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Everlast 70 lb Platinum Heavy Bag Kit Review

Last Updated: 13.04.19


Everlast 70 lb Platinum Heavy Bag Kit




Few other products in the same line can compete with the construction quality of this heavy bag as it is durable and will most likely withstand the test of time.

The kit is composed of the heavy bag, a pair of gloves, a speed bag, as well as hand wraps made of cotton.

The height of the chain is adjustable, thus allowing you to customize it so that it best suits your physical attributes.

As reported by many buyers, installing the heavy bag is fairly easy regardless of the location where you intend to set it up.

Based on the owner feedback garnered by this item, it appears as though it is well-constructed and convenient as it can take your exercise routine and boxing or martial arts skills to a whole new level.





The product does not come with any mounting hardware and as such, it needs to be purchased separately.

The speed bag might be more or less difficult to inflate as no needle or pump are provided in the pack.


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Main features explained


In spite of the fact that it is one of the most affordable models we’ve seen available for sale on the market today, this kit contains pretty much all the items one may need to take up boxing or increase the intensity of his or her training routine. Constructed out of Nevatear, it goes without saying that the heavy bag has a high chance of lasting through the many years that you’ll do your boxing or martial arts in your basement or designated room in your home.

Everlast 70 lb Platinum Heavy Bag Kit2

Convenience is yet another feature to consider when purchasing a new heavy bag as we have seen that many units lack the safety characteristics they may need to come with in order to be reassuring enough for prospective buyers. This kit contains not only the punching bag but also a speed bag and a set of gloves and hand wraps.


Due to the fact that the chain comes with an adjustable height, it goes without saying that the Everlast 70 lb Platinum is advantageous and should be considered since its height can be customized depending on the physical features of the person that will use it in the future. Besides, the back comes pre-filled and is substantial enough to improve the resistance of eager boxers and martial arts practitioners.





All in all, the Everlast 70 lb Platinum looks like a safe bet. The set comes with all the items one might need in order to perfect his or her boxing or martial arts skills and expertise. Let’s not forget that this kit is among the most critically acclaimed ones in the line as it has garnered the appreciation of over fifty buyers. What’s more, based on the info that we’ve gathered about the Everlast 70 lb Platinum, it appears that it is one of the top recommended kits for beginners and boxers who’d like to train at home.


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