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Everlast Camouflage Heavy Bag Kit Review

Last Updated: 11.04.19


3.Everlast 70 lb Camouflage Heavy Bag Kit, Camo




Easily earning the tag “the best heavy bag kit from Everlast”, this product comes with all that you need to enjoy active exercise.

The heavy bag is made of high quality material and has a unique camouflage design.

The bag can accommodate all sizes of users.

The included gloves and hand wraps offer ample user protection.

The punching bag ships with a manufacturer’s warranty.





One of the Everlast 70 lb Camouflage Heavy Bag Kit reviews notes the sandbags inside tend to make their way to the outside of the bag’s lining, which can make the bag become harder to hit in the process.


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Main features explained


If you want to own the best rated heavy bag kit, the Everlast 70 lb camouflage heavy bag kit is made just for you. The heavy bag ships with all that you need for some serious workout including heavy bag gloves and hand wraps. You won’t have to head out to the shops to get other gear since the Everlast 70 lb camouflage heavy bag kit provides the vital equipment you need for a total body workout. The heavy bag is of enough weight to ensure good response on the wide surface. This ensures that you can hit the bag without missing the surface. Everything that ships in the package is of good quality, ensuring sufficient toughness for the most demanding users.


The heavy bag is manufactured using Camo Nevatear, an outer shell material that provides durability and strength. This means the punching bag can be subjected to heavy and persistent jabs and blows without getting damaged, ripped or torn in places. The fabric can withstand impact and daily abuse. The digital camo design proves to be a cool touch, as the punching bag maintains a unique appearance compared to the more common solid colored bags. The heavy duty chain keeps the bag anchored sufficiently. The Nevatear material is a type of top quality polycanvas that supports the exceptional heavy bag construction to provide reliable long lasting durability. The bag features a specially blended filler mix composed of sanitized natural and synthetic fibers that endow the bag with robust shock absorbency.

1.Everlast 70 lb Camouflage Heavy Bag Kit, Camo

The included heavy-duty chain is designed to be adjustable to make the bag usable by all user sizes. Safety and security are ensured by the nylon straps. The multicolor punching bag also features a double end loop that enables greater functionality while allowing the bag to be held in place on an anchor point.


The supplied gloves and hand wraps offer protection to your knuckles and fingers, keeping your hands from injury during your punching workout. The gloves keep the hands from being hurt due to the abrasion of the bag. The gloves have a curved design that delivers better hand protection plus improved visibility. The gloves feature a full wrist strap that offers excellent wrist support while ensuring a more personalized fit during training exercises. The matching camo hand wraps are made of 108 inches of machine washable poly-cotton blend to keep the hands protected and the wrists amply supported. The handwraps are best used under training or boxing gloves to experience supreme knuckle and wrist safety, support and protection.


Boasting great quality and a unique look, the Everlast 70 lb camouflage heavy bag kit comes with a reliable one-year warranty to ensure the buyer of great craftsmanship and quality materials. The zipper on top enables you to remove the bag filling to clean the polycanvas shell.





Carrying the trusted Everlast brand name, the 70 lb camouflage heavy bag kit offers the assurance of total quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Use the kit to train or just do exercise.


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