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Best surfing fins reviews


Surfing fins – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If all those surfing sessions you’ve had last year ruined your gear and you’re in need of new surfing products for your hobby, especially surfing fins, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve done some research to help you find the best surfing fins. With a market that continuously increases its offer of such products, it might be time-consuming and even nerve-wracking to browse all the items out for sale. Based on the surfing fins reviews we have found, product specs, and consumer feedback, we have arrived at the conclusion that the Ho Stevie! Fiberglass Reinforced fins are the first option to consider. This model has gathered positive reviews thanks to its durability ensured by the fiberglass-polymer combination, overall quality, and price. In case this item is sold out, you might want to consider the Prosea Carbon G5, a product of a similar quality you can get at a price in the same range.


Top features to consider


Checking reviews of surfboard fins is not enough when it comes to making an informed decision regarding the purchase of the best fins for surfboard. There are some features you should always keep in mind before placing that order. Here are the things that require attention when choosing the right fins for you.



Fin size


When selecting good surfboard fins, the first thing you should use as a guide is your weight. Depending on it, you will know which size is the right one for you. This aspect is of utmost importance as choosing the right fin size is the first step in choosing the right fins. Just like you need to find the right size when looking for new surfing gloves, you need to identify the size that fits you when in need of fins.

They usually come in sizes S to XL and are paired with a chart that will help you choose the right size depending on your weight. Consider the size of your surfboard as well when buying fins.



Fin configuration


Once you have chosen the size, you need to select your fins depending on your surfboard configuration. You can find out this configuration by examining the board’s base near its tail. You should see a number of fins, somewhere from 1 to 5.

The most common fin setups include the following: Single (common on longboards, ideal for fast, straight surfing), Twin (common on shortboards, used to enhance speed), Thruster (used on surfboards of various shapes and sizes, used to increase stability, control, and maneuverability), and Quad setups (used for stability and big-wave surfing).



Fin geometry and dimensions


One more important aspect to consider when buying new fins for your surfboard regards their dimensions and geometry. The market offers many fins that might look appealing but if you do not know the fin measurements that suit your needs, such as their height or flexibility, you might end up with fins that won’t add to your surfing performance, by contrary, they might even weaken it. Such aspects must receive the appropriate attention if you want to enjoy an improvement.

Also, in order to get fins that will boost your surfing experience, you should keep in mind some general observations like the following. Larger fins go better if you use a shortboard to ride large waves or a surfboard with a wide tail. Small fins added to a stiff surfboard will make it more playful. Large fins paired with soft boards, though, will go faster and get you a drive boost.



Top rated products



Finding the right fins for your surfboard is different than looking for a new cheap wetsuit that lasts since the fins you use will directly affect the way your board works and increase or diminish its performance. Just like you compare surfing rash guards or any other product you buy, you should compare the highly-appreciated products we’ve listed below before hitting the order button.



Ho Stevie! Fiberglass Reinforced 


These fins from Ho Stevie! are the first ones we came across when looking for good surfing fins. No wonder why. They’re appreciated for their durability which is ensured by the fiberglass and polymer used. These materials not only add to the product’s longevity but they also offer a better flexibility than nylon plastic fins.

The set includes 3 fins which will fit all the surfboards using FCS or Futures fins (shortboards, funboards, or longboards included). The thruster configuration makes them perfect to increase stability, control, and maneuverability. They are loose enough to add playfulness to your surfing experience and get you a better drive. The fins also come in various colors, black, blue, and orange, in case keeping a pleasant look is of importance to you. This way, you can choose the ones that complement your board style and color.

Most customers reviewing this product after using it say it provides the same benefits as fins that are several times more expensive and the build quality is excellent for the price. Plus, they are perfect for average to good surfers and since they are small and thin, they can be easily used for summer surfing.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Prosea Carbon G5 


In case the product showcased above is sold out or not available when you need it, you might want to consider these surfing fins from Prosea. They will help you improve your surfing experience thanks to the materials used.

The fiberglass, carbon, bamboo, and other materials these fins are made from ensure a smooth feel and remarkable flex while keeping them light. Remember that flexibility and lightweight are of great importance to your overall surfing experience. If that’s what interests you, then these fins won’t let you down. Another great thing about this model is that it can be used on all board types and in many weather conditions.

The fins come with a 4.41″/112mm fin base, 4.60″/117mm fin depth, 14.85sqin/9582sqmm fin area, and a 64.5degree fin sweep. Customers who have tried them say that, considering their dimensions, they work better with boards from 5-7 to 9-0 than with shortboards.

The product has received positive reviews thanks to its overall quality, good drive, strong finish, and solid build. Moreover, the product comes with one key and six screws, so you can go for your surfing session as soon as you get them.

Buy from for ($39.99)




Aimshine Core Carbon 


Another option, just as good as the previous one, is this model from Aimshine. You might want to consider it if you’re interested in increased flexibility, better rigidity, and durability. Fitting any board featuring Future style fins, these fins are also lightweight thanks to the carbon fiber and resin used.

In order to find out if they are best for you, you should know that they feature the following dimensions: fin base – 4.41″/112mm, fin depth – 4.60″/117mm and fin area – 14.85sqin/9582sqmm. Finding the right size of fins is an important step in ensuring a great surfing experience.

The durability of the product has been tested by professionals in order to make sure the fins are suitable for long-term usage and the extreme conditions surfing might involve at times. Plus, you get to enjoy durability in a product that will add to your overall comfort as they are also lightweight.

Most people who’ve tried them have had a good experience, the positive reviews being backed up by the overall good quality of this product, its durability, nice design, and solid construction that could easily be compared to more expensive fins.

Buy from for ($28.99)





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