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Best surfing traction pads reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Surfing traction pads – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you’re passionate about surfing and you’re at the surf gear update stage, you’re in the right place as we’ve compiled a buying guide that will help you find the best surfing traction pads. Due to the many such items available for sale, finding good surfing traction pads might be both time-consuming and challenging. We know how precious time is, so, based on reviews of surfing traction pads, customer feedback, and product specs, we have come to the conclusion that the Ho Stevie! Premium is the first option you should consider. The premium quality, the adjustable size, and the powerful 3M adhesive that provides maximum stick to your board are the reasons why this comes first. In case this particular product is not available, you might want to consider another product of a similar quality, the PUNT SURF Ripper.



Comparison table





Top features to consider


Considering the great variety of surfing products and a surfer’s need to find not only quality traction pads but also a quality cold water wetsuit, excellent surfing fins, quality sunglasses as well as goggles, you might want to check the features detailed below in order to make your cheap surfing traction pads search easier.



Considering the traction pad kick


One of the most important elements to consider when looking for surfing traction pads is their kick, or more precisely the degrees in which the kick in the pad sits. Choosing the right ones depends on the type of surfing you practice.

Thus, a kick between 45 degrees to vertical is ideal if you’re into vertical and performance surfing. However, if you’re using a retro/fish for your surfing, you might want to go for a mellow flat tail pad. Simply put, the more extreme the kick, the less demanding it will be for you to stick your back foot in place to blow the back of the wave out.



Arch size and number of pieces


Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the right surfing traction pads is their arch. You need to use your foot size as a guide when it comes to this element. If you have small feet, then a pad with a small to minimal arch is the best. Surfers with big feet should look for a pad with a longer higher arch.

Traction pads come with one or multiple pieces. Although no longer of great use, the one piece pads used to be a hit some time ago thanks to their durability. 3 pieces are the most common now because they allow an even spread of grip and versatility for all types of boards.



Grooves and traction


Traction pads come with a single layer or multi-layered groove. Attention should be given to what grooves you get because the rougher the grooves, the greater the traction. The grooves featuring a single layer allow both grip and movement. The multi-layered grooves are the grippiest you can get, though. Once you put your foot down, it won’t move anytime soon.

Before choosing the traction pads, keep in mind the kind of waves you are looking to use your new board in, the size of your foot, the grip and movement needs, and whether your surfing requires ultimate traction or something that will allow you to shift around freely.



Top rated products



Just like you compare surfing gloves and wetsuits, you need to compare the most appreciated surfing traction pads out on the market in order to make an informed decision. Here are the top rated surfing traction pads we have found during our research process. You might want to consider them if you’re interested in boosting your surfing experience without breaking the wallet.



Ho Stevie! Premium 


If you’re searching for high-quality traction pads, this model from Ho Stevie! might be just what you need. If you care a lot about the traction pad, then you’ve found the product you need for a good grip. Don’t worry, despite their grippiness, they still feel soft on your knees in case you surf in board shorts.

The full size of the pad when the 3 pieces are not separated is 12” x 12”. The 3 pieces included, though, will allow you to spread the pads apart if you need a wider grip on your tail. You can thus get the size you need to fit your surfboard. The various colors available for this product will also allow you to choose the one that matches your board.

The powerful 3M adhesive will make the pads stick to your board, so you don’t have to worry that they might come off it. The middle arch will support your foot and the kicktail lets you lock in your stance. Most people who’ve tried the product have appreciated it for the overall quality, the good stick, the great control it provides over one’s board as well as its aesthetics.



This option is very grippy so that you can be confident of your stability while riding on even the wildest waves.

Even if this option is super grippy, it is still incredibly soft and comfortable on your knees so that it can help you achieve high performance if you surf in boardshorts.

The powerful 3M adhesive will provide maximum stick to the board so that once you’ve attached the pads, they won’t fall off.

The unit comes in two colors, a simple black option, and black with white palm trees graphics.

Applying the traction pads is very straightforward, you just need to wax and sand the surface, clean it and let it dry, apply the pads and wait at least 24 hours before you hit the beach.



The only complaint came from users that forgot to remove the wax with a cleaner before applying the pads because otherwise, the unit can come off the first time you use it.

Buy from for ($19.97)






Another option as great as the one mentioned above is this Ripper Traction Pad from PUNT SURF. Available at an almost similar price, this product will provide you with much of what you get if you choose the product showcased above: quality, comfort, a cool design, and durability.

This model features 3 pieces that offer a great grip, thus allowing you to focus on the wave. You can spread the three pads to match narrower or wider boards. What you get with this set of traction pads is a 10mm center arch, which might make them more suitable for surfers with small to middle feet, a 25mm tail kick, great grip, and comfort.

The pads are built with the lightest, diamond groove EVA foam. Just like the product from Ho Stevie!, this one offers maximum stick to the board thanks to the 3M adhesive. No need to worry about them getting off the board. They’re made to resist water impacts and long usage.  Most customers have good things to say about this product, especially about its overall quality, great grippiness, and the fact that it is light.



If you are in the market for a quality and lightweight traction grip, this model will give you the confidence you need on those critical cutbacks and bottom turns.

The versatile design will ensure that this model can fit any skimboard and surfboard. You can spread the pieces for wider boards, or put them closer together for narrower ones.

The use of premium marine-grade 3M adhesive will ensure that you won’t have to worry about the longevity of your purchase.

The manufacturer offers a money back policy if your pads ever fall off the board.

You can choose between six different colors so that you can find the one that works best with your board.



Users have reported that the bump in the center of the pad feels a bit too stiff, and for some people that might be a bit too uncomfortable.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Dakine Surf Andy 


Last but not least, this traction pad set from Dakine is worth considering if you’re interested in good grippiness, comfort, and a touch of style. The product includes 3 pieces, which make them perfect for both narrow and wide surfboards. You just need to spread them in order to get a perfect fit in case your surfboard is wider or just stick them close to each other if you use a narrower board.

The center arch is 5mm, a feature that makes them ideal for surfers with smaller feet. This Andy Irons pad is made out of full EVA, uses 3M adhesive that offers maximum stick to your board, and comes with a 20mm kick tail that recommends the pad to those who’re more into leisure surfing than performance surfing.

The product is available in three colors: Black, White, and Camo, so you can complement your surf gear chromatics. The pads are also backed by a two-year warranty, which is another guarantee that the product is built to last. The reviews we’ve found are positive, this model getting its appreciation thanks to its overall quality and great grip.



The three-piece traction pad is built with the input of Andy Irons which means that you can be certain that it offers the comfort and performance that a professional surfer requires.

The unit features 3M high-grade adhesive, and the pad itself is made out of full EVA so that you can enjoy a soft and comfortable surface that can give you increased freedom of movement and confidence while you’re on the board.

The grip of this unit is another stand out feature, and the many positive consumer reviews back the manufacturer’s claims that the unit will help your feet grip the board like iron to a magnet.

The product is available in three colors so that you can get the one that complements your surf the best or has the chromatics you enjoy.



While sifting through the consumer reviews, we were pleased to notice that users had only good things to report about this unit, praising its performance and quality.

Buy from for ($36.95)





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