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Does Pilates help lose weight?


A good combination of a healthy diet and regular exercises always helps to get rid of unwanted weight. Resistance training and bodyweight workouts like those that you can find in Pilates can be as effective as running on a treadmill.


It helps you burn calories

If you are not the type of person that usually goes for a run and you tend to be sedentary, such a workout will significantly increase your caloric expenditure. For an inactive person, daily Pilates exercises add around 20% more calorie consumption, from 1,200 to 1,500 calories burnt per day.

Even better, because the workouts can be so different and they suit distinctive body types, people that do practice some form of exercises will also benefit. They will be able to follow a harder, more demanding routine. If you feel that your sportswear doesn’t let you stretch as hard as you can, try getting a pair of pilates pants.

Your whole body will be toned

It’s known that Pilates is good at strengthening and developing stability in your core muscles and abdominals. But the process that helps your body do that is not made to get rid of stomach fat. Because of the way Pilates workouts function, it’s not possible for you to lose weight in a certain body area that you wish.

You can take that as an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for. However, you will be glad to see that progress can be made after a while. While you lower your overall body fat levels, you will notice improvements in areas where you may feel that you have fat issues.


It can indirectly help you lose weight

Certain research articles have shown that while very efficient at strengthening your core, making you lose weight is not one of Pilates’ strongest points. When practiced for 6 months, albeit not too intense, the exercises don’t seem to affect body composition too drastically.

However, that is the case with regular workouts and not with the ones that use a pilates machine that also provides a jump board or a springboard. The use of these devices ensures a workout routine that involves cardio exercises. You can watch a Pilates DVD to get a better understanding of how to do these workouts.

But Pilates also provides a different way of keeping you in shape. It can prove beneficial in helping your muscles be more enduring and that will allow you to generally be able to undergo more training. And since you often find yourself in a gym, you are more likely to do some other form of exercise there as well.

Pilates is not primarily made to help you lose weight

Although it provides a good form of training your body, Pilates is not a workout that is designed to make you lose fat. This workout regime is intended to make your whole body stronger and healthier. It helps you build leaner muscles, and having a bigger proportion of those in your body means that your metabolism is faster and in return, you burn calories faster.

But Pilates should not be considered a sufficient method of losing weight. It should be coupled with a healthy diet and some intense cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming or other activities that make your heart rate go up. You are not going to lose a lot of weight if you leave an exercise that makes you tired out of your routine.

It conditions your mind

All the hard work and training are of no use if the food that you eat is not healthy. Fortunately, this is where Pilates comes in to help. The simple routines can be included in your daily life and they will help you connect your mind and body. Once you have a better knowledge of what you need, you will be more prepared to properly set up your eating schedule.

When you exercise a lot and you’re not used to consuming so many calories, you tend to eat a lot more and you are prone to overeating. Of course, this is a habit that is against the purpose of losing weight.

But doing Pilates and starting slow means that you won’t consume so many calories as you would when doing high-intensity workouts. Instead, you will gradually increase your body’s capabilities and you will be able to do a healthy workout routine while still maintaining a healthy diet.



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