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Century Student Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


1.2 Century Student Shin Guard Black


Why is this product worth it?


Beginners and other individuals who are not well-seasoned in the practice of sparring can benefit from using these shin guards. Although they might look basic in comparison with other alternatives out there on the market, we’ve noticed that they offer enough protection for people starting out, who don’t have a high chance of being hit hard. Sparring is, in itself, a relatively non-aggressive type of martial art, so if you’re looking for a pair of guards to get you started, perhaps you’d like to give the Century Student a shot.

This unit is a ½” dipped foam shin guard that seems to have been designed to meet the expectations of users with regard to comfort and protection altogether. In order for the guards to be fastened on the shin, the owner has to utilize the hook and loop closure on the elastic strap.

While some might think that these guards are anything other than effective, we’re here to disagree. Based on the features of the alternative, it’s safe to say that it is destined for utter beginners and youth, as well. Some of the available sizes include child, adult S, ML, XL, and youth. There’s nothing stopping parents from starting to practice along their kids and showing them how they can defend themselves effectively without getting hurt.

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User feedback


This model has received a reasonable amount of appreciation on the part of American customers. Judging by the ratings, the unit is easy to put on and on and the straps are comfortable to utilize while providing the right fit. There does not seem to be any complaints regarding the protection granted by this alternative.

1.3 Century Student Shin Guard Black


Our verdict


Most good shin guards, be they intended for youth or adults, don’t come cheap. The Century Student is an affordable option to suit every pocket that does precisely what it is supposed to do concerning protection. They don’t pose any difficulties to users and seem to last a decent amount of time.


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