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Contender Fight Sports MMA Review


1.1 Contender Fight Sports MMA


Why is this product worth it?


The Contender Fight Sports unit is not only built to last but it is also packed with a series of features that are hard to say no to. One of them seems to be the fact that these guards are virtually immovable once they’ve been fastened on the user’s shin and foot. Unlike various other products that rely on Velcro straps in order to be secured, this one is a fitting alternative that does a wonderful job at what it’s supposed to do thanks to the neoprene wrap it comes with.

The surface of the model has been constructed out of synthetic leather, which means that it has a high chance of lasting through many training sessions and competitions. While these guards have been uniquely designed for the grappler, they’re so versatile and comfortable that they can be used for other types of martial arts with the same excellent results.

Since a proper fit matters a great deal when it comes to choosing such protective gear, we recommend checking out the size chart made available by the manufacturing brand and only then having your pick. We couldn’t help noticing that there were not many Amazon reviews related to sizing issues as the shin guards appear to have been created in accordance with the physical features of the size they’re intended for.

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User feedback


There are over one hundred positive Amazon reviews about this alternative, which is why it comes as no surprise that so many people choose to buy it every season. Some buyers speak highly about the value these guards offer for the price, whereas others claim that they’re among the most comfortable, durable, and light units they’ve tried on during their many years as MMA practitioners. In addition, the sock fit does not restrict the movements of the user and allows him or her to perform naturally.

1.2 Contender Fight Sports MMA


Our verdict


In short, the Contender Fight Sports option is excellently designed, which is why it is rated among the best products for MMA. Combining durability and comfort, these shin guards can protect you while letting you to move freely.


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