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Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review

Last Updated: 13.04.19






The package includes a heavy-duty chain that enables easy and safe installation.

The weight of the item is 100 lbs which is probably ideal for most people who like to train with bags.

This is among the most durable products of the line as attested by the numerous satisfied buyers.

The unit comes prefilled so you can start training right away.

Combat Sports Muay Thai heavy bag reviews speak highly of the ratio between the value and the price of this heavy bag.





There have not been too many complaints related to this unit, but there have been some customers who emphasized that the bag seemed to be too soft for them. On the other hand, it seems to be perfect for other buyers, so this might just as well be a subjective matter. If you’re a beginner and have little to no experience with punching bags, this one might be the perfect alternative for you.

Buy from for ($181.23)



Main features explained


Heavy-duty chains are not so hard to find, but the ones provided by the manufacturers of punching bags are always better, as they’re a perfect fit. With this item, you’ll be paying both for the actual bag and for the chain, and this is an offer more than 30 people found very difficult to refuse.


This is a 100lbs punching bag. As previously stated, it speaks to the needs of users who aren’t well-versed in utilizing heavy bags. Remember to always correlate your own weight with the weight capacity of the unit you intend on buying, as choosing a heavier one can pose a risk to the health of your joints. As a general rule, very heavy bags are suitable for boxers who are experienced and who can take hard punches.


When it comes to durability, this model sure looks like it is the best heavy bag from Combat Sports, as it is made with synthetic leather and is known for being highly reliable and sturdy. Times have changed for manufacturers of heavy bags. Sometime in the past, all bags used to come empty, but nowadays brands are making an effort and offering them prefilled. This is the case with the Combat Sports Muay Thai Heavy Bag.


More than 80% of the individuals who have chosen this model were so satisfied with its overall quality that they provided 5-star ratings. The unit has been named a great starter bag and the perfect choice for home workout. Other buyers have underlined that it’s worth every dime since it comes with its own chain and offers good value. There have been people who have stated that they have been using it for more than a half of year and have yet to experience an issue in matters of item quality.





This is the best 100 lbs punching bag money can buy, and there’s no doubt about it. With the wide amount of appreciation it has gathered, it would not be far-fetched to say that it is among the most popular units of the line. It’s strong, durable and can take a punch without risking to break in any way. The model comes protected in a cloth bag so it shouldn’t take any damage during shipping.


Buy from for ($181.23)




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