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Best youth softball catcher’s mitt


Youth softball catcher’s mitts – Buying Guide, Ratings & Comparison


Finding the best youth softball catcher’s mitt is undoubtedly no easy business, but if you go through our comprehensive buying guide, you might stand a chance of reaching the right alternative. After reading dozens of youth softball catcher’s mitt reviews, our findings show that the first product to consider is the Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch GXS101, due to its beneficial features. For example, its Power Close function helps young players close the glove and trap the ball inside, ensuring their success. The V Flex technology helps initiate secure closure, due to the flexibility of the materials used for construction. What’s more, the ParaShock palm pad absorbs all the shock, so the user doesn’t feel any pain, and the hand is protected. Should this item be unavailable, we suggest you check out the All-Star Sports CM1100BT instead, since it would make for an excellent second choice.



Products worth your attention





Top features to consider


Most of the time when shopping for softball equipment, you might feel overwhelmed by the impressive number of alternatives available on the market. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you browse through the endless models and choose the pieces of gear that are valuable.

We’ll do that by helping you learn more about the features that you need to keep an eye on when shopping for this type of item.





The essential aspect of any softball mitt is how well it manages to absorb the impact of catching the ball, and all the while protect the user’s hand from feeling any pain as a result. The way to do so is by featuring heavy padding in the area that is about to get hit.

A more significant amount of padding might result in hindered movements and inability to close the hand and keep the ball in, especially if it’s paired with low flexibility of the material, so that’s another aspect to keep in mind.

Depending on your position, the amount of padding might vary, but for catchers, it’s safe to say that you need as much as you can get to protect your hands from throws. Extra wrist padding might also be a good idea.



Materials and textures


The material used to manufacture a mitt can be crucial in the process, because there are so many alternatives that it is difficult to make up your mind and choose only one, and it can significantly affect the overall result of your decision.

For example, you will find gloves and mitts made of leather, synthetic materials or mesh. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, each is more suitable for a particular position, but for a catcher, it’s safe to say that treated leather mitts might be the best, due to their increased protection and flexibility.

However, for young players, you might want to choose a synthetic alternative, mostly because it’s lighter and less expensive than others, but it’s not recommended for professional use.



Other aspects to consider


The fit is an integral part of finding a mitt, so if you’re not able to try it on before buying one, at least make sure it has some stitches that you can quickly adjust after you’ve put it on so you get it to match your exact size. Otherwise, it will have a higher chance of falling off during the game.



Top rated products



In our search for a good youth softball catcher’s mitt, we’ve stumbled upon various alternatives available for sale. Some of them have caught our eye due to their relevant features, and we want to present them in the review list below.



Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch GXS101


The technologies that this mitt benefits from are perhaps the most relevant to talk about since they help deliver the best results. For example, the Power Close technology makes it easy for the user to close the glove after the ball has been caught, closing the deal.

More than that, the ParaShock technology protects the hand from the impact of being hit directly by the ball, and this way the user does not feel any pain as a result of catching it. The protection provided is outstanding due to the padding and the nature of the materials used in its construction.

Once ideal comfort is achieved, it’s worth mentioning that this mitt also uses V Flex Notch technology, designed to help the user initiate closure more easily, primarily due to the flexibility of the materials that are used in the manufacturing process.

Last but not least, the PowerLock technology is used to provide a secure fit around the palm of the player, at the same time being easy to put on and set in place. It measures 32.50 inches, and it’s sized for a youngster’s palm so that it wouldn’t be recommended for adults.

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All-Star Sports CM1100BT


This durable alternative is designed to increase the young catcher’s chances of success. It is suitable for league games and practices, and it can only be used by right-hand throwers, meaning it might not be a very adaptable item.

It has been constructed using soft tan leather, a material that provides durability, flexibility, but most importantly absorbs the shock and preserves the temperature inside, keeping it within comfortable limits.

The Flex-action crease allows younger players to quickly close the mitt since it doesn’t require as much force, helping them keep the ball after they’ve caught it. It makes for a great practice piece of gear, but it can also be used in competitions.

However, it’s primary purpose is to serve as practice, so we advise you not to take it any further than little league games. Otherwise, your opponents might surpass you.

A small hand opening is added, and smaller finger stalls are featured as well. This model is designed to accommodate smaller hands, due to these particular features. It will perfectly fit the measurements and proportions of the hand of a child. It also comes at an affordable price.

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Louisville Slugger FGDY14-BKCM1


This model is manufactured using full-grain cowhide leather for the palm and web, which results in a flexible texture and a lower temperature of the air inside it during the game. The environment created for the hand is thus more comfortable, with the player being able to move his/her palm more.

The extra-soft lining only contributes to this comfort, while the dye-through lacing is added for durability, making sure you’ll be able to use this item time and time again, without having to worry about the impact it keeps receiving.

Because this item has a flexible texture due to the cowhide leather, it manages to offer the younger players a chance to close their hand quickly. Given that they do not have enough force, considering this aspect is essential to avoid dropping the ball after they’ve caught it.

It measures 32.5 inches, so it’s ideally suited for a child’s palm, and it is designed to be a catcher’s mitt. The patterns are suitable for softball, and this product retails for a very affordable price, offering reasonable quality for the money.

A one-year warranty from the manufacturer protects this product in case it sustains some damage.

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