elastic.

According to the manufacturer, the model is micropore-free, and it has a great physical resistance. The medical silicone used in making this product is salt water-proofed, chlorine-proofed, and likely to withstand temperatures that range from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 140.

When shipped, these plugs come supplied with an ergonomic applicator so that you can insert them into your ears safely. A very practical carrying tube that can be fixed on a key ring is also provided by the manufacturer.

If you are a seasoned surfer, you might be familiar with this product because it used to be produced under a different brand called Sorky.

Buy from for ($34.95)




Start Smart Soft Silicone


Another universally sized unit is this model made by Start Smart. The device is ideal for stress-free swimming as well as for surfing. In fact, the model is built from high-grade silicone, which is a reason why it can seal out water and supply its users with a great surfing experience.

The model is effortless to use and, because of this, it is ideal for both kids and adults, no matter if they are beginners or not. Moreover, because of its adaptive design, the unit guarantees a secure and watertight fit.

To help its users stay organized, the manufacturer supplies the buyers with an extra case where they can place the plugs to keep them safe in between uses. The product is covered by a policy that allows those who are not satisfied with their purchase to return the item within 90 days after the purchase.

Buy from for ($11.95)





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