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Century VS.1 Versys Fight Simulator Standing Bag Review



3.1 Century VS.1 Versys




Requires no professional installation so you can start training right away.

Combines the features of a freestanding bag and a grappling dummy which allows you to experiment with a variety of training styles.

Very durable and able to withstand hours and hours of punishment.

Comes with a generous warranty that should give you ample coverage for damage.





In some of the Century VS.1 Versys bag reviews, owners mentioned that they knocked this model over when hitting too hard. However, many other people said that if you know how to hit properly, you won’t have any issues with it being knocked over. It’s all a matter of technique and training style.

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Main features explained


The problem with bags and dummies is that many of them require installation. This isn’t that big of a problem, unless you don’t have the space for it. Indeed, not everyone has a room designated as the gym, which is why having to install something like this is just very inconvenient. Not only this, but many people simply don’t have the required skills to be installing things like these. Well, the great news is that this model requires no installation whatsoever. You can just move it from room to room without any problems, which is why this is the best punching bag from Century.


Many people have a hard time choosing between a free standing bag and a grappling dummy. It’s easy to see why, because they each come with their own sets of benefits. A great solution would be to just get both, because this way, you don’t have to decide. Indeed, when one of them has greater benefits, you can use it, and when the other one works better, you can  use that one. However, here we run, once again, into the problem of space: most people simply don’t have enough of it to have two things around. This is why this model is so great: it combines the benefits of a free standing bag with those of a grappling dummy, which means that you essentially get 2 products in one, which is why this is the best standing bag out there.

3.2 Century VS.1 Versys

You don’t want to get a punching bag with base that won’t resist your kicks and punches. Indeed, what is the point of getting such a bag? The only thing you’ll be doing is wasting money and time, and that’s not something anyone wants to be doing. Well, you’ll be happy to find out that this model will last and last, and then last some more. That’s because it has a heavy duty vinyl construction. In addition, it has already been filled, which means that you won’t have to worry about doing that.


When it comes to purchasing products online, it’s very important that you make sure they come with a warranty. That’s because they might have problems right when you purchase them. However, because you’re getting them online, you’d have no way of knowing. Well, the great news is that this model comes with manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry.





If you’re ready to improve your training, this is one of the tools you should be getting. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it also combines the benefits of 2 products, giving you lots of bang for your buck. Thanks to its amazing versatility you can experiment with lots of training styles so you can find out which is the best for your conditioning.


Buy from for ($249.99)




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