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Best swimming costumes


Swimming costumes – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Finding the best swimming costumes is not easy since there are many different models available. Fulfilling different purposes and being made from different materials, swimsuits are varied both when it comes to their performance and their price. To give you a helping hand, our team looked at some of the most popular options being sold these days and, after reading product specifications and professional reviews, concluded that an alternative you should consider is the Nike Polyester Cut-Out costume. It is made from polyester and has an ultra-open back, being one of the least covering suits available. Elastic and comfortable, it will conform to your body shape and remain elastic in time, even when used in chlorine-rich water or the ocean. Last but not least, it is available in many sizes, so there is something available for all swimmers, regardless their age or body shape. In case this item is sold out, another great option is the Speedo Endurance.


Top features to consider


Before you start prospecting the market in search of the swimming costume which will satisfy your needs, there are some features you should know about. If you want to offer suits as suitable and reliable swimming gifts, knowing how different factors influence their performance is essential; read our short yet comprehensive buying guide to understand which are these factors





A good swimming costume is considered as having great value for the money if it is made from high-quality materials, which will remain usable even when regularly exposed to chlorine or salty waters.

The elements must be tight enough to provide a secure and firm fit, but also elastic, to feel comfortable and not cause movement restriction when used. Furthermore, they should allow the swimsuit to retain and accurately conform to your body shape.

Usually, a cheap swimming costume is made of polyester, spandex or nylon. These textiles are elastic, lightweight and comfortable, offering swimmers a mobile and unrestrictive suit.

They do well against saltwater and chlorine, so using them for training in a pool or outdoor swimming in the ocean will not damage them over time, guaranteeing that they last longer; they will look good even after years of being worn.





When you want to find cute and cheap wetsuits, the design will also play an important role. There are many variants available, and even the most inexpensive of all products can still look great and come in an attractive shape which will make your experience more enjoyable and satisfying.

Take into account what type of form best fits your body – each will make a specific body type look better, depending on how you wear it.

Some designs feature a completely open back; these are preferred by women who swim in bright sunshine and want to get tanned too.

However, if you want something to offer better protection against exposure to sunlight, opt for one which covers your back in a more significant percentage. The bottom part of the swimsuit also comes in two variants: boy shorts and triangle-shaped.



Other features and price


Other features you might find relevant are versatility and overall quality. If you’re in the market for wetsuits for diving, you need to look at different types of products.

If you also like swimming underwater, opt for a swimsuit which can be used this way without needing adaptations.

Usually, these are worn with the help of straps – thin or broader, they significantly influence the comfort and can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a dissatisfying one. Prices usually range between 25 and 50$, with cheaper items being available for sale too.



Top Rated Products



Even when you know what to look for, it might still be difficult finding the most suitable type of costumes for your needs.

To help you decide, our team looked at some of the more popular products available and wrote some swimming costumes reviews, which accurately describe these models, to offer you examples of great designs available.



Nike Polyester Cut-Out


One of the most popular choices, coming from a brand with a long-standing tradition and a healthy reputation, is this swimsuit designed and manufactured by Nike. This female suit has an ultra-open back, is made from polyester and has minimal coverage and a lower neckline.

Available at an affordable price, it has excellent value and is appreciated by many users worldwide.

The fabric used to manufacture this product is polyester, a material known for its reliable properties and tight, yet comfortable fit. It does not stretch or become loose even when used for more extended periods of time; however, you must carefully measure yourself to get the right size, suitable for your needs.

It is a suit which runs small, making it great for competitions and training purposes but not necessarily excellent for leisure swimming.

Instructors appreciate this unit, as it also provides a better tan line and the material stands up to the chlorine used to disinfect and sanitize swimming pools quite thoroughly.

It has extra thin straps, which are quite tight and do not hamper your movement. The back cut is pretty big, offering a daring fit with minimal coverage. The low neckline is also appreciated for the increased comfort it provides even when used for competitive swimming and training purposes.

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Speedo Endurance


One alternative you might also like is the Speedo cross back endurance swimsuit for women. The one-piece design is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand more extended periods of time when exposed to chemicals such as chlorine or suntan lotions.

It provides a soft comfort and it has an excellent shape retention, making it ideal not only for recreative swimming but also for competitions and training.

Made from Poly and PBT textured polyester, the swimsuit will last longer than similar products.

Elastic materials combined with a four-way stretch technology provide a reliable shape retention and increased comfort, preventing sagging or bagging and enabling you to have a more enjoyable and pleasant swimming experience.

The thin back strap offers less coverage than other models without sacrificing the comfortable fit. When exposed to chlorine, the suit provided significant benefits, suffering no damage from it, while the materials retained their original elasticity and tightness.

Once you have accurately measured yourself, the ordered size will surely fit as expected; it comes in many colors which are attractive and well placed, and there is undoubtedly an item colored to your liking. Customers are overall positive about this swimming costume, appreciating its fit and long-term endurance.

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beautyin One Piece


Another good alternative is this swimsuit made by beautyin for women who like swimming. It features a high-quality build and uses only top materials, while the pull-on closure and double lining make it comfortable to wear. Available in different colors, it is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, it has a polyester lining for increased comfort and a better fit. These materials are all chlorine-resistant, meaning that you can use the suit for training purposes, as well as outdoor swimming in natural bodies of water.

It provides a comfortable, yet tight fit, and if you find the correct size, it will not restrict your movement, nor will it cause you discomfort.

The two contrasting colors on the front make it look great, while the boy shorts bottom also shapes better than triangle type swimsuits.

There are two types of shoulder straps provided – a racerback and a U-back, and you can choose the one you like best when ordering it. These are adjustable too, so you can quickly make the suit fit your size.

Double lined, and built-in bras make it comfortable so that it can be used for casual, recreational swimming as well as in competitions and training. Most customers appreciated the perfect fit it provided if the corresponding size was ordered.

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