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Best urethane bowling ball reviews

Last Updated: 11.04.19


Urethane bowling balls – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


If you want the best urethane bowling ball, but time is limited for you, you should just read the following paragraph. Our team of researchers took into consideration various forum comments, reviews, and opinions expressed by buyers and experts; the unanimous conclusion is that the Storm Pitch Black Solid is the model you should consider for your next purchase. This bowling ball has a factory finish of 1000 grit that makes the ball grip well on light oily lanes and provides excellent performance. The Control Solid urethane overstock ensures that you will have total control over the way the ball behaves. You will also be pleased with the RG rating, and you will experience a bowling ball with decent spin for maximum results. If the Storm Pitch Black Solid is out of stock, you can count on the Hammer Blue Hammer instead, as it offers almost the same performance.



Comparison table




Top features to consider


There are many things to bear in mind when shopping for a urethane bowling ball. First of all, you should know that if you’re trying to practice hook throwing, this material is the most indicated for this kind of activity. To avoid any mishaps and help you get a good grip of this technique, we offer you here some solid information on how to pick the best bowling ball made from this type of material.



How heavy do you need your bowling ball to be?


Any bowling enthusiast has their own preferences when it comes to the weight of the bowling ball they use. The rule of thumb is quite simple; you should go for a model that is as heavy as it can be while remaining comfortable to throw. You will find that a heavier ball has greater chances of performing on the lane, provided that you can manipulate it.

This aspect is a valid consideration regardless of the material used for the coverstock. Urethane bowling balls are available in different weights, and all you have to do is to identify that one model that can perform as you would like it to. While many swear by 16-pound bowling balls, you may be just as comfortable with a 15-pounder or a more lightweight model.



Terminology you should get acquainted with


If you read the specs on a certain model, you will notice that there are some numbers written there. These give you some essential information on the performance of the bowling ball. RG is the radius of gyration, which indicates how fast the ball will be once it starts spinning. A small number is for a ball that spins faster, while, at the opposite end, you will get a low-spinning ball.

Another number you will see indicates the grit. This is a value that speaks about the texture of the material at the exterior. If the grit is higher, it means that you get a smoother ball. Why is this aspect important? Simply put, it shows you how easily the ball will travel down the lane, once you throw.



Choosing the core type


Many of the urethane bowling ball reviews written by users and experts will tell you about the importance of choosing the core type that is right for you. This refers to the way the holes are placed. An asymmetrical core type can be a good choice if you need some extra flare, but a standard model may be just as good for you.



Top rated products



Finding the right bowling bowl is not always an easy task. That is why we thought about putting together a short selection of items that will help you decide faster on the kind of model you want.



Storm Pitch Black Solid


Among the models available for sale, one, in particular, is bound to stand out for the overwhelming number of positive reviews from users and its outstanding performance. A combination of ball control and excellent performance makes this particular model a must-have for any bowling enthusiast looking for a urethane ball that truly delivers as promised.

The Control Solid urethane coverstock makes sure that you will be able to control the ball to the best of your abilities. The Capacitor core is another interesting feature of this model, and it helps with more control of the ball, which is exactly what any player needs.

The 1000 grit ensures that the ball will have a smooth sailing down the lane, maximizing your performance. It is now the right time to impress all your friends with how well you manage to throw a hook, and the beautiful aesthetics of this ball will draw attention, too.

On oily lanes, this model does a tremendous job. Considered by many a good urethane bowling ball, it will not disappoint you, and you will be able to practice your hook throwing to your heart’s content. The decent RG contributes to its popularity, as well.



The Pitch Black is a product that carries the experience the manufacturer has accumulated over the decades. The urethane ball has the stamp of quality and a guaranteed long life.

It is thought out to give more control to the user, especially in shorter and lighter oil conditions.

It features the unique Capacitor core, which enables a straight and robust delivery that will guarantee you a win.

If you want maximum performances in all kinds of conditions, the 1000 grit makes sure that the ball will have a smooth ride down the lane, even if the power you put behind the throw is not the strongest.



As a possible drawback, the simple design might not satisfy all customers. But since it has simple and clean lines with its black background and famous logo, this issue is light enough that can be overlooked, especially when you add up all you get for the price.

Buy from for ($119.95)




Hammer Blue Hammer


The Hammer Blue Hammer comes equipped with urethane coverstock that provides excellent performance compared to plastic models. While it is true that the latter is cheaper, if you are serious about practicing hook throwing, you cannot go wrong with a high-quality bowling ball like this one.

The Vibe core ensures that you will get the highest performance possible, which means that you will be able to focus on practicing your hooks without worrying that the equipment you are using will not be up to the task. The urethane coverstock ensures that your results will not hesitate to appear.

The company making this particular model worked hard on remaking their older bowling balls to fit the new requirements. The reengineered core matches the Performance urethane used for the coverstock, so you can enjoy a ball that rolls smoothly down the lane. You will get the best of both worlds, as the old-school design meets the new coverstock option, for maximum performance.

You will get fantastic control, something only yesterday’s models could offer, while you can take advantage of the incredible performance new materials can bring to a sport enjoyed by many.



This urethane coverstock product, called the Blue Hammer, is a great alternative to plastic nowadays. When it comes materials, the one this model is created from is sturdy and resistant to scratches.

The vibe core is another highlight that will appeal to many bowlers, beginners, and experts alike. It is ideal for competitions and practice when you need a boost in performance.

Furthermore, the piece offers a design that combines all the best elements of traditional models and the innovations that come with the newer ones.

It is what you need if you require a daily tool, that won’t wear out or fall apart after a rougher or a more intensive session.



One downside that could be pointed out by someone who is not an expert in this field is the price, especially when you compare it with plastic bowling balls.

However, what you get for that price tag far exceeds that small inconvenience. That’s because a urethane type of ball has a longer lifespan, so you won’t have to buy a new one any time soon.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




EPCO Duckpin Pro-Line


When you try throwing a hook, the kind of bowling ball you’re using plays a significant role. The EPCO Duckpin Pro-Line is part of the second generation of bowling balls made with Reactive urethane as coverstock. The need for new technologies in this particular field has lately demanded many manufacturers to up their game, and this bowling ball is the result of these efforts.

A higher reaction is among the main advantages offered by this particular model. You need to feel the ball so that you can adjust your technique, and this is exactly what this particular model is made for. You will feel just like a pro the next time you send the ball down the lane and all thanks to the specific technologies employed by this manufacturer.

One nice thing about this bowling bowl is that it comes in unique colors and you can choose from different styles so you can impress your friends the next time you go playing with them. The Pro-Line logo stands out, too.

If you’re looking for a high-performance ball with excellent response, you can count on this particular model. The EPCO Duckpin Pro-Line is one of the bowling balls available right now that can help you practicing your hooks.



The buyer who opts for this piece gets all the improvements of the second generation of products. It is made of the exceptionally durable urethane, which doubles the amount of time you can use the model.

The new technology used to create it ensures the surface has no flaw that could get in the way of you winning your competitions.

Its higher reaction is highly praised among top players in this category. It will allow you to improve your technique as you go and micromanage the direction of the ball, so you get the desired results.

It also has this premium vibe about it, as it feels great to the touch and it makes you have the confidence of an expert every time you put it to good use.



Sometimes it is hard to find something to complain about a product. If we want to nitpick, we can say the pattern on its surface might not suit every aesthetic. However, for the right player, it can be a lovely new ball to add to the collection.

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