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Easton Junior/Youth Black Magic Review


2.Easton JuniorYouth Black Magic Leg Guards


Why is this product worth it?


If you’re looking for an exceptional set of beginner’s gear, the Easton Junior/Youth Black Magic shin guards are definitely for you. Designed for players ages 6 to 8, the shin guards will offer a comfy fit even for smaller-than-average young players who want to prove their worth on the baseball field. Let your little leaguer enjoy every minute on the field while being protected from lower leg injury that can come from accidental impacts and hits during play. The shin guards are easy to snap on and take off using the clasp with metal hook, which ensures slip-free attachment while enabling free movement during play. The tough shell provided by the double kneecap design ensures ample protection.


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User feedback


Moms who bought this product for the budding baseball greats in their families have seen how comfortable and durable the shin guards are. The solid buckles enable the shin guards to give a snug and comfortable fit while being durable enough to stand the wear and tear. The shin guards can last one season to another if the young player is able to give them the proper care and maintenance they need. They are easy to put on and take off, with the straps securing them snugly in place. The shin guards also flex with the player’s movements so they don’t restrict mobility.

Shoppin’ mommy from TX writes how the shin guards “fit her 7 year-old really well. They are comfortable and durable with solid buckles.” The shin guards did their job well through the fall season, and this customer expects them “make it through the spring as well without any problems!” Sharon Chase, got the product for her son who is small for his age, and is amazed at how the shin guards are “easy to adjust and easy to get off.” She likes how the shin guards are “very well made!…the straps stay securely in place and flex with his movements – he loves them!” Truly, mom knows best.

1.Easton JuniorYouth Black Magic Leg Guards


Our verdict


These shin guards are genuinely soft and comfy on the inside while being tough and rigid on the outside. We would definitely recommend these for young players ages 6 to 8 who need a special level of protection during play. The shin guards can even be shared by multiple players in a team when needed. They will definitely not break the bank with their super affordable cost without compromising on the level of protection they can deliver. The shin guards attach easily to the lower legs and also come off easily thanks to the clasp with flat metal hook for easy wearing.


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