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Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Review

Last Updated: 13.04.19






The Century Lil’ Dragon punching bag comes with four different height adjustment settings that allows it to keep up with your kid’s development.

The beautiful colored mascot and numbers will keep children interested and help them practice their accuracy kicks.

It is heavy and stable, yet flexible and easy to move around.

Extremely durable and well made, it is also capable of withstanding years of abuse.





We went through great lengths in order to find a single problem with this product. After repeated testing and reading countless user reviews, the only inconvenient we could find is that it requires sand or water for stability. Some users find this a bit problematic at the beginning, but later on they all agree that this punching bag for kids is one of the most stable and durable they have ever used.

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Main features explained


Getting a good punching bag for kids is quite a difficult task. Small children grow extremely fast, and simple models cannot keep up with their development. Fortunately, the Century Lil’ Dragon punching bag comes with four different height settings that can be adjusted with ease, making it the best Wavemaster kid’s punching bag available for purchase today.


Nothing keeps a kid interested in an activity like a beautifully colored cartoon mascot. With the Lil’ Dragon painted on one of the sides, this punching bag will surely grab the attention of your child. On the other side, three different color numbers help the child focus on his precision kicks, giving him something to aim for whenever training.


Considered by many to be the best punching bag from Century, the Lil’ Dragon has an excellent stability. Simple to move around, it becomes completely stable once its base gets filled with sand or water. Resisting multiple consecutive hits and standing still, this punching bag is perfect for both training and playing. Because of its excellent stability, the Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster allows the child to vent off any excess energy or, using the numbered side, focus on accuracy during his training.


All the Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster reviews praise the durability and resistance of this punching bag. Created with a great focus on durability, this model is capable of resisting to the most intensive use for years in a row. Using its smart filling, the Century Lil’ Dragon will return to its initial shape after each hit, making it one of the best quality punching bags on the market.





Simple and fun to use, this punching bag for kids is both an excellent training tool and a great stress relief toy. With its durable surface and great balance, the Century Lil’ Dragon is one of the best punching bags for young karate, or other contact sport students. This punching bag offers great help, allowing them to easily train their strength, focus, and accuracy. But this punching bag is not only for kids that practice a sport, but also for all others. The Century Lil’ Dragon is excellent at helping young kids to deal with their excess energy while helping them develop strong muscles and good reflexes.


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